+++++Let's go to the beach, let's get away to Marrakesh Hua Hin Residences - Happy weekend +++++ written by Forzanu

...This summer is boiling hot and living in Bangkok is even hotter. I wish I could just borrow a cold fresh weather from Europe or at least a bit colder weather of 2-3 degree Celsius from the Northern part of Thailand. Anyway, that is what I can dream of but it is impossible to happen. Therefore,

+++++Let's go to the beach, let's get away to Marrakesh Hua Hin Residences - Happy weekend +++++

+++++Let's go to the beach, let's get away to Marrakesh Hua Hin Residences - Happy weekend +++++

...This summer is boiling hot and living in Bangkok is even hotter. I wish I could just borrow a cold fresh weather from Europe or at least a bit colder weather of 2-3 degree Celsius from the Northern part of Thailand. Anyway, that is what I can dream of but it is impossible to happen. Therefore, our family comes up with the idea to have the weekend getaways rather than stuck at home and facing with the heat.

...so many places have been proposed but we end up with "Hua Hin"...

...After having decided a destination, the accommodation selection is coming up next. We are looking for a place that can accommodate up to 8 people under the condition that we are staying at the same place or the same room.. finally we have found a place.. "Marrakesh Hua Hin Residences"..

...(Photo below : Beautiful spot after walking through the Lobby..Marrakesh Hua Hin is built in U-shape, the residences is on the left and the hotel is on the right with long course swimming pool in between)

...We drive from Bangkok heading to Cha-Am direction, pass by Santorini Park Cha-am, and San Paulo Hospital Hua Hin. As we have seen and driven pass Hua Hin 83/1 alley on the left-hand side, we slow down a bit before turning left to the hotel..

...There are 2 types of accommodations here at Marrakesh Hua Hin which are the hotel and residences... Once you drive into Marrakesh Hua Hin, you will see the hotel first then the entrance to the residences will be the next one...

...(Photo below : A symbol of Marrakesh Hua Hin Residences)

...We are staying at Marrakesh Hua Hin Residences this time.

...We are standing right on the spot of the photo above and when we turn back, we found that the sunlight is coming from behind this building.. meaning that the sun will rise from the beach side.. I am very happy to learn that.

...Let's take some photos along the way to our room!...

...From here, apart from these two unique golden poles you can see the long course pool between the two buildings. This pool is so long, it ends almost at the beach and we can even see the fine line of the pool, sea, and the sky...amazing!

...There are some foreigners swimming, sun tanning, and chilling around. There are not that many people staying here today, I guess because today is Friday, not the weekend yet.

...The unique selling point of this place would be this attractive swimming pool that has been well-designed decorated with beautiful fountains contrasting well with the greenery surroundings. I would say this is perfect for a relaxing chill day.

...On the way to the room, I have seen that one of the room is being cleaned so I don't hesitate to ask the housekeeper to get in and take some photos of the room.

... If I have a chance, I would like to see as many guestrooms as possible in order to be able to see the differences.

...We have finally arrived to our room. We have reserved a room with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. I guess I need to be quick in taking photos before the room get messed up.

...The differences of our room and the room we saw before is the color theme, even if the room plan looks similar. Moreover, the decoration and furniture are different. The decoration and furniture of each room have been picked differently according to the color tone and its appropriateness.

...From my point of view, they have arranged the living room pretty well. Even though the living room is not that big, the position and the gap of TV, sofa, and the dining table are just perfectly right.

...Along this corridor, there are 2 bedrooms on the right-hand side and there are the kitchen and bathroom on the other side. There are simple kitchenware such as microwave, stove, refrigerator, and table ware provided in the kitchen.

...There are 3 bedrooms in total and please see the photos below for more clarification.

The first bedroom is decorated very simply and there is a wardrobe in the room.

The second one is the same size as the first one.

And the last bedroom is the biggest one with a private bathroom inside.

...The bathrooms' design and decoration go well with the bedroom's concept, they are simply beautiful.

...Even if there is no bathtub, the rainfall shower-head is not that bad after all. For those who are not familiar with it also able to use the normal shower head.

...I like the mirror in the bathroom very much, it is in Moroccan style. It goes very well with the hotel and residences' concept.

...Look at these toiletries and decoration! They are all well-arranged and these make the bathroom look more lively.

...I like the way they have prepared the tableware for us. And I guess this is one of the reason why this place is perfect for travelling in a group like with friends or family.

...The television is set under the standard cable broadband system. You are able to watch the normal channel such as Channel 3, 5, 7, 9, Thai PBS, and so on but it is not possible to watch the specific channel such Premier League Live Channel as an example. In addition, there is a DVD player provided inside the bedroom so in case you want to watch a movie or something, don't forget to bring some DVDs along.

...We stay in the Garden View room. The room is not that big and it is facing to the garden. I would say the greenery of the garden view is very refreshing and this is so much better than the view of the building like in Bangkok. Moreover, there is a little balcony where you can come, chill, and take a deep breathe of the fresh air.

...Luckily that I have taken many photos all around the room while everything is in places because right now my family start to unpack and everything starts to get untidy.

...I kind of want to see other room types such the 2 bedrooms as an example, hopefully it is available. Then I have decided to go and ask at the Front Desk.

...Fortunately, there is one room available right now and it is the 2 bedroom with the pool view. So I kindly ask the Front Desk staff to show me the room right away.

...The first bedroom, the sunlight will go through the window during the day so you don't have to be worried that the sunlight will disturb you in the morning while sleeping.

...Furthermore, I guess that not many people will use the bedroom during the day so the sunlight won't be a problem.

...The second room is the main bedroom which is pretty big and I have to admit that I fall in love with it at first sight.

...Even if I think the room might be a bit colorful, I guess it is a good experience to be sleeping in this colorful surroundings for a few nights. The space on the right of the bed also can be used to put the extra bed but I am not sure how many people can be staying in this room according to the residences' regulations.

...The pool view can be seen from this bedroom as well. I love the way it looks, the orange-red color building on the opposite side, the blue color swimming pool in the middle, and the greenery surroundings, very refreshing!

...The bathroom's design and decoration is similar to the one that we stay, very simple. The only difference would be the design of the toiletries.

...The living room and kitchen view from the bedroom.

...I think this room is a bit nicer than our room especially for taking photos. This maybe because of this room has more beautiful natural lighting from outside.

...I like this room more than our room because this room offers the pool view and the natural light here is more beautiful that I can feel more relaxing. I guess if we come with the right numbers of people for 2 bedrooms, this is the best choice.

...This corner is just perfect for a cup of coffee with your favorite book, this is simply a happy corner for everyone.

...Table set on the balcony.

...It has been around 10-minute tour in this room and I would like to thanks the staff who kindly show me the room. ... And now it is time to go down and chill with my family, let's go!

...We are lucky to be here on Friday because it is not too crowded so we can enjoy the calm and peaceful atmosphere.

...The design of Marrakesh Hua Hin is very unique, every corner has been well decorated. I would say that all details are beautifully created and these make this place even more special and attractive.

...In addition, on a beautiful day like this you are able to enjoy taking photos all around the residences and different periods of time during the day offer different lighting for photo shooting.

...Another part of this place that I like would be the way they have nicely arranged the green space throughout the area.

...Look at these! The beautiful blue color swimming pool contrasts well with the greenery surroundings.

...We walk along the pool and have reached its end. We have found a huge field with some coconut trees and it seems like people like to come and chill out at this spot as well.

...You can lay down reading your favorite book, listening to your favorite playlist, or walking on the beach. This is truly relaxing.

...From the photo below you can signing up for horseback riding along the beach and you can see "Khao Takiab" on the background.

...The atmosphere by the beach in the late afternoon is great so let's chill out and rest here for a bit, watch the world turns and turn with it.

...Time flies! and it is getting dark now. Let's go back and take some more photos!

...It is pretty cloudy today but looking back from this angle, this place is still beautiful with the pleasant lighting from the building and in the pool.

...And once I turn back, this is how it looks like.

...I have been very enjoyed taking photos of the residences and I guess it is time to move to the hotel zone and see how it is.

...I have heard the live music since I was at the residences and now I know where it is from. They play live Bossa Nova music here both in Thai and international songs.

...It is a small bar by the beach and I think it is perfect to spend a good evening here with your favorite cocktails.

...This is how the bar looks like just right before it gets completely dark.

...As you can see, they have designed this place by the pool well. It reflects more Moroccan style than the residences and this is totally romantic.

...However, the swimming pool here is much smaller than the one in the residences.

...For this reason in case that there are many guests using the pool at the same time, you might feel not that comfortable here.

...Let's end the first night with this beautiful shot from the hotel zone!

...From my point of view, they have well thought that the greenery of the trees and plants from all around are not only providing the relaxing and refreshing atmosphere but also filling up the empty space perfectly. Furthermore, they have well picked the lighting as you can see how beautiful it is at night.

...We are going to Hua Hin night market for dinner and will be back to get a good long rest before the new day comes.

...Good morning everyone! We start the new day not that lucky because it is totally cloudy, we can't even see the sunlight at all.

...The weather has stayed the same until the afternoon comes so I have spent the whole morning with my family chilling in the room.

...Once the sunlight starts to come out, we come down right away.

...Some of us go to walk on the beach, swim in the sea, and I walk around taking more photos.

...The check in time at Marrakesh Hua Hin Residences is at 2 PM and now I start to see more and more people coming in.

...I have noticed that taking photos is the most popular activity among the people who just came in. I guess because this place offers many spots that are perfect for taking photos.

...Thai people like to take photos. On the other hands, foreigner prefer to chill, stay steady, and read books. People prefer to treasure there time differently.

...The swimming pool remains the highlight of this place.

...I think this place is a good choice for those who look for a fashion shoot location as well.

...The view from the Lobby is always stunning.

...After people start to come and check in into the residences, this spot is totally popular for taking photos.

...I would like you to see the building closely so you can see that it is in different colors but they all go well together.

...Even though the whole residences' area is in a simple rectangle shape, it has been well designed and well used. Every corner has been creatively designed with different ground level, stairways, tunnels, and so on.

...I guess I have fallen in love with this relaxing atmosphere and if I have a chance I will definitely come back here.

...The swimming pool is divided into 2 parts. The first one is by the beach, and the second one is by the two huge golden poles.

...The swimming pool is totally long, I guess those national swimmers can come and practice for the Olympic here. I have tried to swim from one end to the other end once but unfortunately I made it only half way, I was too tired.

...Another highlight of the swimming pool would be this water slide.

...For those who want to accompany your children to use the water slide please be noted that it is a kid's swimming pool so it is very shallow. In other words, if you want to get a ride you have to be very careful. Don't hurt yourself like I did, I hurt my knees.

...I walk along the beach for a while before going back to take more photos of the swimming pool. And the beach is full of people right now.

...I have stayed at Marrakesh Hua Hin Residences for 2 nights and I think this place is perfect for a weekend getaway. During your stay, you can enjoy taking photos, chilling out, getting a ride on the banana boat, signing up for horseback riding , swimming in the sea, and many more. Moreover, there are many good restaurants and places for various kinds of activities nearby the residences, for example; you can go to Hua Hin night market for dinner, or go shopping handicraft products at Cicada Market.

...There is no breakfast offers at Marrakesh Hua Hin Residences. However, the room is fully-equipped with kitchenware. Staying here is similar to spend quality time with friends, family, and your loved one at home but just change to this beautiful home away from home location plus more activities that you can enjoy such as swimming, walking on the beach, reading books, and so on.

...I would say you can find a happiness in everything you do in every corner at this Marrakesh Hua Hin Residences.

...I would like to end this trip with this stunning photo taking from the end of the pool by the beach that we can spot the Lobby from far away.

... Lastly, this is a perfect weekend getaway. It is good to escape from all the crowd and the city chaos to treasure our time with the loved ones on the weekend. Hua Hin is not far from Bangkok and there are so many tourist attractions along the way. Furthermore, Marrakesh Hua Hin Residences is one of the good choice accommodations for you to choose from when coming to Hua Hin, I am pretty sure that you will be happy here and get a lot of nice photos. I am very happy to choose to stay at Marrakesh Hua Hin Residences for this weekend, it has been a great time... I will be back... And goodbye ^___^

…I have attached the map to get to Marrakesh Hua Hin in order for you to see the direction clearly...safe travel everyone!