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Sleep at the Luxurious Tent, Watch the Sea Fog & Embrace the Mountain at Khao Kho Boutique Camps

กินเพลิน เดินเที่ยว

Now, we are officially in the winter and many people are looking for places to visit and stay in order to feel the cold.

Of course, the major destination is mountains.

Indeed, many options are there to choose depending on personal preferences like the budget, distance, and time.

Well, we didn't have much time and money for this trip but we really want to travel.

So we choose to go to Khao Kho as we went there last year and found very beautiful and impressed sea fog.

And this year, we'd like to, again, experience the same.

This time, we are going to have the camping experience by sleeping at the tent at Khao Kho Boutique Camps, Phetchabun Province.

What is there to offer? Will we see the sea fog? Will there be a crowd? Let's start the journey together.


For this trip, we drive our personal car from Bangkok and follow the main road no. 1 (Phahon Yothin Road).

We go pass Saraburi Province until we reach Phukae Botanical Gardens, then, we turn towards the main road no. 21 and go pass Chai Badan District.

Then, we keep driving and going pass Si Thep District, Wichian Buri District, Muang Phetchabun District. When we see the Na Ngua Tri-Junction, we turn left towards the road no. 2258.

After reaching Ruenrudee Intersection, we turn right towards road no. 2196 towards Khao Kho District. Then, we keep driving straight and pass the Camp Son Tri-Junction.

Until seeing Wat Na Yao on our left hand, then we turn left accordingly and look for the Campson sign.

Or you can go to Khao Kho on the other route which might be easier and more convenient than the route I took.

*********** Bangkok - Campson *************
>> Start from Bangkok to Phetchabun (the main road no. 21)
>> There are two routes going up to Khao Kho.

• "Na Ngua" is the first route going up to Khao Kho, you will reach here first when coming from Bangkok (it's the route I went).
•• Going up via"Campson", when coming from Bangkok, go towards Lomsak and Phitsanulok (the main road no. 12). You will go pass Wat Pha Son Kaew before reaching Campson Tri-Junction.
•• From Campson, turn left towards Khao Kho (the road no. 2196), then about 4 km you will see Wat Na Yao (the notice thing is the high water tank on your right hand).

**** From Wat Na Yao- Camping area ****
• According to the map (it is only 3 km from Wat Na Yao) I recommend to go along the yellow route where the road is not bad.

>> Turn into the alley near Wat Na Yao #the Soi that has the pavilion and the sign.
>> Go straight afterwards, "do not turn left"
>> Until the end, where you see 'camping sign' and you are forced to turn left
>> Then, go straight "do not turn anywhere", at the end, there's camping sign' and forced you to turn left again.
>> Turn right and left accordingly (about 2-3 turns).
>> Look for the 'camping sign' on your right hand
**** You now arrive ****

**** Recommendation ****
If you see both sides of road are only trees with less houses, it means you are not yet lost, do not panic, haha.
If you think you are lost, please call to ask for direction as per below mobile contact numbers.


Once we arrive, we can truly feel the nature. We are in the middle of green fields, mountains with the wind turbine in front.

I just realize that Khao Kho also has this tranquil corner left, it is so private and comfortable.

Khao Kho Boutique Camps is an accommodation in camping style where the guests get to sleep in the tent. Yet, the tent here is not uncomfortable like the ones we used to see.

The tent is spacious, comfortable with the bed, pillow and blanket. Probably, it's more comfortable than sleeping at our house, haha.

4 people can sleep in the tent with two on each side. There's also a common room placing a table, a lamp, mirror and plug.

Let's say that we get close to the nature but still are in social network world as the mobile and internet signal is available.

Now, let's take a look at restroom. Though it's a public one, male and female bathrooms are separated.

It is harmoniously decorated with the nature and camping feel, quite chill and nice.

The bathroom gives us just the feeling of camping in the wood with a touch of sexiness, haha.

Above is an open air where you can clearly feel the nature.... ...

Another must not miss activity for camping is grilling in the evening with friends as well as chatting, it's going to be very fun.

Khao Kho Boutique Camps provides the space for us to grill in the evening.

It also provides the full option of grilling equipment, we just need to bring in raw materials and drinks.

The rental price for stove and equipment is 300 THB. But we must provide paper plates as well.

Grilling in the evening, chatting with friends, watching the sunset while listening to the music from the camp and enjoying the cool wind is just so happy.......

Before going to bed tonight, millions of stars are there for us. We could lay down to enjoy the cool wind while watching the stars. The next morning, we wake up early to see the sea fog.

One of the must not miss activities when staying at Khao Kho Boutique Camps, Phetchabun Provice is waking up early to enjoy the sea fog and the sunrise from the high mountain.

We wake up at 5 a.m. and take the E-Tan truck to the viewpoint. The transportation fee is 100 THB each and we are yet sure whether we will see the sea fog......

The road is dark with good and bad condition. While going there, we must hold on tight, otherwise, we could be left along the way, haha.

It takes about 45 minutes from our camping area to the viewpoint. And we finally are at Khao Kho Viewpoint.

Here is the view that we have endured along to way to see.

The first feeling after taking the truck and seeing this sea fog is so unspeakable, my tear is almost down with joy.

It's just so breathtaking with the thick sea fog and several mountains lying up there.

Then, a faint mist is flowing by while the sun is risen in the morning.

We could view it in panoramic view and what we see afar is the peak of Phu Tub Berk.

I think here is one of the beautiful viewpoints of Khao Kho. It's like we are now in the heaven.

After appreciating the sea fog at this viewpoint for sometimes, the driver takes us to another stop which is located at the wind turbine area.

Other cars cannot come up here except the E-Tan truck as it's located on the opposite side of Ban Phet Dam Wind Turbine Viewpoint.

Well, it's actually look like abroad view. I think if I say that this place is not in Thailand, people would believe it too, haha.

The weather is so chill. I just keep pressing the shutter and get a headache due to cannot choose the photos once I'm back as it's really a lot, haha :P

Let's now take a look at the breakfast, it's served in American Breakfast style with sausages, eggs, breads, and coffee and tea to help ease the cold.

Here is the view and atmosphere we got from Khao Kho Boutique Camps, Khao Kho, Phetchabun Province.

How is it? Did you guys like it? For me, it's a very interesting accommodation for this winter.

We could rest and fully enjoy the nature in the private and peaceful fashion.

It also provides us lots of activities while camping here, like grilling in the evening, chatting with friends, watching the stars at night, enjoying the cold breeze, and waking up early to see the sea fog.

If you are lucky, you could see the mist come down to the camp area.

For more information about Khao Kho Boutique Camps:

It is only open for 5 months!!! From October 2016 to February 2017 only.
The room price while I went is 1,500 THB for weekdays and 2,000 THB for Friday-Sunday and it accommodates 4 people a tent.
The stove rental is 300 THB where the cooking equipment is fully provided.
The E-Tan truck service to the viewpoint is 100 THB each.

Call : 097-064-7716 , 086-660-6316 , 091-740-1383
Line : nann1629

Finally, I hope this review is more or less useful to you guys.

If you have more questions, feel free to contact us at. http://www.facebook.com/9aooddy.travel

I hope this winter is a great time for everyone.

Let's go out and feel the cold weather together.

Thank you and Sawaddee Krab.

กินเพลิน เดินเที่ยว