Dubai is already in line with some of the must-visit cities in the world -- Paris, Milan and New York. With its booming tourism, record-breaking developments and A-list celebrities flying in to the city almost every week, it is the next big paradise for both residents and tourists alike.

Despite being not a large city compared to other relatively larger ones around the globe, Dubai is peppered with unique attractions suited for any heart and taste. This is why the city is on every person's travel wish list.

Take a tour of Dubai to get to know the place better. Picture perfect shots adorn this modern desert land; its historic and iconic architecture and its unfathomable oasis leave you in absolute awe.

Dubai is indeed the ultimate dream city. It has places to explore, to shop and eat to your heart's content; it offer you sports options and entertainment facilities like none other in the world. While a guided city tour might be the best option, there are a thousand and one ways to go on breathtaking Dubai sightseeing tours.

If you opt for an exclusive city tour, you will be met at your hotel and taken on an introductory course to meet Dubai, its best places and its friendliest people. Embark on a journey as you witness traditional Arab style dhow cruise Dubai marina waters or you can rent a yacht in Dubai,locals in their national dresses, magical dancing fountains, beautiful beaches, skyscrapers, the sound of a hundred different languages spoken around you and you can try Desert Safari Dubai and much more.

Witness the origins of this glamorous city and see from what it all started as you visit the older parts of the city at Dubai's Creek -- the ultimate trading location. Trade, especially gold, is Dubai's highlight. Nicknamed as the 'City of Gold', Dubai's main gold market is called the Gold Souk and is a wonderful sight to see as it showcases the grandest gold and precious jewelry -- all at one area. At the next stop you will go on a colorful and aromatic journey to the traditional Spice Souk. After some spicy shopping, you will be taken to Bastakia for a visit to the Dubai Museum, which happens to be a 180-year-old historical fort. At Bastakia, you'll be able to see century-old traditional Arabic housing.

From there on you can watch the city as you are taken to the Grand Jumeirah Mosque -- an awe-inspiring Arabic architecture.

After the cultural sightseeing is over, you can explore the Jumeirah Open Beach.

Be sure to get a nice tan. And from the beach itself, you can see Dubai's iconic Burj Al Arab – the seven-star hotel. It's definitely worthy of some great snapshots. If the Burj Al Arab is the sail, then the Madinat Jumeirah Hotel is the wave -- a grand hotel with its own high-end souk and stunning water canals.

From there you will visit The Palm -- Dubai's own man-made islands with fronds, residential areas and luxury hotels all leading up to the Atlantis, The Palm.

The tour ends with a speedy ride down Dubai's main artery surrounded by skyscrapers on both sides and the metro along the road.

Finally, you reach your last destination, the world's tallest building located in Downtown Dubai: The Burj Khalifa will indeed have you looking high up as you'll be fascinated by this 2270-feet-high monumental marvel.

The unique beauty of Dubai is that it is a multifaceted city like no other in this world. It's a city that unites everyone in peace and harmony, being home to so many people from all over the world, while retaining its rich heritage intact. This city has a glorious and modern outlook, respects all religions and offers an entertainment-filled night life. On exhilarating tours to Dubai, you will see and experience all of this.


 Thursday, January 26, 2017 8:45 PM