Presenting my pictures this time is none-business propose at all

I would like all readers use your discretion for reading, and decision making.

And I am not recommending you to go find what my pictures have shown.

Same as my fan page, it isn't for business but just for people who miss reading my reviews on Pantip so they can find me here conveniently.

I am not forcing people to click "like" or "follow" me.

So here, I declared for your consideration and you all have the same understanding ...



On Sathorn road, Bangkok

Elevator,,, press 59th floor

Then walk up a few steps

If you book a private room, it costs 1,000 Bath (I have got free offer once as I purchased a membership card)

In the room with out-side Bangkok over view..


I ordered two ducks

The first duck is Mieang Ped (miced duck with herbs and spices)

It is not wrapped in vegetable leaf but put in crispy Wantan

Other duck is with thin rice noodle in Rad-Naa sauce

Today, I have dessert as well

My membership benefit, receive a gift voucher 50% discount for maximum 10 persons.

Just the view and atmosphere is already worthwhile

I have just got membership card, only 4,000 bath a year

The coupon I got is already cover what i pay for...

Anusorn Tancharoen

 Tuesday, June 23, 2015 6:05 PM