V Live Hong Kong!!!! The advertisement song about Hong Kong Tourism that still echoes in my ears.
It's such a nice chance to go on this trip with friends who work in tourism.
Hong Kong with the focus on photography, not food, repeat, photography.
Several locations that we go, I'm sure that many of you have never been yet, so I would call it a trip of....
Backpack [Exploring Hong Kong......Roaming Around to Search for Unique Spots for Photography] 4 Days 3 Nights.

It's such a nice weather during our trip, it's about 19-21 degree Celsius.
We travel from Bangkok on the morning of 4th December and come back on the morning of 8th December 2016.
We book the ticket with Expedia. We choose to fly with Hong Kong Airline and the fare is about 8,000 THB.
This trip, we work hard on finding photography spots. We won't find any delicious food,
Neither will we go for Disneyland Hong Kong, but our main focus is to have beautiful shots.
// This review is not meant for food lover at Hong Kong, we will do so in our next trip//

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Day 1 [Ngong Ping, Tsim Sha Tsui, SOL ]
We leave Suvarnabhumi Airport at 4.00 a.m. with Hong Kong Airline HX 774.
We land at 07.30 a.m. (Hong Kong Time). We choose to sit in zone A which is on the left side of the aircraft.
It's a small aircraft and small seats. The food and drinks are served but at that time, sleeping is the best option ^^
This is because the sun won't ruin your sleeping atmosphere in the morning.

The first day after landed, we go to Ngong Ping to enjoy the beauty of cable car first.
We book it via Hongkong Fanclub website (we think this is the cheapest option).
Then, we arrive just on time (the immigration form would be distributed on the aircraft).
After that, we take our luggage, go through immigration, and buy the Octopus Cards at the airport.
(I must say that I prepare so many answers in case the immigration asked, but they didn't ask me any.)

Then, we go take the bus to the Ngong Ping cable car.

We take the S1 to MTR Tung Chung and deposit our luggage at the City Gate.

We pay by using the Octopus Cards on the bus to City Gate, it's so convenient.
Then we go to the underground of the City Gate in order to deposit our luggage there which looks like this.

After that, we are going towards Ngoing Ping. We are so lucky that we come early.

Because the people are yet many so it's only an hour to get on the cable car.
(The convenient part of having the advanced ticket is we won't have to queue long. When there's a big crowd, it might take minimum 3 hours in the waiting line.) We can directly go to the privilege line with the advanced ticket.

There're two types of Ngong Ping. One is the crystal and the other is a regular.

Well, that we are here for photography, let's go for the crystal one!!!
(When taking the cable car, if we don't have lots of members, other people would take it with us.)

The weather up here is so good. If you asked whether the afraid of heights people would be scared or not, my answer is yes, haha.

Because even if I'm not a height scared person, I still get scared at some point.
The great thing about taking the crystal cable is that you could clearly see the below atmosphere, like hiking people, waterfall, etc. It's very beautiful ^^

It takes us about 30 minutes on board and the atmosphere up there is just so great.

We meet lots of Chinese tourists up there, the weather is just in the right cold. It has lots of small shops (with quite high price, haha). We didn't spend much time up there.

We spend about two hours here, sipping coffee, taking photos and enjoying food.

On the way back on cable car is very special because it's only us on our cable car, haha.
Our next destination is Tsim Sha Tsui for checking in at the hotel.

We are so happy on the way back. It's like this is our personal cable car, haha.

How to get off from Ngong Ping?
We take the MTR from Tung Chung to MTR Lai King ( Red Line) to MTR Tsim Sha Tsui Exit D1.

We are staying at Gold Sparrow Hotel. For those who book the hotel from expedia or agoda, you must look carefully for the rooms because the rooms at Tsim Sha Tsui area are quite small. It'd be alright if you want to save cost like us.

Our hotel is located inside the Mirador Mansion. There's zone elevator where there're many hotels in this building.
More importantly, there's already the residential people like Indians,etc. Below photo is where shirts are hung at the elevator.

For the first day, our photography location is within Tsim Sha Tsui area which has lots of buildings and people.

Our first stop is the Royal Pacific Hotel or the golden building where the followers of Hong Kong photographer in instragram would often find this photo.

We need to take the escalator up to the food zone of the Royal Pacific Hotel, then our first spot is there.

After that, it starts to get dark. We are moving towards Hong Kong Cultural Center to capture the atmosphere around and enjoy the sound and light performance of "Symphony of Lights" (SOL) at 20.00 p.m..

We reach the bay about 19.00 p.m. in order to wait for the sound and light show called "Symphony of Lights" (SOL).

There're lots of tourists awaiting for the performance. It's such a great atmosphere.
Some are coming as a family, some are as a couple, etc.

I'd like to end the first day with the Symphony of Lights with some fog ><

On the Day 2, we are going to Choi Hung location for Transformer Montane Mansion and the Peak.

Day 2 [Choi Hung, Montane Mansion, The Peak ]

Now our second day journey is started. That we traveled since 4.00 a.m. yesterday, we wake up late today.
We leave our hotel at 11.00 a.m. While some people might search for food, we are going for photography.
We have three destinations today: Choi Hung, Montane Mansion, and the Peak.
It's fairly easy to travel from Tsim Sha Tsui to Choi Hung.
We first take the MTR Tsim Sha Tsui and change it at MTR Yau Mai Tei (Green line) and finally get off at MTR Choi Hung Exit C3.
Choi Hung is the cover of aday magazine on Hong Hong for November 2016.

I capture some morning atmosphere of Tsim Sha Tsui for you guys.

I think if you love taking photo, like me, you would be very happy as you would get excited of whatever you see. Then, we arrive at Choi Hung Station.

When we get off from Choi Hung C3, we walk straight to the school and walk through this building.

After that, we will see a three story parking lot. We go straight to the third floor to find this interesting photo spot.

The other favorite thing that I like about Hong Kong is the park. They are everywhere and I just love it.

We will see the elderly are exercising like this (this photo was taken at noon which they are still exercising).
Let's take a jumping pose here.

After that, let's go to our second stop. Montane Mansion is the building for Transformers shooting.

This is another unique spot at the Montane Mansion. It is one of the scenes in the Transformers: Age of Extinction - Mark Wahlberg (2014). I also have the below photo to recall you memory.

We take the MTR Choi Hung to the Montane Mansion.

From the MTR Choi Hung, we change at the MTR Yau Tong (Purple Line) and forwards to MTR Quarry Bay (Blue line). Then we get off at MTR Tai Koo Exit B.
After that, turn left and walk pass the McDonald's, we will find a huge building with a seafood restaurant at front. Here, we need to turn left towards small alley and we will find the Montane Mansion.
Here is the two sides atmosphere.

After getting out of the station, the first thing that get me excited is this classic tram.

Now we are at Montane Mansion. Don't get bored yet as there're really tons of photos all of which are very beautiful.

Aunts and Uncles inside the building welcome us with smiles. More importantly, there's senior association who are playing Mahjong. They are so cute.

Let's leave here with another Montane Mansion shot.

We didn't spend much time here. Then, we go to our last destination, the Peak.

The next unique sport is the Peak, the high angle viewpoint of Hong Kong.
We can reach there by several ways. We choose to go with MTR Tai Koo to MTR Central Exit A.
Then we go to Exchange Square Building area in order to take the no.15 bus.

We didn't wait long before the bus arrives (many people are also waiting for the bus here).

More importantly, everyone stands in line to get on the bus. It's really cute.

We then reach the Peak within an hour. The weather is excellent!!! For those who have bus-sick, I recommend you to sit in front when on board because I also almost puke sitting at the back.

Here are some information about the Peak from Lung Deng http://www.hongkongfanclub.com/ which offers several ways to get to the Peak.

The Peak Tram opens daily from 7.00 a.m. – midnight.

The round trip ticket of the Peak Tram Sky Pass (The Peak Tram & Sky Pass) is as follow:

Adult is 65 HKD/ Child is 31 HKD (3-11 years old)/ Senior is 31 HKD (Above 65 years old).

The round trip ticket of Peak Tram Ticket is as follow:

Adult is 40 HKD/ Child is 18 HKD (3-11 years old)/ Senior is 18 HKD (Above 65 years old).

The ticket for top floor viewpoint of the Sky Terrace is as follow:

Adult is 30 HKD/ Child is 15 HKD (3-11 years old)/ Senior is 15 HKD (Above 65 years old).

I choose to enjoy the free view. Though I have to walk a bit far, it's such a great view.

We see the Peak Tower when we reach. For those who didn't want to walk like us, you can pay to enjoy the view inside the building. The building also offers expensive souvenir, haha.

When facing the Peak Tower, there's a small route on the left side of the building.
The easiest note is this route has several runners running. Repeat, it's on the left. If you happen to turn right, you will also get a beautiful view but not as much as this side.
After walking about 10-15 minutes, I find another unique spot.

This is how this route looks like. We just need to keep walking and finally we will see this unique spot which is so beautiful.

We spend three hours here until night time. It's really beautiful.

Too bad that I didn't have the lens that can capture the entire atmosphere, plus the fog is quite thick. So here are all I could take.

But I really encourage you guys to try this route, it's much more beautiful when seeing with your own eyes.
We stay with this impression until 21.00 p.m. before going back to the hotel.
We capture some night view at Tsim Sha Tsui as well.

Tomorrow we are going to other 3 unique locations.

** Small trick on the way back, there're lots of people going back at the same time. We stand in line for the bus for one and a half hour. But one thing that impress me a lot is everyone is queuing for the bus. So it's tolerable even if we have to wait longer than this. **

Do not miss our Day 3 locations, I think these places haven't been reviewed by any Thai yet.

They are the Lion Rock, MTR Admiralty, and Broadway Cinematheque.

Before going to the third day, here are the night view of Tsim Sha Tsui. Hong Kong really is another great night light city.

Day 3 [Broadway Cinematheque, Lion Rock, MTR Admiralty]

The third day journey starts when I can't sleep. Many people would think that I should go find some good breakfast, instead, I go out to capture the morning atmosphere.
My destination is the Broadway Cinematheque. It is the old and classic theater which is similar to Scala theater in Thailand.
We take the MTR and get off at Yau Ma Tei Station Exit C. Then, we just walk following the map.

Here is the atmosphere around.

After getting off from the Yau Ma Tei Station Exit C, we just need to follow the pink sign and we will find it in no time.

And here is the Broadway Cinematheque. They are selling many DVDs and movie posters both old and new. Even the rare ones are available here.

More importantly, there's a Kubrick Café. It gives us the atmosphere of drinking coffee in the bookstore. Too bad that I get here too early that they didn't open yet, haha.

I think due to its atmosphere and beauty, it's another unique spot of Hong Kong.

I also would like to have a chic pose here, what do you think? // Actually, I return here again at 21.00 p.m. which I will post the photos later.

In the same area, there's another photography spot, which is Tin Hau Temple - Yau Ma Tei.

Of which photos are not allowed >< So I didn't get to take any, anyhow, here's some atmosphere.

I sit 30 minutes in front of the temple. I find Hong Kong people come to pray for blessings before going to work.

It feels really good. Here is the surrounding atmosphere before moving to the Lion Rock.

Our next station is the Lion Rock which is quite rare for the review. We got the information from foreign website.
For the Lion Rock, you can imagine of the high mountain in lion shape where we could see the high angle view when we reach.
It's recommended to wear hiking outfit or easy moving outfit of which we also just learn, haha.
We are actually wearing the outfit for walking at Hollywood Road, haha.
We start from our hotel at MTR Tsim Sha Tsui towards MTR Yau Mai Tei (Green line) and get off at MTR Wong Tai Sin Exit B3. There's a big shopping mall on our left hand side.

Soon, we see the temple which is quite popular for the tourists. Then, we walk towards the Chuk Yuen Rd.

When seeing the bus, turn left in order to go to Chuk Yuen Rd.

Before anything, I have to say that this route is a hill road which takes up lots of energy.

After walking for a while, we will find the school on the right hand but we need to walk straight.

It takes sometimes to walk up here on 71 Shatin Pass Rd.

Our destination is this temple on the left hand side (I'm not sure of the name as it's written in Chinese).

When walking to the end of the temple, there's stairs up on the left and we just follow this route.

Since this stairs lead to high-electric pole, so please look for the trail on the left which is a running trail, let's go!

I have to say that walking up here, we need to hike and up to the mountain, so we must prepare well.

More importantly, please look for the white ribbon or the sign at the rock which will direct us forward. Just follow this and we won't miss it.

Here are the directional signs that you would see along the way.

After 45 minutes, we are now at the photography spot where I put it as one of the unique spots list.

Actually this spot is yet the Lion Rock but we didn't have enough time so this spot is good for us already ^^

Let's leave this place with this cool pose. If you feel confuse with this walking trail, you are always welcome to IM to us.

The next station is the Hollywood Road with a chic corner and MTR Admiralty.

It takes quite sometime to get down from the Lion Rock. If you are interested in this route, you are always welcome to ask us.

After the Lion Rock, we are moving towards the Hollywood Road which is said to have beautiful alleys and roads.
We take the MTR and get off at the Sheung Wan Station Exit E1 and just simply keep walking after that.
Here is the atmosphere around. I think the charm of Hollywood Road is that many small cafes, restaurants.
More importantly, a lot of Europeans are living in this area which gives the place another great atmosphere.

While visiting the Hollywood Road, there's a Christmas Market in a small alley.

The atmosphere is quite lively. For photography lover, I think this is another should stop spot. Besides, there's art along the road.
After that, we go to the MTR Admiralty Station in order to capture the running cars on the connecting road at the night time.
It is the connecting road from a building to Tamar Park. From Tamar Park, we could see the view of buildings and the bay.

Tamar Park is an ideal place for night time running. We didn't spend time long here.

After that, we go to Broadway Cinematheque again. We wanted to buy a rare DVD and go through Mangkok area to capture beautiful and classic lighting signs.

Our last stop for today is the Temple Street.

We arrive the Broadway Cinematheque in the evening. There's also a 20th anniversary celebration for certain director. So many artists and directors are joining (but we know none of them, haha).

There are tons of rare DVDs. I think it's a perfect place for movie lovers or DVDs collectors.

Soon, we move to Mongkok to capture the light signs. It's such a lively area. People love shopping here. Tons of food street are here.

It's very beautiful, especially classic lighting signs. After that, we move onto the Temple Street.

Then, we take the MTR to Jordan Station. This area has tons of food and souvenir. And most of them are copied ones. If you keep walking in far enough, you probably find sex toys, haha.

For the third day, I think it's worthy and exhausting but at the same time we also get many impressive photos.
For roaming around, I think it'd be best to carry map around, haha. We use the google map but still get lost, haha.

On the fourth day, we are going to buy shoes at Fa Yuen Street and enjoy the Tung Choi Street market before getting ready to go back to Thailand.

Day 4 [Fa Yuen Street, Tung Choi Street, Hong Kong Airport]

For the last day, it's time for shopping and we are going to stop at Fa Yuen Street for shoes.
We also get a chance to see the golden building of the Royal Pacific Hotel and some souvenir at the City Gate.
Our first mission is to check out and deposit our luggage at the City Gate and take the train back to Fa Yuen Street. (At first we plan to leave hotel early to shop but thinking it again, we might take lots of time so we change our plan a bit).

We indeed spend lots of time at Fa Yuen Street because there's really lots of shoes. I would recommend you to bring more money as the choices are really a lot.

After that, we go to Tung Choi Street which is said to be the market of goldfish and fresh food.
After the Fa Yuen Street Market and Cooked Food Centre, we are going to the Royal Pacific Hotel.
We walk from Fa Yuen Street towards the Tung Choi Street which has a clear sign of goldfish.

I recommend you to just take photos without making any purchase because it could turn into a murder case, haha.

In the same zone, there's another fresh market called the Fa Yuen Street Market and Cooked Food Centre.

We spend a worthwhile time for the time we have left. For those who'd like to buy some souvenir home, you could also do the shopping at the City Gate like us. This is because there's some supermarket selling the snack that you could bring home.

After that, I didn't take any photos until we reach the airport.

Here is the end of our 4 days and 3 nights trip at Hong Kong with a mission to search for unique places for photography. Of course, we will return again, haha. This trip, we didn't have enough time to make a good preparation.

Our flight leaves at 3.00 a.m. and we arrive beforehand.

This trip, I'd like to thanks several friends who accompany me and take some photos for me in this review.

Thanks to Nat Natjadee & Wanicbut Wattanamatiphot

Thank you so much everyone^___^

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