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Today we would like to take you all on a trip with me to Japan. This time we are going to Kyushu Island and visit Saga - Nagasaki - kumamoto - Yufuin - Beppu - Hakata.

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We fly with Vietnam Airlines to Japan because it is the most cheapest ticket when compare to other full service airlines. But we have to wait for a very long for transit. If you do not have any problems for waiting, this is the cheapest ticket that we recommend.

In my opinion, it is quite comfortable flying with AIRBUS A321 especially when compare to the price. For the service is okay, take off on time and luckily we arrival before time. For food, I really like the hot bread that they serve.

DAY1 Fukuoka Airport > Saga City

We arrive at Fukuoka Airport in the morning and go directly to the hotel. We like to arrive in the morning so that we have more time to travel for the first day.

From the airport, we are heading to Saga by taking a bus for an hour. We stay at APA Hotel Saga Ekimae Chuo which is close to Saga Station. We leave everything at hotel and go out to discovering the area. Our first destination is Yutoku Inari Shrine.

Direction: From Saga station we get off at JR Hizen Kashima and cross to Kashima Bus Center or under Yutoku Building then wait for the bus at Platform 3. It takes about 30 minutes from there then we get off at Yutoku Inari-jinja Shrine.

Yutoku Inari-Jinja Shrine is a famous shrine in Japan where people believe that if you make a wish here, it will become true. If you have a chance to visit this zone, this is another good place to visit.

Enjoy walking around the shrine

We think it is a very beautiful shrine that is very well decorated.

Walking up stair to see another good view from the top

This viewpoint is really beautiful, we enjoy so much here both a nice weather and the beast view ever.

After that we walk down to discover the area around the shrine if you would like to discover something else.

There are many shops, restaurants, souvenir shops, ice-cream shops that we can enjoy shopping. We spend the whole day here then we are going to Nagasaki on the next day.

DAY2 Saga > Nagasaki

Taking an early train to Nagasaki

It takes us about one and half hour to get there. We also book a hotel there which is APA Hotel Nagasaki Ekimae where close to the train station, restaurants and mall.

Again, we leave everything at the hotel and go out as we arrive quite early. Our plan today is to visit Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum, Nagasaki Peace Park, and Megan Bridge.

In the morning, Nagasaki is such a quiet city, it is not busy like Tokyo or Osaka. Anyone who likes to travel in slow life no need to be hurry, I would recommend this city. For anyone who like train, there are many types of train and tram that look nice and colorful, you will enjoy so much fun here.

Alright!!! Let's start with our first destination here which is Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum. This city has a very important historical of Japan so it is a MUST place to visit.

Nagasaki is a city of history because it was bombed during WW II and caused the dead of people in the city. So it becomes a city of liberty for people to realize the loss of the war. This is another place that we would like to invite you to visit.

The atmosphere in the museum is very depressive, there are many photos and video about this big lost that makes us feel so sad (Even Japanese people).

From Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum, we continue walking to Nagasaki Peace Park which is not that far from each other.

Nagasaki Peace Park was built to be a memorial of explosion of atomic bomb that called Fat Man on 9th August 1945. The bomb destroyed the whole city and killed over 80,000 innocent people. (Also recommended to visit)

After that we take the train to Megane Bridge as a plan for taking photos. Unluckily, there are light rain and the weather start to cold down.

There are people come to visit the place non-stop especially artists who come to draw the picture of the bridge even it is raining.

Meganebashi Bridge is the first stone bridge in Japan which was built in 1634 to cross Nakajima River with the design of two semi-circles together. It was a very excited for people during that period. And the name "Meganebashi" means "Mirror". (Credit from: http://www.talonjapan.com/)

After wondering around. now it is time that we are waiting for. They turn on the lights all over the bridge and the reflexion on the river is really amazing.

DAY3 Nagasaki > Kumamoto > Aso Mt.

We wake up very early today in order to move to Kumamoto because it takes quite sometime to get there. We plan to spend sometime in the morning at the castle and continue to Mt. Aso which also takes a while to get there.

Walking around Kumamoto Castle in the morning is such a good time because there are less people coming and the weather is so nice.

Kumamoto Castle is so elegant and very remarkable.

After that we are heading to Mt. Aso>>>>

To get to Mt. Aso is taking quite sometimes as we have to take a train then continue with bus so we have to plan ahead as we do not want to come back late.

Aso Volcano is another famous tourist attraction place in Kyushu. It is still the attractive volcano in the heart of Kyushu Island in Kumamoto Province. This is the place that everyone comes to visit when come to Kyushu. Unfortunately, at that time that we visit, there are fogs all over the place so we cannot see the top of the volcano. At least we still can get around area atmosphere for all of you to see.

It is low visibility so we decide to go back.

DAY4 Nagasaki > Yufuin

Next destination is Yufuin, we have to take Yufuin No Mori because it is a special train for tourists as its beautiful design, comfortable and especially, there is Free WiFi on board. Moreover they also have a restaurant car where you can buy food and drinks. This train is very suitable for all tourists.

Finally, we arrive at Yufuin. The weather here is so nice not too cold.

We plan to stay here for 2 days so we do not have to be hurry^^.

In my opinion, this town is so cute and has a very cozy atmosphere. There are so many shops and restaurants for you to enjoy shopping as well.

Our first destination in Yufuin is "Yufuin Floral Village" which a small village with the design of fairy tale. It really has a very beautiful decoration.

We have been walking around the city whole day as there are so many interesting things in almost every corner that we walk pass.

DAY5 Yufuin

Waking up early and heading to Kinrinko Lake, we have an intention to take the first light of the day beside the lake in the morning when there are some fogs floating above the lake. It is such a very wonderful moment for us.

The photo comes out as we expect. We recommend you to come in an early morning because it is the best moment ever that you would see anything like this.

After enjoying so much with the atmosphere at the lake, we are walking around and find this beautiful corner. Leaves are changing color and fallen down.

DAY6 Yufuin > Fukuoka Airport

The end of our journey

Thank you very much for reading, if you have any question do not hesitate to ask.

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