Mu Koh Mungkorn .. or Load Heaven Island or, based on Google, Lord Loughborogh is one of 804 islands in a groups of islands called Mergui Archipelago. Myanmar Government allows local and Thai businessman bidding the islands for tourism. The island then becomes new attraction for Thai. Every island has white, clean and tender sand. Under emerald green sea is full of various coral reefs covering whole area. It is very charming. All booking channels will be submitted to Love Andaman which is monopolist.

Our journey start at Don Muang International Airport at 5.45AM by Nok Air. Arrive at Ranong 7.10AM.

Round trip ticket for 2 people is 4,279.10THB. (2,139.55THB each)

Farmhouse hotel shuttle pick up at airport and leave luggage at hotel first.

There are only two of us. We can sit comfortably. There is also massage chair.

At 7.45AM Love Andaman's mini-bus comes pick up from hotel to Ranong Customs Pier.

Love Andaman staff asks to sign border pass document which we have previously sent our ID card already. Receive snacks. Then show border pass together with ID card to Immigration Bureau before getting on boat.

The speed boat has two row of chairs bearing 70 passengers. There are around 60 people today. So, we sit 3 on each side.

The boat goes to Koh Song, Myanmar in order to submit documents to officer at the pier. We don't have to go down.

In the image is not a temple, yet duty free shop. Don't salute.

Some tourists ask guide to buy Myanmar beer to drink on the boat. The guide traveling with us today is Myanmar named Manow.

Arrive at Lord Heaven Island. The boat moors at white sand and clearly blue sea spot. Very beautiful. There is only our group on the island.

We have 30-45 minutes to appreciate the ambiance and take photos.

If you walk behind the beach, you'll see a tiny island called Shark Fin.

There some garbage at this shore, so it's not quite beautiful.

Time flies. We gotta leave Lord Heaven Island. Let me capture a memorable photo by using iPhone6, pano mode.

Move on to Sleeping Dragon Bay to watch scenery view of grass mountain, taking 15 minutes to travel.

Follow the guide through forest for 50m. and walk up the hill for 100m.

Once we are on top, look back to the sea and mount where our boat is. (Using iPhone6, pano mode)

Cliff view on the right.

Another side of sea view. This side is bare cliff. Nice landscape image.

White waves striking against the cliff.

Love Andaman guide helps arranging posture and photographing. If you'd like, you can ask him.

We also ask him to set up many postures. I select to post only one image.

Manow, Myanmar guide, climbs up little further and we follow him.There is bird's eye-view spot for taking photos.

These two companions switch to take photos with us. Thank you.

The other side doesn't see much since the trees cover partly.

Way to the heap. Can walk conveniently.

Time's up. Walk back to the boat. Watch your step, as the passageway is slippery.

The sea at this island is very clear. There are only some leaves in the water, no garbage.

Today is sunny and clear sky. Take a photo at prow as memory.

Say goodbye to another island. Capture the last image before leaving.

Go on to Dragon Nest Bay taking only 10-15 minutes.

White sand and crystal clear water.

The beach and the sea is so gorgeous that we can't resist. Have to take photos as memory.

Now it's time for lunch. It is a rice box with full of seafood, glutinous rice steamed in banana leaf and dessert.

Sit down on mat and eat. Freely find your favorite spot.

After the meal, we walk around and take photos.

Landscape images.

There is also snorkeling activity.

We are head towards first spot Tomato Point, Lord Loughborough Island.

This spot is near pearl farm (at black floats). The pearl oysters are not fully grown yet. Guide said let's come back in few months.

Today's too high flood tide and lots of razor clams. You will see sea anemone and small crown fish. I think Mu Koh Surin is better.

Second spot is at High Garden. However, there are surge, jelly fish and too many razor clams. We therefore move to inside bay instead. We didn't see coral that is expected beautiful. Anyway, the new spot has no ripple, clear water ans less razor clams. We can snorkel conveniently although there are not much things to watch.

Time to go back. The boat takes around 1.15 hours. Pass Immigration Bureau and send guide at Koh Song.

Arrive at Ranong Customs Pier. Prepare to ID card for passing Thai Immigration Bureau. Then get on mini-bus going back to hotel. There is walking street in front of our hotel today so we gotta walk to hotel for 200m.

Tonight we stay at Farmhouse Hotel where we can go to walking street at night.

Traveling Information

We book the trip and accommodation via Farmhouse Travel because we didn't buy package in tourism fair. The price is cheaper than booking directly with Love Andaman. Normal price is 3,900THB while promotion price in the fair is 3,500THB.

Farmhouse Travel website :

Love Andaman's itinerary for Mu Koh Mungkorn

8.00AM Gather at Ranong Customs Pier (lighthouse)

8.45AM Depart towards Koh Song, Myanmar (Kawthaung)

10.30AM Arrive at Lord Heaven Island. White beach and clearly blue sea.

11.30AM Move to Sleeping Dragon Bay for watching scenery view of grass mountain.

12.30PM Go to Dragon Nest Bay. Have lunch and dabble.

2.00PM Heading to first snorkeling spot called Tomato Point at Lord Loughborough Island.

3.00PM Snorkel at second spot, High Garden.

4.00PM Return back.


In this trip, we have a chance to visit Cock's Comb Island too. We will write a review later. Stay tuned! It's time to say goodbye for today.

Cock's Comb Island, Paradise for Sea-lovers :

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