Hi everyone! This is my 19th review.

Today I will bring you guys to live in "Slow Life" style.

But where I am going to, let's check it out!

*** SR only for accommodations. The rest I pay by myself.***

Thank you beautiful location, La A Natu Bed & Bakery; http://www.laanatu.com/thai/


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https://www.facebook.com/pages/S-Travel-My-Story/310289235793445 This trip I would like to invite you to live in Slow Life style.

Slow Life in my definition is no rushing, spending time leisurely.

I depart from Bangkok in late morning. As we are not in hurry, we drop by paying respect to the Buddha for good luck.

The trip starts at "Wat Huay Mongkol", originally called " Way Huay Kod", located on Baan Huay Kod village, Tumbon Tubtai, Aumphoe Hua-Hin, Prachuab Kirikhand province.

Following the king has renamed from Huay Kod to Huay "Mongkol".

This temple is home to the world's largest statue of Luang Phor Thuad .

The journey;

1. Personal vehicle

From Hua-Hin, take the road Nhong Plub - Pa La-u (Highway 3218) for about 14 km. Arriving Tumbon Tubtai, turn left at Nhong Tapao junction. Then go further. Opening Hours 5AM - 10PM.

2. Public transportation

There is no public transport directly go to Wat Huay Mongkol. You need to hire minibus from Hua-Hin. Or rent motorcycle from you resort and ride by yourself. That would be better since the distance is quite far from Muang Hua-Hin.

But don't be afraid of getting lost. There are signs along the way. If I am not lost, everyone should be fine ... LOL. After that, we are on the way to our accommodation.

La A Natu Bed & Bakery is a small resort beside the sea, with outstanding decoration style.

It is located on Pranburi - Samroiyod beach, 230 km. from Bangkok.

You need to park your car outside the resort but don't worry. It's safe.

There is a guard to take care of the cars. Then get on golf cart to go inside resort.

Entrance - Exit of the resort.

In less than few minutes, we reach to a wooden bridge, way to lobby.

This is the lobby. Receptionist is lovely, waiting to welcome us.

After checking in, we move to the room.

It is a Garden Villa called "Baan Khao Neow".

Welcome drink is pineapple juice.

Inside the villa.

The bathroom is separated from bedroom, but inside villa.


Beneath the villa is bathtub for opened bathing.

Below villa is opened and equipped with leisure seat.

Feeling like home. If we had 4 people, we would play cards here ... LOL.

Keep the bags and take some rest.

Let's find some delicious thing to eat. I have heard that afternoon tea set here is very nice.

Restaurant is on top of lobby and decorated very chic. When look up inside the roof, looks similar to umbrella.

There are various seating zones.

The atmosphere outside is also nice.

Here's my afternoon tea set ... looks so yummy!

After we are full, let's observe the resort ... LOL.

Starts with swimming pool.

From the pool, we walk down to the restaurant and go round the back, to wooden bridge.

When we are in the middle of the bridge and look back. That's a huge stack! ... LOL.

View from the bridge. You can see Garden Villas.

The resort just harvest, so we missed a chance to see rice field.

Walk down from the bridge. You will see photo shooting point. If you don't take photo here, seems like you haven't arrived at this resort ...

Now let me bring you to try tasty food around the resort.

I wanna eat something spicy and find a review recommending "Jae Aeung - Jae Ing Pu Pen Restaurant".

It is a medium-sized restaurant but provides variety of menus. Let's see what I order.

"Papaya Salad with Horse Crab" Super duper delicious and spicy.

"Steamed Squid with Spicy Chili and Lemon Sauce"

"1/2 kg. of Grilled Prawns"

"Deep Fried Prawn Cake"

Every dish looks yummy, right? Now we are full. Let's go back to resort.

We walk leisurely at the beach.

At the front, beside the sea, is location of Sea View Villas.

And another type is Sea View Suite.

After observing around, let me walk on the sand.

Put down the camera and better get into the sea ... LOL

When turn back. The sunset view is splendid. (It's going down behind the resort.)

And now it's the moment I'am waiting for, relax time with spectacular ambiance. I'm happy in a lonely way.

After getting lost in day-dreams, we walk back to our room. But prior to that, we stop to photograph early evening of the resort first ...

After satisfied with walking around, let's go back to the room. I immediately smile upon arriving.

Seeing buffalo doll waiting on the bed ... LOL.

(When we firstly cam to the room after checking in, I was wondering why there is no buffalo doll in our room.)

After living a Slow Life for whole day, let me sleep with this buffalo in my arms.

After last night sleeping with the doll, I have a very good sleep. This morning I wanna appreciate sunrise moment.

Around 6AM, I wash my face, brush the teeth and grab camera with tripod. Go directly to the sea.

Appreciating happiness in the morning for an hour, the sun starts to shine. I take a shower and get dress for breakfast.

You can order breakfast from menu but you can eat as much as you can.

All food you are going to see is in my stomach already ...

Hot "Boiled Rice with Minced Pork" I really like it.

So sad I didn't eat waffle. Someone said it's a big mistake. I will surely make up. After breakfast, we collect photos along the sea before packing bags. And go back to Bangkok.

It's time to say good bye to the resort and the sea with greenish rice field. I wouldn't believe if I didn't see the filed by myself.

Though it is a small files and most of it has been harvested.

Going back is the same as when we come. A staff pick up and drive us to our car that is parked outside.

After leaving the resort, we are heading back to Bangkok but we happen to feel hungry during the way. So, we stop at "1000 Sook".

We pass this restaurant for many times but have a chance to drop by today ... LOL

After we are full and check bill, staff gives us 2 tickets for visiting the farm (Free).

Let's check it out. But I have to say that weather is extremely hot!

There are many points for photographing inside but the weather is really hot. To sum up, this trip has good food, good sleep and allows me to blow off steam. I am happy but slightly lonely.

In my opinion, La A Natu Bed & Bakery Pranburi Resort is beautiful and very private.

It is really suit to be a place for relaxing. I recommend afternoon tea set and cakes, not only appetizing but so yummy as well.

The journey is not difficult. There are signs along the way. Staffs are friendly and joyful. They always smile and greet when we walk pass.

If you want anything, you can request at any time ....

And lastly, I apologize for mistakes, if any.

And thank you everyone to follow the review.

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 Monday, June 22, 2015 6:07 PM