Nai Suan Bed And Breakfastis a vintage hotel decorated in English country style in Chiang Rai. I choose to stay here on my second night in Chiang Rai because it is not expensive and the hotel is located close to numbers of main tourist attractions in Chiang Rai.

The name of the resort is pretty straightforward.

1) Nai Suan (in the garden in Thai) = A small resort located right in the garden among the fountain and trees. It is very refreshing.

2) Bed = Rooms decorated in vintage theme available for you to stay.

3) Breakfast = Foods and drinks are available for both in-house and outside guests.

My stay has been impressive. That's why I would like to write about it as a good memory. The bed is comfortable, the foods are delicious, and the owners are truly friendly and caring. I feel so warm as if I was one of their family members.

General Overview

- The room is not huge but doesn't make me feel uncomfortable. The bed is soft and what I really like is the bathroom as it is airy and spacious. That's why I kind of want to sleep in the bathroom instead. hahaha Moreover, the public area is not crowded. It is very peaceful ad quiet.

- Foods, drinks, and bakery are available all day long but the kitchen is closed a little early (6 PM). In other words, you might need to go out for dinner if you had late lunch. In addition, everything is at reasonable price.

- The restaurant is nicely decorated so there are many corners that are good for a photo shot. There is also a private parking lot.

- Breakfast is very tasty served in a good portion. The owners of the resort treat you as if you were their family.

Anyway, let's have a look at the photos of the hotel! And for me, I would like to come back here if I have a chance.

Note: I have a chance to dine at a restaurant near Nai Suan Bed And Breakfast‎ called "Krua Khun Anne." I don't want to go far because I am tired. It is a restaurant where they cook by order. The restaurant is beautifully decorated and the owner is so pretty. The foods are superb and one dish can cost as less as 30 THB (I am quite surprised that this price still exist and it is a nice restaurant offering good foods). I ask the owner why she sets the price this cheap. She explains that the main customers are students so it is the same price for everyone. Furthermore, the restaurant even has a royalty program which members can collect points and redeem for a special menu. I find it very good. Therefore, if you stay at Nai Suan Bed And Breakfast and would like to have a late dinner, I would like to recommend Krua Khun Anne Restaurant (I pay only 35 THB for this meal and this price is already included the fried egg).

Malang Lunla

 Monday, January 30, 2017 2:10 PM