Are you interested in going to spend your weekend in a Slow Life concept for once?

A life with no electricity, a life on a raft house right by the river, a peaceful life with no social media for a day ... a life that you will have time for yourself truly and also your loved one ... A life like this that let you lie down and listen to the sounds of river flowing and gaze the stars. : ) @River Kwai Jungle Rafts

We drive from Bangkok for around 3 hours before reaching Phutakien Pier (if you can't find it on Google map, you may want to try with its old name "Resotel Pier"). There is a boat from 1 PM - 6 PM, one in every hour : )

We wait for not long before a boat comes ... To be honest with you, I feel excited already since I first step onto the boat ... I am curious as well how it would be to live a life... with no mobile phone signal and kind of cut off from the outside world (well, it doesn't sound bad though!).

You can enjoy the scenery along the way at the same time that the boat stops to drop off people to different resort once in a while.

It has been 20 minutes... and we have finally arrived at our resort. : )

It is around 3 PM which is a good time to check in ...

Then we have found that there is an area for massages on the way to our raft house. So if you get tired from swimming and splashing in the river, you can come to relax and get a massage here.

If you ask me, whether it is hot or not? I would say, "No" because it is winter now and this place is right by the river. You are still able to chill on a hammock in front of your room calmly.

( I can't help but wonder why ... you look so relaxed, you don't even want to unpack, open the room. You just jump onto the hammock hahaha+ )

You may think that... it must be hot without an electric fan and if that is the case what can you do ??? If it is too hot, what can you do?

It is very easy ... you just need to jump into the water.

I have slow motion photos for you as well in case you can't imagine what to do when you are hot ... We use our head to get into the water first before loosening up our body and mind. So all the bad energies and stress can be washed off in the river (loosen up everything except the life vest please! With love).

Or a difficult jumping style as if you were flying into the water like this?

Or walking on the water?

Yes, this is what we all do when it gets hot in the afternoon.

What about her? ... Well, she can't jump into the water like others. She can only watch as she is on her period!

Even though she can't be in the water, I guess it is already nice to just sit down or lie down while listening to the sounds of river flowing. : )

Or flirting with each other while just dip your legs in the water is not a bad idea either (the world is only for you and me as we have been cut off from the outside world). * I have got to tell you that this is totally good for your body ... and mind to be in the ambiance with the view like this.

I have been too relaxed and I have just realized that I haven't unpacked yet ... it is also a good time to tour the room.

This is the bathroom ... and please don't ask me whether there is a hot water or not! I also wish that there was ... but since there is no electricity, how could we have a hot water? Right?

There is another hammock in the back of the room which is good for those who want to be alone for a while.

We have done unpacking and we still have plenty of time to kill before the dinner (6 PM). Hence, we have decided to go for a walk in Mon Village (it is further inside the forest behind the raft house and there is a bridge leading there).

It seems like it is far from the crowd (this is a long weekend but there is no one, I thought the village is closed for some big photo shooting hahaha).

Those who like to wander around and take photos of here and there in the middle of the nature, this place is not bad. On the other hand, those who look for something to eat (like us), you are not in the right place!

I suggest you to come before it gets dark because there are quite a lot of mosquitoes ... But at least you can buy a mosquito repellent here (I don't find any mosquitoes back at the raft house but there are so many of them here).

If you keep walking, you will find the village and the school ... but still nothing to eat.

It is pretty quiet up here but children at the school brighten up the place so that we won't feel too lonely (first time we see people after the entire walk).

Then you will find an elephant further in ... (you might be able to get an elephant ride here but it is not confirmed since I have no one to ask).

This is a souvenir shop.

This souvenir shop links to this pavilion where I guess they host the performance ...

Actually ... it is kind of nice to take photos when there are not many people around. However, I am very hungry already ... It is also almost the dinnertime so we think we should walk back now.

We drop our stuffs in the room and rest a bit before spotting the color of the sky has changed ... and it is time that we have been waiting for...

Yes! ... It is time for dinner hahaha +

Even it is early in the evening, the cold has come over already. The resort starts to light up the lamplight and people start to come for dinner.

The resort has prepared tables for all guests. The location of the tables depends on how many of you are (big tables are here) but if you are 2 - 4 people, your tables will be right by the water (you will sit on your own, no need to be worried that you need to join with other people).

The dinner is Thai food including 5 different dishes (the taste might not be as spicy because there are numbers of foreigners but the view and the ambiance are superb!).

It is getting colder and colder because the sun has gone ... What have been left are lamplight and the stars (you might not be able to see the stars in the photos but there actually are and it is totally romantic!).

We come back to our room after dinner ... to take a shower and get changed before going to see Mon Dance at 8 PM (we take a shower now because we are afraid that it will be too cold later ... but it is actually cold to take a shower anytime hahaha so I don't know why I do it now anymore).

The performance stage is at the last raft house of the resort ... The main performance is Mon Dance (I have barely seen one and I don't feel like seeing one earlier anyway. However, tonight is different. I really enjoy the performance and I guess the main reason is the atmosphere, the music, and the light from the lamplight ... Everything seems to be just perfect! So I thank my idea of dragging myself here and give it a try)

The total duration of the performance is about 30 - 40 minutes ... And it happens that I am still wide awake once the performance has finished. So I guess we better move to the bar in order to sleep better later hahaha+

We need to carry the lamplight like this when walking around (you actually have a small flashlight on the same key chain with the room key as well but we choose to use the lamplight because it offers the better lighting and it goes so well with the surrounding).

The bar is still opened this late evening (it is the same venue for dinner). We have ordered some drinks and will sit at the table right by the water. Trust me! Gazing the stars and feel the cold wind are so nice ...

Then we come back to our room but still want to get some fresh air ...

Not long after the scene has been changed into our room ... And here you won't ask for an electric fan at night. I realize myself once again when I am already under the blanket. I woke up around 6 AM the next morning and there is a light fog as you can see in the photo below.

It is freezing cold because we didn't bring a lot of warm clothes with us. We thought that it would be hot so we brought only light clothes ... A foreigner next door ask us, "Don't you have a thicker jacket?" and our answer is, "No, we thought it wouldn't be this cold." ... Then she replied, "This is winter! Of course it is cold!!!"" I guess she is right. hahaha+

I am already hungry after waking up ... Oh! You can feed an elephant as well in the morning. It is next to the breakfast venue.

We have done feeding the elephant so it is our turn to eat.

The light fog in the morning with mild sunlight ... chill weather, and a cup of coffee are way too perfect!

We still have sometimes to rest, pack, and lie down a bit after the breakfast (the latest time you can check out is at noon and the last boat is also at noon).

Time always flies faster when we are happy. : ) This is not a luxury resort full with facilities but guess what! I love this place the most among all my trips in Kanchanaburi ... The main reason might be that it is the very first place I have time for myself the most. I have got a chance to relax truly and be surrounded with beautiful nature. I don't need electricity or air conditioner but the chill weather and happiness on the water. : )

Last but not least, it has come to the time that we need to leave this place ... The memory will stay with us and it would be great to look back to this time especially on those bad days with the city life full of social media. Anyway, I hope I would have a chance to be back here one day.

The room rate differs by the date you make the reservation. It is generally 3,xxx THB.

Check the room rate here

To get here by car

Drive to Nakhon Pathom direction passing Ban Pong District, Mueang Kanchanaburi District, Sai Yok District > Sai Yok Noi Waterfall to Phutakien Pier (can also use "Resotel Pier" as it is formerly called on Google map).

Drive into the village for approximately 2 kilometers then you will find the pier where there is also a parking lot available (free parking).

To get here by train

You can take the train from Bangkok to Nam Tok Railway Station. The train will also stop at Kanchanaburi Railway Station and River Kwai Bridge Railway Stations. The fare is 100 THB. *** To be more specific, you need to get on the train at Thonburi Railway Station in Bangkok and get of at Nam Tok Railway Station, then take the bus (Sai Yok - Thong Pha Phum, the bus ticket is 150 THB) to the kilometer marker 56 at "Resotel Stop" and take the long-tail boat to "River Kwai Jungle Rafts."

The train departs at 7.50 AM and will arrive at Nam Tok Railway Station around 12.35 PM. Click here for more information

For more information:


For more information please call: 02-6425497

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