"Hey there!! I want to go to the sea", I bet this phrase is very common to hear.

It can be the conversation with your friends or your loved one but you would get some questions back like,

"How much is your budget?", "How long you want to stay there?", and "Where shall we go???".

We can't deny that the two main factors are time and budget.

I don't want to pay much and I have a limited time (What!! And you still want to travel? hahaha)

Time and money are not the problems for us actually.

There is a place not far from Bangkok that we would like to recommend you today.

A trip there won't cost much either and one-night stay is perfect.

Our destination this time is Ko Sichang, Chonburi. Our trip starts on Saturday with our own car.

We are going to Chonburi to take a ferry to Ko Sichang.

We park our car at Kantary Bay Hotel and Serviced Apartments Sriracha in Chonburi.

We park our car here because we are going to stay in its sister hotel (Cape & Kantary Hotel chain) on Ko Sichang.

Cape & Kantary Hotel chain offers numbers of beautiful hotels. Kantary Bay Hotel and Serviced Apartments Sriracha also offers a transfer to the pier to Koh Sichang.

Normally we need to take the ferry from Koh Loi Pier to Ko Sichang.

However, we need to take the ferry from "Charin Pier" instead this time due to the maintenance at Koh Loi Pier.

The ferry costs 50 THB per person and the total traveling time is about 40 minutes.

There are 2 choices in traveling on Ko Sichang.

  1. Motorbike, you can rent a motorbike for 250 THB per day from the pier on the island or from your hotel. The roads are in good condition so it is easy to ride on.
  2. Skylab with a driver for 250 THB, the driver will take you to 4 main highlight tourist spots on the island.

We have arrived at Ko Sichang and will go to our hotel directly.

Somewhere Hotel Koh Sichang is where we are staying on this trip.

The rooms at Somewhere Hotel Koh Sichang are in a 2-storey building. There are ten rooms on each floor.

The building is in blue color tone and goes well with the ambiance as being on an island.

There is a small garden where a party can be held. The hotel also has a swimming pool which is not common to find in hotels on the island.

Somewhere Hotel Koh Sichang has only 20 guestrooms. It is a small hotel that offers good level of privacy and not too crowded.

It is rather feel like a summerhouse than a hotel actually. I feel as if I was at a family summerhouse

This is totally good for a true relaxation and to recharge your energy.

So now let's go and have a look around and check out the our room! Let's see what do they have to offer!

Inside the building has been well-decorated in white and blue theme. It looks clean and calm.

Those who love to swim have got this swimming pool to dip in. The atmosphere around here is very nice especially in the late afternoon.

We have walked through the hotel pretty much so now let's move on to the room!

Our room is on the 2nd Floor. The rooms here are whether in white and blue color tone or white and green color tone.

We have got the white and blue one. The room is huge and the color tone makes it look calm.

The decoration is not luxury but cute and cozy.

Those who come as a couple would love it here. In addition, the room comes with free Wi-Fi and all needed amenities.

We are also lucky to get the room that can see the ocean from our balcony.

The room looks lively with the decoration and it is perfect for true relaxation.

Even though the hotel is not by the beach, you can still enjoy the sea view right from the balcony.

As I have told you earlier that there are rooms in white and green color tone. Let's go and see one of them now!

The room is pretty much the same, The differences are the color tone and the decoration.

We have explored Somewhere Hotel Koh Sichang enough so it is a good time to travel around the island.

Let's go to the landmark and the main tourist attractions on Koh Sichang and see what do they have to offer! ...

We choose to rent a motorbike so we can travel around the island easily. You can rent it through your hotel directly.

1. Chao Por Khao Yai Shrine

Chao Por Khao Yai Shrine is very well-respected by all locals. They believe that your wish will come true when you make a wish here. From here, you can also enjoy the view of the pier, village, and the ocean.

2. Tampang Beach

This beach is a perfect spot for you to jump into the water. There are both sandy beach and rocky beach here.

Therefore, you need to be careful with the rock when swimming here.

3. Phra Chutathut Rachathan Museum

Phra Chutathut Rachathan Museum is a famous tourist attraction on Ko Sichang. It is in the south of Thewawong Pier.

It was built as a summer palace during the reign of King Rama V.

The highlight spots here that you shouldn't miss are Asdang Bridge and Green Wooden House.

4. Mondop Roi Phraphutthabat Buddha Footprint

This Buddha footprint was brought from India.

This spot is also a perfect point to view Ko Sichang panoramically.

5. Chong Khao Khad

Chong Khao Khad is another landmark on the island where it is famous for its stunning sunset view.

It is also a perfect spot to come and chill while listening to the sounds of waves and breathe in the fresh breezy air during sunset.

We have visited all main tourist spots, taken good numbers of photos, and we are now hungry.

We will ride the motorbike back to hotel for dinner at The Veranda inside Somewhere Hotel Ko Sichang.

The restaurant is also in white and blue color theme providing a great atmosphere as if we were by the beach.

Let's have a look at what we will have for dinner tonight, how the foods look like, and how they taste like!

They offer international cuisine here including Thai foods.

The first dish is Beef Burger. It serves in a big size with enormous piece of beef and the stuffed vegetable and sauce make it very delicious.

The next dish is Spaghetti Carbonara The cream sauce is very well-prepared, I like it very much.

Then we have Seafood Pizza. It is known as the signature dish of the restaurant. That's why tables all around us also order this menu.

It is a thin-crust pizza topped with quality seafood and it tastes so good.

Our last dish is this Fish and Chips.

Fish is perfectly crispy and served with tartar sauce, salad, and french fried.

It is good to add some lime juice on top of it in order to lower the oily touch. All in all, I would say that this menu is not bad.

Moreover, I have this Blueberry Smoothie along with my dinner and it goes so well with the foods, I am telling you. The restaurant also offers special drink according to the seasons.

Lastly, we end our dinner with this Blueberry Cheese Cake Parfait.

Then we will walk around for a bit after dinner so we can see the area at night as well.

Even though Somewhere Hotel Ko Sichang is not a big hotel, there are so many cute and interesting corners for good photo shooting such as the garden corner and the swimming pool.

All area of the hotel has been well designed and decorated.

The new morning has come and let's go to have a look at the breakfast!

Again that we find a wide range of foods even the hotel is not big.

This is the reason why Cape & Kantary Hotel chain is well-known for a great range of breakfast for a long time.

We are done with the breakfast and we will go to find a nice corner to take a few photos before leaving the hotel.

You can also rest in your room, go to the pool, or go out as you prefer.

In conclusion, I would say that Somewhere Hotel Ko Sichang is another good choice as an accommodation when traveling to the sea not far from Bangkok.

The hotel is not big but comes with a great cute decoration. It is very cozy and perfect for relaxation.

The room rate starts from lower than 2,000 THB but depends on the seasons.

Moreover, the hotel is one of a few places on Ko Sichang that offer a swimming pool. And if I have to name another good point about the hotel, I would say that the room is well-decorated.

Even though it is not located right in front of the beach, you still have a sea view from your balcony and its location is convenient to travel to all main tourist attractions on the island.

Let's sum up the pros and cons of Somewhere Hotel Ko Sichang according to my opinion!


- Relaxing atmosphere and nice decoration

- Many charming corners to take photos

- One of a few hotels on the island with a swimming pool

- Tasty foods at reasonable price

- Not far from the main pier, close to a convenient store, and easy to travel to all main tourist spots on the island


- Might be disturbed by unpleasant noise from outside due to the small size of the hotel

- Not convenient to travel to Ko Sichang from another pier when Koh Loi Pier is under maintenance

Last but not least, those who are looking for a place by the sea, not far from Bangkok, not too crowded, and in short traveling time,

Ko Sichang is a place that I would like to recommend for you to travel to.

One night stay on the island with your loved one, friends, or family is not a bad idea at all.

I have got to say goodbye to all of you now and if you have any questions or need further information please contact me here.


Thank you and goodbye