Take a walk at Chino-Portuguese old town, stay at the trendiest hotel, Quip Bed & Breakfast, Phuket... written by Forzanu

...Many people may have heard about the story of Phuket old town atmosphere with the scene of the architectural design of residential buildings which is well-known as "Chino-Portuguese" ...A lot of people, not only Thais but also foreigners are interested in this place and come to visit whole y

Take a walk at Chino-Portuguese old town, stay at the trendiest hotel, Quip Bed & Breakfast, Phuket...

Take a walk at Chino-Portuguese old town, stay at the trendiest hotel, Quip Bed & Breakfast, Phuket...

...Many people may have heard about the story of Phuket old town atmosphere with the scene of the architectural design of residential buildings which is well-known as "Chino-Portuguese"

...A lot of people, not only Thais but also foreigners are interested in this place and come to visit whole year round...Many residential buildings gradually modified to be guesthouses to serve tourists who come to visit this place, but the modify still does not abandon the unique way of old architectural style that existing for very long time and not fade away.

...In this review I would like to recommend the trendiest accommodation which is located close to the area of Phuket old town Chino-Portuguese...Although the hotel decoration does not have anything to do with the old town style but inside this small hotel is like the trendy comforting place for both teenagers and working age people, not to miss out. How spectacular it is? Let's go through together.

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...Quip Bed & Breakfast, the building is located at the corner of Phra Aram Bridge, close to the clock tower.

...For those who cannot find the way to the hotel, you can look for the clock tower, it is rather clear to be seen.

...Another thing which is clearly to be seen is this popular cream motor tricycle.

...It was parked at the front of the hotel all day all night, this sweet and soft color can attract people attention and making them can easily to see. This could show that the hotel has a good choice and idea for seeking the unique spot for guests helping them to notice the hotel by afar place.

...Moreover, Tuk Tuk motor tricycle will serve free of charge for the hotel guests such as sending guest to bus station, restaurant or other accommodations which is located near the hotel.

...And then let's come into the hotel ground floor.

...Frankly to be told as the building outside, there is nothing unique. But when coming inside, I would say it just like we slip in to another difference world...As in the picture, there is a small golden color car parked on the left side which is the greeting desk...next to that there is stairways walk up to the guest rooms.

...the angle is so cool...

...Sitting here is feeling a little bit like we are sitting at the barber shop...Another picture, everyone can see that the hotel take various toys and appliances as they could find to decorate at the ground floor area.

...As I said the upper floor is for the guest rooms and the ground floor is set as the relaxing area, there are food and beverage serving for hotel guests or people who would like to dine here...

...Bread, cookie, smoothies or alcohols are served here. This place has everything...you could just sit here and relax...

...Here is the picture of the stairs to the upper floor. This angle from the picture, you can see that below the staircase is a place for dining as well.

...This area is for having breakfast in the morning which serves the hotel guest free of charge.

...The upper floor wall is decorated with wall clocks and picture frames.

...There are various design clocks, if just slightly look could think that this place could be a small clock shop instead.

...Anything could be place on the wall, this place takes it all to decorate on the wall such as clocks, picture frames which put in the film poster or other pictures, there are all arranged on the wall, giving us the feeling of beauty and eye-catching style.

...Walking up to the upper floor along the walkway, there are lots of picture frames decorated on the wall between rooms as well. There are pictures of various philosophies and witty words on the side walk wall.

...The picture frames are both in Thai and English languages which are decorated on both sides of the wall...For those who like to read this kind of thing, I think you definitely adore this place like I am....At this point many people will understand and know that why this place is called "QUIP" (means witty words, phrase) which is the concept of the hotel is.

...After walking to read many witty words, I finally reach my room...

....The room here is the simple room, rather simple as you could just walk in and straight to bed...There are also TV, safe, refrigerator, hanger and clothesline provide for you.

...The restroom also has overhead rain shower.

...Over all, I would say that the room at Quip hotel does not focus a lot on much things, it is suitable for those who just would like to take a rest at the reasonable price.

...This is the single bedroom type.

...There are different kinds of wallpapers in each room. In my opinion, pictures could fill up the room and make the room looks more stylish.

...After placing the luggage, it is happy time to chill out once again...

...By taking my feet and eyes to promenade around nearby area.

...The small space in front of the hotel is the small artificial lawn.

...You can also sit and relax here, It may too hot in the afternoon but in the sunset time like this, taking a seat here can give a great feeling.

...From the hotel, I take the vehicle to Deebuk road.

...Deebuk road is the big road, it is bigger than Thalang road and Yaowarat road, but they are equally beautiful, this road may be more extensive.

...Walk around aimlessly, this way...that way.....along the street.

...Chilling weather, walking may feel a little hot but this can considered to be one of the relaxing days.

...The ambience in the Deebuk road area looks spacious, wide and chill.

...The simple way of life of local people scene to be seen like this....

...Walking and taking photos in the tiny little corner...keep on walking with no direction ahead.

...Gently wind flows all day during the travel. The charm of Phuket is always there, no matter how many times I visited, there are still always things to explore and see.

...The traffic may get crowded sometime in the small street.

...From the picture, there are the red lanterns decorated along the way and the middle of the road. These lanterns ,as I knew, can be seen during many festivals time.

...Another picture in the wide angle, red lanterns can add a lot of colorful to the ambience of this old town.

...During the twilight time, the light shine on the road and through many alleys matching with the various shapes of buildings which still have the combination architectural style between Asia and Europe, Chino-Portuguese.

...You could take a walk and take many photos in the old town area...The famous place for taking photos are at Thalang road, Yaowarat road and Rommanee road.

...I took more than 1 hour walking along the road.

...I think it is time to go back to the hotel. Taking some rest and sipping a soft drink for cool off a little bit...I will leave this picture as the last picture for today evening.

...After showering, and relaxing for a while at the ground floor of Quip hotel....the lights in the shop gradually open up one by one.

....The ambience during the daylight changes to the beauty of the colorful lighting store, giving the feeling of sitting and sipping some drinks.

...We can see the different between the night colorful beauty and the daylight beauty quite a lot.

...Inside the hotel's ground floor, there are full of many decoration and collections which are both from the owner collections or they like so they just put to decorate in the store...When there are all put together, it just looks perfectly match.

...Not just only the regular hotel guest customer but also the casual customer come to visit the store successively.

...There are motorcycle and car here.

....The various decorative things, when they are arranged and put together, it will give a beautiful pattern feeling. For those who like the cool trendy decoration like this, would also love this place.

...Another relaxing night has passed. The next morning, before going out from the hotel, there is breakfast serve at the ground floor.

....Breakfast is simple, but the ambience in the hotel is definitely not like others.

...For those who are interesting in the hotel, you can visit hotel website and take a look. Here they have many things to see and do.

...For me, I think during the daylight and night time, there are all beautiful in different style.

...As I have observed, during the daytime teenagers will sit, relax and have fun taking photos. The guests can also freely take photos in all area, this is surly awesome.

...For both table and chair, they are not in same pattern.

....Many sets of furniture put together seem so variety.

...Many people may like this picture. If you come to visit this place, do not forget to order something for drink.

...It is time to leave.

....From what I have feel from the first day until today, I can summarize that Quip Bed & Breakfast is suitable for guests who do not feel the need of luxurious. On the other hand, the trendy and cool decorative design of the hotel may suit well with many people both teens and adult.

...The accommodation price is also reasonable. There are many celebrities often come to visit this place, it is not different from the big luxurious hotel.

....For the travelers who would like to try new style of accommodation and would love to change the atmosphere....this place may impress you none like others...so keep Quip Bed & Breakfast for a choice when you have a journey to Phuket.

...I would leave this review with the night time picture of the old town area, when the sky nearly changes the color into completely dark shade.

...Taking motorcycle along the alleys, race against the time before the sky turns to dark color, and still I can take some photos.

...The charm of Phuket city is beautiful both day and night time.

..Visiting this place and finding the relax accommodation to stay for just only one night...Waking up and taking a walk to watch the old architectural style of Chino-Portuguese...Finding small coffee shop, bakery shop, local food shop, trying some foods in the relaxing day....travelling with sweetheart or friends...The beauty of Phuket will forever stay in our happiness.

...Thank you everyone for follow and read my review....You can find the accommodation review at Khaolak, Phang Nga province in my next review......Good bye for now. Sawasdee Krup.

....This is the hotel map for those who are interested in this place...^^