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This is my second review which is about backpacking to Luang Prabang for 3 days 2 nights. I take the bus to from Bangkok to Lei. At Lei Bus Terminal, we have to buy a ticket to Luang Prabang (do not forget your passport because you need to use it when buying the ticket.). Arriving at Luang Prabang, the first thing to do is buy the ticket for return trip because there is only one bus to get back to Thailand. Then heading to the hotel which is Aussie Bar. Everything should be booked in advance because there is not thing certain.

Let's cut off to the next day, visiting the morning market where there are varieties of food especially local food and it is very cheap.

Let's discover Luang Prabang together..

Today I plan to walk around Luang Prabang. It is a small city but there are a lot of tourists. People here do understand Thai and speak English very well.

Houses in Luang Prabang is quite basic and look comfortable.

Cost of living in Luang Prabang is quite high as price of food and consumer products are quite expensive.

Luang Prabang Palace is another place that you should not miss.

Open every day except Tuesday from 8.00hrs. - 11.30hrs. and 13.30hrs. - 16.00hrs.

The entrance fee is 30,000 LAK.

(I did not go inside)

Then walking around until arriving at Wat Chiang Thong...

It is an elegant temple as it is a World Heritage Site.

Open 8.00hrs.-17.30hrs.

The Entrance fee 20,000 LAK

It is really beautiful, I recommend to come in the morning or evening because it is the most beautiful moment to see the temple at that time.

After spending quite sometime here, it is time to go to Phu Si Pagoda which is located opposite Luang Prabang Palace. It is another landmark for the most beautiful sunset. It opens 8.00hrs. - 17.00hrs. and entrance fee is 20,000 LAK. I would suggest you to be there around 16.00hrs. because there will be a lot people. This is another place that you definitely have to visit.

After that, it is time to go to the dark market where you can find food, clothes and souvenir items.

It is not that scarily as I thought.

For backpacker, food at the dark market is a good choice for you because it is cheap and have variety of food and other products. We can call it Street Food of Luang Prabang.

For the first night in Laos, just walking around and find something to eat at Street Food of Luang Prabang.

In the morning, having a cup of coffee at Prachaniyom Coffee Shop where people who come to Luang Prabang have to visit. And another recommendation is Joman Bakery but unfortunately, I did not go there.

After a cup of coffee, it is time to go to Tat Kuang Si Waterfalls. Just walk to the morning market where the tour guild is calling you to join the waterfalls trip. I would recommend joining the joined trip because it is cheaper than going by yourself and you will get many new friends. The entrance fee of the waterfall is 30,000 LAK (Price can be changed).

And another fall that I would recommend is Tad Sae Waterfall which is also very beautiful and you will not be disappointed I can assure you.

It is time to pack my bag and go back home. I really hope that this review would be useful for all of you. I hope that I would have chance to come back here again as there are many places that I have not visited.

PS. If there are any mistakes, please accept my apology, because I am still....

Hope to see all again on my next journey^^

Tato Makmak

 Wednesday, January 25, 2017 3:59 PM