Nan ... Short Trip ... 2 Nights 2 Days Don't need to take leave. written by ม่อนจุก

Nan ... Short Trip ... 2 Nights 2 Days Don't need to take leave. " Nan " is a small province with lots of tourist attractions. And this is my first time visiting this province. This trip occurs in a sudden. So, it becomes a short trip like I'm going to describe. Phra Phuttha

Nan ... Short Trip ... 2 Nights 2 Days Don't need to take leave.

Nan ... Short Trip ... 2 Nights 2 Days Don't need to take leave.

Nan ... Short Trip ... 2 Nights 2 Days Don't need to take leave.

" Nan "

is a small province with lots of tourist attractions.

And this is my first time visiting this province.
This trip occurs in a sudden. So, it becomes a short trip like I'm going to describe.

Phra Phuttha Maha Udom Mongkhon Nanthaburi Si Nan at Wat Phrathat Khao Noi

This trip I go with my girlfriend and 3 friends which I drive from Bangkok.

A rough plan is leaving on Friday night and coming back on Sunday night.
Most of targeted attractions are located in Nan's downtown since we have limited time.

We want to watch sunrise on a mountain.

So, we decide to start from " Khun Sathan National Park "

" Khun Sathan National Park "

We depart from Bangkok around 9.00PM.

Arrive at Khun Sathan National Park at 5.00AM and suddenly satisfy.
Starts are spreading all over the sky.

We take photos while waiting for sunrise.
Weather is moderately cold and cloudy.

We accordingly see sunrise only a second.

Although we don't see the sun like expected, we appreciate with the fog instead.

After 8.00AM, it becomes more, more and more foggyyy.

Very hazy

Once look again, the mount is fully covered with fog.

Ohhhh, so happyyyy!!!

We are super lucky because 3 days earlier were raining consecutively. But today's clear sky and foggy.

On Khun Sathan, you can see 360-degree view and watch view on the top.

But you need to walk further which we don't have enough time.

We park and photograph at tent area only.

After satisfying with the fog, we move on to next destination.

" Kok Sua " and " Sao Din Na Noi "

These 2 sites are located within Sri Nan National Park, 24km. from national park office.

This place looks strange with variety shapes of rocks.

Very much suitable for taking hipster style images, haha.

Among these 2, I prefer Kok Sua due to its magnificent rock shapes.

Kok Sua in old days was used to herd tiger that come to eat villagers' livestock.
Trap it to this huge col. Then kill it with rocks or sharp sticks. Sounds cruel though.

Kok Sua (means tiger pen)

Sao Din Na Noi

After taking several photos, it's time to move on.
Anyway, it's not time to check-in yet. We therefore visit Phra That Chae Haeng before going to hotel.
It take around an hour.

During the way we visit by appetizing noodle shop to refill energy.

Isn't it looking good?

Not enough. Follow with Egg Noodle in Chicken Curry.

Now we are full. Continue to Phra That Chae Haeng.

We arrive almost noon. There are quite many people.

After that, we go to our accommodation
which is 15 minutes from Phra That Chae Haeng.

We choose homestay near Wat Phumin and walking street.

" Hug Her Him Nan "

This is their page in case you are interested.

Or directly book with Mr.Bomb at 098-8289128.

Hug Her Him is a homestay in city center of Nan.
The owner named "Mr.Bomb" who is a former musician but alters himself to open homestay.
This homestay has opened for only few months.

With support from Mr.Jack, Bomb's friend, taking care of the whole things.

The atmosphere and decoration is considered excellent.

Logo of " Hug Her Him " is " Phanera variegata " which is a flower of Nan.

The reason he choose this flower is because he wants to represent this homestay as a symbol of Nan.

Decorations and homestay appearance are simple and harmonious with nearby community.

Hug Her Him has 2 major house including " Baan Sew Kao " and " Baan Hua Hin".

I'll survey one by one.

Baan Sew Kao

consists of 3 rooms, 800THB/night, suitable for 2 people.

All rooms are on ground floor. Second floor doesn't open.

It is storage, haha.

Inside the room of Baan Sew Kao

Simple decoration showing raw concrete. I very like it, so I choose this place.

Let's see Baan Hua Hin which is main house. Kitchen and dining room are also at this house.

Baan Hua Hin

All 3 rooms are fan rooms classified into male, female and couple room

Each room can handle approximately 4-8 people.
The price is 300THB/person with breakfast included.

Two bathrooms are shared which separates into male and female.

Passageway on second floor

This room can handle 4-8 people.

From balcony at the back, we can see Bomb's vegetable garden.
He plants by himself and uses it to cook for guests' breakfast.

Small corner inside Hug Her Him.

While we enjoy photographing, Bomb shows up and says

" Since you are at Nan, I recommend to try something. "

He comes back in few minutes with a tiny bowl.

Me : What is it? What dose it taste like?

Bomb : It is special rare item. Super hard to find. Try it.

I eat 2 seeds and immediately give it back to him, haha.
Because it is so spicy that my tongue yank.

" Anise Pepper "

is a sage similar to pepper but more strong.

It is better to use as spices rather than eat fresh.

After arranging all luggage in the room,

we go out for a walk. If you are too lazy to walk, you can borrow their bicycle.

Only 200m. from our accommodation is

Wat Phumin

The temple holds attractive and famous mural painting.

From Wat Phumin, we drive to Wat Phrathat Khao Noi.

Location of the temple allows us to see the whole city of Nan.

Which we fully enjoy night view.

The darker, the more mosquito. We also get hungry. Therefore, we are heading to Nan walking street.

This walking street is on a road beside the temple. Very close to our accommodation.

I like walking street here because there is an area in front of temple for sitting leisurely.

There is also a local performance and live music.

If you are planning to come, please check in advance. It opens only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Nan Walking Street

Area to sit properly

This Spicy Noodle Salad is superb. Very long queue.

After a while, we have dinner at

" Baan Muang Khan Lor Rak Rim Nan "

This restaurant is owned by Bomb's brother and

Bomb often plays live music here.
Ground floor opens as restaurant, yet upper floor is homestay.

This menu is a must, very spicy.

" Ronghai Kub Nu "

It is softboiled White Jelly Fungus dip with wasabi sauce.

Apart from good food, the atmosphere is also nice.

Bomb's singing and playing guitar skill is extraordinary.

Girls fancy, guys impress. LOL

After fully satisfying with ambiance and Bomb's music, we return back.

Seeing this nice atmosphere gotta capture this moment.

After showering, we dope off

because tomorrow we have to leave early.

At first my girlfriend and me plan to watch fog sea at Wat Khao Noi

but we sleep a bit too long. Wake up at 8.00AM, haha.

So, we get dress quickly and have breakfast that Jack has prepared.

This breakfast is made of vegetable that Bomb plants.

This dish is specially made for us since we get along well, haha.

After the meal, we pack our stuffs and say goodbye to Bomb.

And I don't miss a chance to take his image as memory.

We stop by paying respect to the Buddha before going back to Bangkok.

We don't forget to take photo of Nana National Museum

where tourists admire to photograph at Plumeria trees in front of museum.

My personal model requests for one snapshot.

If you are coming, I recommend to come on weekdays.

It is crowded making har to find nice spot. Gotta wait for long time.

Then go to Wat Phra That Chang Kam on opposite side.

Before going, let me try this ice-cream.

Look strange. Ice-cream sandwich with bread in plastic bag. Anyway, the taste is alright.

Phra That Chang Kam

After worshiping Phra That Chang Kam, we move to Wat Sri Pan Ton. Only 5 minutes driving.

Wat Sri Pan Ton

I really like this temple because it is gorgeous and attractively decorated.

From Nan downtown, we head for Phrae

in order to visit Phra That In Kwaen.

Phra That In Kwaen

Then we arrive at Bangkok around midnight.
It is the end of our small trip.

Thank you for reading. See you again next review.

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