Bangkok Bangkok Bangkok

I have stayed in Bangkok for many decades

It is time to escape from Bangkok to explore other places.

We call this trip as backpack trip, we will take 2 fully stuffed backpacks. Let's go.

Are you ready to explore this trip with us?

Let's go.

The beginning of this trip is at Hua Lamphong Railway Station. We do not take the normal train, we prefer to take the train which can lay down and sleep along the way.

This is our first time to take the train at night. The train will actually depart at 20.00 hrs. but we arrive at 18.00 hrs. which is too early.

Special Express Isan Makara

Some people might already notice about the newest train in various medias since as facebook, twitter etc. Most of the review are about the train heading to Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand.

But, we are going to take you to experience the newest train to other destination, we are heading to Nong Khai province.

It is very nice, we feel like we sleep on the bed at home.

The pink room has impressed us a lot.

The total for having this room is about THB 2500 (for 2 person) in total

-เตียงล่าง 1,357 บาท 
-เตียงบน 1,149 บาท 
-ส่วนใครที่มาคนเดียวแต่อยากเหมาทั้งห้องเพื่อความเป็นส่วนตัวก็ +500บาท = 1,857 บาท

The lower bed is THB 1357

The upper bed is THB 1149

For those who like to take it as private room, there will be an additional surcharge @ THB 500 on top of the lower bed price.

Since, there are 3 joiners for this trip, hence we have booked 2 rooms with connecting door. This is really cool!

We are all provided with necessary amenities and facilities such as earplug. Furthermore, there are washing basin, TV available as well.

It can be said that we could have office on the train.

We forgot to inform that the plug is available for the upper bed and lower bed.

While mom is watching the program on TV.

The child is also choosing the menu list. We accidentally press the button

" Would you like to order some food"

Said the staff.

Oh, it is not funny now.

Let's go to the toilet.

So, you will not confuse because there will be the sign indicated at every doors.

There are 2 women toilet, 1 men toilet and 1 bathroom.

-ห้องน้ำหญิง 2 ห้อง 
-ห้องน้ำชาย 1 ห้อง 
-ห้องอาบน้ำ 1 ห้อง

Some of you may have the question that there are only 3 toilet and 1 bathroom for the whole train. Well, it is actually not, it is only for one bogie.

There is always the automatic door between toilet and sleeping room. Please do not worry about the bad smell.

To continue walking till the restaurant.

We also able to see the passenger who book for the normal class, it costs about THB 800, it seems comfortable too.It is only different in privacy.

The restaurant is here.

Most of the menu are instant food.

But, we would like to recommend, it is shrimp dumpling.

As we all know, once the stomach is full, we fall asleep.

Once we go up to the upper bed, we are a bit excited for the first time. We dare not to go down.

However, we get familiar once we do it for the second time.

So, it is time to go to sleep now in order to recharge some enery for tomorrow

PS. we just discover that WIFI is also available on train.


To say good morning from the bed on the train

Sleeping in the train is our unforgettable night, it is very comfortable. It is time to take a shower now.

Finally, we reach our destination Nong Khai.

ถ้าจะไปแบบคนปกติเขาก็นั่งรถทัวร์ เชียงคาน-กรุงเทพ (500-600บาท) 

After get off from the train at Nong Khai Station

We continue to our next destination

Then, we connect to public van

Orange bus

This is the photo of orange bus.

มันคือรถทัวร์ที่สีส้ม เขาเลยเรียกกันว่ารถส้มๆ ไม่ได้ถึงขั้นไปนั่งรถขนส้มนะ ไม่ช่ายยย

Finally, we reach our destination Nong Khai after changing various kinds of public transport.

But, our journey has not ended up yet, we need to take another bus to Chiang Kan. Unfortunately, our bus has departed very late.

Luckily, we can find something to eat while waiting for the bus.

Once the bus arrives, we still need to spend time on the bus around 1 hour, it is 7 - 8 hours in total.

According to this point, I actually recommend you to skip the part which we take the transportation

Finally, we reach Chiang Khan.

The camp Chiang khan

Finally, we reach our destination for today.

It is the accommodation where is just open. We actual get the special deal from Thai Teaw Thai Exhibition.

The accoomodation are built tent houses, it is nice to stay here because it is not so hot.

We have got the tent nearby Khong river. Below photo shows the ambience in front of our tent.

The weather is nice, it makes us forget the tiredness throughout our journey. We really want to lay down and indulge with this spectacular view as much as possible.

It is time to arrange the stuffs in our tent now.

There is the curtain in the bathroom, it is quite convenient once we take a shower.

For those tents which do not have toilets inside, the price will be lower.

Even it is necessary to use the shared bathrooms but it is nothing to worry about because they are clean.

It is time to do sailing

This is also the activity which we have got special deal from Thai Teaw Thai Exhibition

 To do sailing + BBQ dinner costs THB 900/ person

As we have mentioned above that we have very good deal at 50% discount, so it costs THB 900 for 2 people.

It is so romantic.

Here is the driver

Actually, the purpose of doing this sailing is to watch the sunset.

Unfortunately, it is so cloudy, hence we miss the chance to see sunset, we enjoy seeing the beautiful views instead.

Above photo is supposed to be beautiful than it should be but we could not adjust the right mode to take the photo.

Once we look up to Khong bank, we have seen the walking street of Chiang Khan where will go in the next few hours.

It is the latr evening, it is time to say goodbye Khong river and get ready for having BBQ.

After getting off from the boat, we take the rest for a while and go to have BBQ.

This is the place where the BBQ will be set up.

We will go to chill out at upstair while the staffs are preparing the BBQ for us.

Once we go to downstair, we have set the camera and take the photo.

Here comes BBQ

We can do self-service for grilling the BBQ.

At first, we still wonder whether our grilling skill will be eatable or not.

But it is beyond our expectation, the taste is very good while dipping in BBQ sauce.

We prefer to not eat too much because we still want to go to walking street.

Chiang Khan Walking Street

The bus driver drop us at the walking street, he gives us the phone number to call him to pick up us once we want to go back to the accommodation.

Let's go.

At first, we think to buy some souveniers but we give up this idea.

We will go to find something instead.

We have visited Chocolate Frung Fring Shop and we buy 2 pieces of chocolate. They are really cute.

The 2nd shop also remains the same concept.

Below is the photo of steamed stuff bun.

The 3rd shop is different, it does not focus about prettiness, it is all about tasty food

Below is the photo of local food called Miang Kam, it is our first time to try this.

It is very delicious

Apart from the food, there is also homestay along the way of walking street.

There are also interesting things to see along the way.

After take a walk for while, it is time to eat. Then, we call the bus driver to pick us up. Once we arrive at the accommodation, we take a shower and take a rest.

good night @Chiang khan


We wake up early today, we will be picked at 05.30 hrs. We will go to see the rising sun at Phutok

We missed the chance to see the sunset yesterday, we hope that we can see the rising sun today.

The foggy curtain at Phutok, Chiang Khan

We finally reach Phutok, we need to take the bus up to the mountain.

The bus fee is THB 25 per person.

Most of tourists who reach the top of Phutok, they usually come to pay respect to this Buddha's image.

It is time to set up the camera and await for the first light of the day.

We take some photos at this point for a while. Then, we move to other interesting zones.

The foggy curtain is really beautiful.

Once the light comes, the color of sky has been changed.

We like this point, it is just like Fuji mountain in Japan, but it is in Thailand instead.

The sun starts rising, the tourists have clicked their shutter frequently at this moment.

Even though the weather becomes hotter but the foggy curtain is always there.

Someone takes the mobile phone but not to take the photos but they want to do live on facebook and share the wonderful moment with their friends.

After spending some times at Phutok, we feel hungry now, let's go to eat.

Above photo is the famously local food which should not be missed. We take some of them while awaiting for the bus

We are back at the accommodation.

The breakfast is set up at the same place we ate BBQ. We go to upstair while awaiting for the breakfast.

We are really full now and we need to go back at the tent.

Bye Bye

We take many photos along the way back to tent.

To take the rest like we want

We have to leave in the afternoon but our bus arrives at 19.00 hrs. Hence, we kill time by chilling at the coffee shop.

Ban Supicha

The coffee shop with free wifi is located near Khong River

In the evening, we go to the walking street again but it is different from our previous visit because the last twilight has not disappeared yet.

It is almost the time to say goodbye for this trip.

It is time to go back to Bangkok. See you again Chiang Khan


 Sunday, February 26, 2017 6:09 PM