Welcome back to 247Journey with Exclusive trip in Bangkok!

It is an honor to be invited to participate in First Year Anniversary of De Botan Srinakarin event.

And I really appreciated it. >/<

As usual 247Journey always find good trip for you.

So we come up with 2days & 1night trip in Bangkok!


De Botan

De Botan is at Soi Srinakarin40.

The hotel is ideally located in the middle of town.

It's opposite the Seacon Square, a large indoor shopping mall in Bangkok.

De Botan is a hotel and serviced apartment.

Whilst the location is main strength of this hotel, view from the roof-deck is also pleasant.

Lobby is simply decorated but looks modern.

Dr. Pizza is next to the lobby. Breakfast will be served here.

For restaurant review >> pantip.com/topic/35766363

Monthly serviced apartment is located in 2 nd to 6th floor.

The room is quite new. And the location is so good.

The building surrounded by college, department stores, Public Park and train market!

7 th and 8th floor is hotel. There are 3 types…

Standard/Deluxe/Junior Suite

Hotel always offers good promotion.

I got 25% off room rate. It was about 1,300-1,500 THB/night

including breakfast, fitness/swimming pool and free WIFI!

Roof-deck is my favorite space.

There are small fitness centre and rooftop swimming pool where you can enjoy your private time.

Seacon Square is just opposite.


As I mentioned earlier about the special event,

they made it like 'Thank You Party' to their customers with warmly welcome.

Perfect pool party!

Mini concert by a famous singer in Thailand!

These following places are some attractions around hotel.

You may want to visit during your stay…

Who said there is no fresh air in the city center?

I don't agree.

Let's go to…

Suanluang Rama IX (King Rama IX Park)

This garden is a biggest park in Bangkok.

It was a gift to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej

on the auspicious occasion of his 5 th Cycle Birthday Anniversary in 1987.

It's worth to spend all day here. Because there are so many things to do.

We started the route at Montarob Gate. You would find the Botany Museum.

They collect variety of plants which are used for research, conservation and education purposes.

Here is a map of this park.

The Botanic Garden

This zone is separated into different zones

such as Ferns and Orchids Greenhouse, Indoor Plants Greenhouse, Geodesic Dome.

A massive collection of plants varieties…


Chinese Garden

It's 1 of 7 International Gardens in the park.

The Garden arrangement concept is to bring out the uniqueness of different regions of the world.

All gardens help improving the appearance of the area,

make them attractive and appealing to visitors.


Water Garden

This garden imitates a royal command of His Majesty the King Rama IX.

It was created to resemble a natural 'Phru' (bog) habitat and other aquatic species.

We can study their behavioral patterns and learn about different plants.

In addition, there is a great exercise area with gym equipment and bicycle track.

Pedal boat rental is also available in the large lake.

You can relax your mind from city chaos and exercise your body in the same time.

A yearly highlight is the 'Magnificent Plants that Beautify the Suanluang Rama IX Flowers Festival'

held in early December annually.


At this time, following the greatest loss and despair in the lives of all Thais nationwide,

we still have to move on.

For this year, Flowers Festival will be held as usual.

In addition, there will be more activities

such as offering foods to monks, praying and meditation for late King!


  • Park opens at 5am to 7pm. You need to pay 10 baht each person if you go there after 9am.
  • There is shuttle bus available every Sunday (10.30am-5.30pm). It costs 10 baht each person.
  • Also you can contact park office for renting car in order to travel around the park. It is 250 baht/round (for 6 seats) and 360 baht/round (for 15 seats).

Let's have a sip after long walk!

ASO Coffee

This small café is in Soi Srinakarin55.

The smell of coffee hit the nose instantly after opening the door.

Café decoration is so simple.

But the special thing is they use fine quality Arabica beans

which are grown by local farmer in Chiang Rai province.

They roast coffee themselves and pay attention to every detail during each stage.

If you love the art of coffee, you'd love this unique coffee café too.

Because today is a good day to drink coffee!


Hope you aren't tired yet.

There is a large night market waiting for you.

Srinakarin Train Market

It's known as Ta lad Rod Fai in Thai.

It was once a big market beside an abandoned railroad tracks behind JJ market.

However, it has moved into a new location (Srinakarin Road).

But the market still offers the chilled out atmosphere and classic style.


With 2 main sections of this huge open-air night bazaar,

First one is Plaza zone. This zone opens every Tuesday to Sunday.

There are many traders selling clothes, bags, shoes etc.

But this small shop caught my eyes.

The decoration is same like the coffee shop where people met in the former time.

And add modern menu like toast and shaved ice which are very popular among youngster.

The Market zone opens every Wednesday, Friday and weekend.

This zone is a massive collection of over 1,000 stalls selling first and second-hand products.

Things are a lot of cheaper here.

If you find something you like, be sure you grab it before others do. ;)

Don't miss out street foods here.

It made me mouth watering!

If you like classic car, there is also Rod's Antique.

It's like garage where gathers classic cars, motorbikes, antique and vintage furniture.

You can see and take photo with no entrance fee.

Free drum show on Sunday night…

And Warehouse zone, the variety of vintage products is available.

You will find home accessories, second-hand cloths and fashion accessories and toys in all vintage style.

Cool pubs and restaurants where you can chill out with your favorite drinks and people.

Srinakarin Train Market offers a unique shopping experience

where you can find great food and good taste items.


It's definitely worth the trip in 'Srinakarin' to experience the alternative taste of Bangkok!


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