I like the concept of this place "Hohm Hostel". I like handmade decoration idea, I like to imagine thing but to create it out is the most difficult thing.

I choose to stay at Hohm because I find it in Agoda, the price is not quite expensive but that is not my first point to choose the accommodation. I like the accommodation that tell its own story, cool, the way they present it. It is like we gain a profit of life from the place we choose to go when we choose each accommodation which there must be something special than to sleep in a normal rectangle room.

Hohm is a hostel, so it means that it doesn't provide you much convenient infrastructure which it is not enough to support you everything. It has a public restroom, there are only 3 restrooms but I am not quite serious about that because I come here to find inspiration.

Actually, the 2 public restrooms look quite large, quite convenient and there are only 3 bedrooms so we can use restroom like we are living in our own house. The room is quite private and full of many facilities like strength Wi-Fi signal, hair blower but without personal restroom only.

But what I really like about this place is the hostel is opened as a Handmade training school such as sew, crafts, wood, and cakes. The study fee is not expensive, it seem like calculating only a teacher's expense only. You don't have to prepare the equipment. You can use it there, you can try to study there and see whether you like or not. If you like it, then you can keep practicing it later, isn't it cool !

Every interior decorations of the store and accommodation are the pieces that the owner created it by himself, it look cute. If I stay here, I would definitely be one of his student.

When we stay there, we have a chance to talk with the owner of the store. They narrate about the background of this place, very enjoyable. We feel like we are same type people. Actually, this place has to be an art gallery only but they say not many people dare to come in because they think that this is a private place. So, they have to open the beverage, dessert shop to attract people to come to see the art gallery. But art works have to make some money for them too, so they open a school and accommodation at the same time. They aim to attract art lover! It is my dream, don't want a lot of money, just to take care oneself and do thing I like is enough.

Before we Check-in here, we had gone to see an art piece at Kua, we see the King Rama 9 in a brocade piece, I really like it so when I see a picture of the similar type at Hohm, I ask them " Is it his picture at Kua arts gallery?" and he says "yes" Oh! it is so cool! and that picture is sold out and this period he starts to do a project for some department, so we haven't see he teaches the class because we stay there only one day.

I have been saying about the place too much now, let's go to see an arts gallery at ' Hohm Hostel' together ...

Malang Lunla

 Wednesday, February 8, 2017 11:54 AM