Winter is calling... Khun Chang Kian, Doi Ang Kang, Khun Wang

"We have this beautiful land, we have forest and river, how much our dad is tired and take a good care of us"

(Song: The heart of dad, Sung by Ausanee Chotikul and Palmy Panchareon)

From the song is all real:

Beautiful land is Doi Angkang

River is Pa Sak Jolasid Dam

Forest is Khao Hin Son

Above are only some of royal projects that King Bhumibol Adulyadej had invented.

Even I have many chances to visit Chiang Mai, there are many places that I have not visited. It might be because of the difficulty to get there. However, in the place that we have a very difficulty to go, the royal project of the King Bhumibol can get there and help people in the area.

When I listen to this song at sentence that said about "Beautiful Land", Doi Angkang is the place that come into my mine. King Bhumibol Adulyadej has developed the place from nothing to become Royal Agricultural Station Doi Angkang of Winter Plants and known as the heaven on earth. So I think this is going to be a good chance to share this review to take you all to visit the wonderful places in Chiang Mai as Khun Chang Kian, Doi angling, Khun Wang in the Wild Himalayan Cherry Blossom Season (When the mountain here turns to pink).

This trip is to fulfill my needs after the new year.

Forecast of Wild Himalayan Cherry Blossom Period ( By me)

The period of Wild Himalayan Cherry Blossom is quite difficult to forecast because it is depend on the weather during that time. Normally, they will be blooming during December -January when the weather is cold down for about one month. Below is the previous period of Wild Himalayan Cherry Blossom during 2014 - 2016.

2014: Around 9 - 18 January

2015: Around 14 - 23 January

2016: Around 4 - 11 February

Itinerary :

DAY 1 : Bangkok to Chaingmai (Stay in Chiang Mai)

DAY 2 : Wild Himalayan Cherry Blossom at Kun Chang Kian and Doi Angkang (Travel by Van and stay at Doi Angkang)

DAY 3 : Visit Royal Agricultural Station Doi Angkang and see the sunset at Mon Jaem

DAY 4 : Enjoy Wild Himalayan Cherry Blossom at Chiang Mai Royal Agricultural Research Center (Khun Wang), Doi Intanon and heading back to Bangkok



After get off from work, we are heading directly to the airport and fly to Chiang Mai. For the first night in Chiang Mai we stay at Snooze Box Hotel near by the airport.

Take a rest before a journey



Departure to Khun Chang Khian Highland Research Station for visiting the first point of Wild Himalayan Cherry Blossom

We take road No. 1004 (Huay Kaew - Doi Suthep) and stop by at Wat Phrathat Soi Suthep Woravihan for worshiping for our luckiness.


Continue to "Khun Chang Kian" by the red bus (Due to the route to go up there is not smooth and not quite safe taking a van). It takes us about 40 minutes from Phrathat Doi Suthep.

Khun Chang Kian or Khun Chang Khian Highland Research Station is a part of Faculty of Agriculture of Chiang Mai University. They do the research about coffee bean, winter fruits and tropical fruit. During December - January (Depend on the weather) this mountain will be full of pink of Wild Himalayan Cherry Blossom.


Departure from Khun Chang Kian and continue to Doi Angkang on the road No. 107 (Chiang Mai - Fang). It takes us about 3 - 4 hours (165 KM.). During this period that we come, both side of the road will full of Wild Himalayan Cherry Blossom.


Arriving at "Baan Kum Market" which is located in front of Royal Agricultural Station Doi Angkang. Here is the most lively place where there are many hotels, restaurants and shops that you can enjoy. Today we are staying at Baan Lao Ting which is located in the heart of the community. In the evening we can walk around the market and get our dinner here. During this season, everywhere you go will full of pink of the cherry blossom (Wild Himalayan Cherry), it is so beautiful all over the place.


Doi Angkang is located in Fang District, Chiang Mai where there are plenty of nature. Moreover there are six villages of hill tribe here which are Baan Luang, Baan Kum, Baan Alae, Baan Pang Ma, Baan Pa Ka and Baan Kob Dong and most of them are Tai Yai, Black Muser, Palong and Chin Ho.

Royal Agricultural Station Doi Angkang is the first royal project that has many kind of plants. This place has a cold weather all year so The King Bhumibol Adulyadej had developed the place to become the Royal Agricultural Station of Winter Plants that is very beautiful and create jobs for people in the area.


Wake up early to see the beautiful sunrise and foggy sea at "Mon Son Viewpoint". It is only 2 KM. away from Baan Kum Market and really close to Royal Agricultural Station Doi Angkang. Moreover, there is a camping area.


It is time to start our journey at Royal Agricultural Station Angkang

1. "2000 Tea Field"...So lucky to be here in the place that we can breath in fresh air

2 "Strawberry Field Doi Angkang" is planted on the steps field which makes it become a very beautiful field on the mountain as you can see.

Then we walk around to discovering inside Royal Agricultural Station Angkang area

3. "The 80 years Park" where is the center of winter flowers. The park is very beautiful with all of these flowers. it is very attractive.

4."Apricot and Peach Garden" is another highlight that you should not miss.


Leaving Doi Ang Kang to Chiang Mai


We decide to turn to Mae Rim and visit Mon Jaem before really get back in Chiang Mai as we still have some times. It is always so nice and beautiful everytime we come.


We come back to Chiang Mai City Center and stay at The Artel Nimman Hotel for tonight. There are so many restaurants and cute cafes that you also can enjoy like us.



The last destination and the highlight of this trip is "Chiang Mai Royal Agricultural Research Center (Khun Wang)" which is located at Doi Intanon. We take the road No. 1009 (Jomthong-Intanon) to the same way to Doi Intanon. Follow the sign and turn right to Baan Khun Klang it takes us about 2 hours to get there (115 KM.). Here is another good place for Thai Cherry Blossom where you will be WOW when you see it. Cherry blossom at Khun Wang is most beautiful than the other two that we have visited.

Chiang Mai Royal Agricultural Research Center (Khun Wang) is the research center for the farmers in the surrounding Luang Chiang Mai Inthanon mountain ranges.

They also plant coffee tree in the area so it is smell so good and make us really want to drink a cup of coffee.


Leaving Khun Wang heading back to the city center

Stop by Mong Market Doi Intanon to buy some fresh fruit back home and visit Chrysanthemum Flower Field

From Doi Intanon we are heading to Jom Thong District to worship to holy things at Wat Phrathatsrijomthongworravihan.


Departure from Chiang Mai International Airpoty to Bangkok

The end of the trip that full of happiness and fun

Expense conclusion

(Total 5,000 THB per person)

There are 7 of us on this trip as we have many divider so everything is cheaper.

- Flight ticket (round trip) Bangkok - Chaing Mai 1,390 THB

- Van rental with driver from CHOM CAR RENT 3 days 1,800 THB : 772 THB per person

- The red bus from Phra That Doi Suthep to Khun Chang Kian 1,200 THB : 170 THB per person (a little expensive)

- Gasoline for the whole trip 2,600 THB : 370 per person

- Snooze Box Hotel 900 THB per night / 3 rooms (No extra charge for extra bed) 386 THB per person

- Baan Lao Ting Doi Ang Kang 1,500 THB per night/ 2 rooms (capacity 4 people per room) 429 THB per person

- The Artel Nimman 1,800 THB per night 3 rooms (No extra charge for extra bed) 771 THB per person

- Common purse (For food, entrance fee and so on) 700 THB per person

This review shows us that the only one book can be a good props for all of us...hahaha. And thank you to those children that let us take a photo of them so that we could get a beautiful cover page.

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