" Hey, what a strange train to run in the middle of the water?! "

" Yes, quite so! "

Imagine that you are Conan for a while and hurriedly follow me.

Saturday morning 14 January of this year is a Children's Day

and definitely a child like us have to go out to travel to some place.

Pa Sak Jolasid Dam trip

This is a picture of our ticket which we fight to get it

Crazy, it not that hard

but my mom go to book it since morning of the day the ticket start to sell

At first I also confused and wonder why my mom have to be that hurry

And I just know that, the ticket start to sell for only 6 days out of 365 days.

Pa Sak Jolasid Dam trip
<span class="redactor-invisible-space">This year the ticket specially sell for only 6 days
Compose of 14,15,21,22,28,29 January
( Price is 270 Baht for a round trip )
</span>The selling point of this project is getting on the train to Pa Sak Jolasid Dam

06:30 ; Bang Sue Junction

and this in the reason why we have to wake up so early morning at 05:00 am.

to wait for the train at Bang Sue Junction

But the time has already passed for an hour

and I feel not so good and think the train comes to pick up us late hahahahaha

Platform no.2 still empty

No signal from the train...

We have breakfast, stand straight during the National song

but still haven't seen any sign of it.

Then we heard the announcement from the staff

I heard the main content saying something that the train at Hua Luam Phong station is detain, blah blah...

I don't quite understand

but it seems like we don't have to wait any more, they are not ready yet..

So we decide to better walk around and take pictures

This would be my first time that I have time to walk around and take a picture like this

Regularly I have to run to catch up the train

But I am happy about that too

But when it is going to 9:00 am, still no signal of it

Then I start to feel a little nervous that I will have little time left to visit places !

I really want to run like this uncle to the dam

But if I do that I would not reach there even next year, so I can wait here !

Then it seems like God heard my word

The train from Hua Luam Phong is now arrived !

09:25 :Departure

Just a little bit late, it's okay, never mind

I feel relieve when I see the train seats because it is new and clean, I like this.

"The railway extends the time for 2 hours"

We didn't say that but the staff of train said and hand in a paper as a consolation prize

I am always half sleep half awake

The reason that can make me wake up must be this one....

Are you crazy?, I am not kind of people who are always looking for food

I mean the both sides' view

You are going to misunderstanding me

After my last time awaken, I feel like people are starting to rouse about something,

Hands start to touch the camera and look out of the window

After I have consciousness, then I realize that yeah! we are going to arrive at Pa Sak Jolasid Dam.

While people are feeling excited with taking pictures of the wide and further area of water;

seemingly we are cruising in the middle of the sea.

And here I accidentally see another corner of this area which makes me feel like I am sitting on the plane.

Now we arrived,

I am not feeling stunned by the beautifully of the place when I make my first step out there but I feel stunned of the way and direction to go. There are too many people here.

So I go to the left of the corner instead.

There is an electric pole but it is more open up here.

After I choose a side to walk then I have to make a decision again whether to go to the front head or the end of the train.

I then choose to be at the front head, who is going to be at the end of the train?

but if I can turn back time, I want to be at the end of the train right away.

The reason is .....

Because no matter you carry yourself to the front, it doesn't mean that you will see the head of the train

You would luckily see some part of it only,

or you might see people head instead hahahahaha.

I want to give up but there is something keep forcing me to go on, let's go!

Because you are not an important person, then you have to leave..

We start to run because there is only 5 minutes left for the train to leave

Bye Bye

PS. They let us see the view point for 20 minutes only

Pa Sak Jolasid Dam

We arrive now, at our destination of today

Going out from the train station and then it is there

Actually, there is a rail train to run around to see the dam

But the time left so little, so I plan to walk around to see surrounding first.

There is a simulator of many things there.

But I don't understand how it works hahahahaha

I better get myself involve in the nature.

Walking around for a while and then I see..

Even though the outside looks so simple

I mean really look like a house

But actually it is...

Pasak Aquarium

I have to say at this point that

inside provides a very cool air-conditioner hahahahaha

Actually, it is not that cool when we compare to the weather outside

Hey! but this place hasn't provided only that good point .

When open the door, will see so many fishes waiting to greet us at the front.

It is really big like it name "Mekong giant catfish"

They are making a little smiley face to welcome us

You are so cute

But some are unduly exposed to the public eye,

kissing each other in public

Children seem so interested in this small Stingray

They amazed me of their real exist in the world.

I didn't make an upside down picture

It is a real Upside-down catfish

Their head look upside down when they swim

It is unbelievable right?


You are flipping your phone, don't you?

When I am going to step out of this place,

I feel like someone is watching at me and give me a smile,

so I decide to turn myself back and see it

I gather my courage

and it is a Stingray

I feel frightened,

then say goodbye to that stingray.

Next to the aquarium is a sheep and goat farm

I feel like I am at Suan Phueng

Goat milk is selling beside them.

The price is 20 Baht/bottle.

So my sister is talking with a goat, eager to know that she is hungry or not,

so she can go to buy the feed for them.

She realize that the goat in the stable are all hungry.

But don't they know that we also feel hungry the same

Let's go separately.

We go to have our meal and they go to have their meal too.

Then on the way back,

you could see in the photo that I am strolling around so I don't have time left for the meal

because I want to go up the watch tower to see the scenery which is one of the program tour,

But we have only 1 hour left so I choose to eat a sausage instead and go on to the next program.

And while I am hurried buying the lemon ice-cream,

I have asked the seller that

" How much is the fee to get on to the watch tower?"

"Ahh, it is closed and renovating"

Well, then why should I hurriedly find something to eat?



Since there is half a hour left,

I then walk around the place that close to the dam

Actually we want to walk up to that point

But it seems like we don't have enough time,

so we just make a jump and play here.

It is sheepish style of 2 of us

The trip end, Bye hahahahaha

Hmmmm, are you going to have a simple ending like this?!..


 Sunday, February 5, 2017 7:21 PM