If you are working and don't have so much day off.

And if you would like to take some rest among a fresh nature.

And if you would like to listen to the sound of the bird in the morning when you wake up.

This place would be the answer for you



>.. Ban Suan Chantita .. <

This trip I travel with my girlfriend and have planned around 2-3 months in advance. It's because normally the accommodation at Ban Chantita is mostly fully booked as this place has only 4 houses, thus, we need to make a plan before time.

A whole house was made from wood with simply comfortable among fresh trees. It is a place where most people would like to come and take some rest in holidays with no need to take leave.

With only 2-3 hours from Bangkok to Uthai Thani, then you could take some rest at this garden house in a tranquil atmosphere.

These 4 houses have been built with no need to cut even one tree. The high level of the houses are not equal to each other, they are built in descending order which has a walk way to connect them together. The walk way area and its surrounding are covered with tress, really giving a feeling like a house garden atmosphere.

All the tree here is huge as the owner has took very good care of them for decades and it rather gives a shady atmosphere to the place. The day I went to this homestay, there is a little problem occurs as most of the leave of these trees have been bit by caterpillar and the owner told me that it is the first year that such thing happens.

However, in bad luck is still has a good luck, as when leaves have been bit, a light sunshine could shines down to the below area giving a good light for taking a beautiful photo.

I love the atmosphere here so much, it is like I come to visit my relative's garden house in countryside as the owner of the house take good care of us, she might be strict and concern about the electricity for a bit as her house is not insured. It is because the whole house was make of wood, thus, the insurance company reject to do the insurance for the house.

I stay in the tallest house and the below area is for the breakfast area. The owner has nicely prepared breakfast for us and if you want something more, you could ask him right away.

Actually, they allow guests to bring food inside, yet she suggests that guests better go and dine outside, as it will be another way to increase revenue for the community and the food cost in Uthai Thani is pretty reasonable.

The owner prepare us Guay Jap (Chinese Roll Noodles with Crunchy Pork Soup) for breakfast, it tastes awesome, there are also bread, coffee and tea served as well, yet as we finish the food pretty fast so I could not take a photo.

The room inside is simply decorated with comfortable feeling of Japanese style white tone, making guest feel relax and comfort, it is really suitable for take some relax time in holiday period.

The bed is comfortably soft and wide. Moreover, the room is also pretty clean as the owner is very attentive and takes care of the cleanliness.

As for the bathroom part, it is a bathroom with a large space and one important thing is that it is really clean, there is no such an odor to ruin guest's mood.

The decoration style around the house is put in order and clean, there are a lot of reading and chatting corner around the area that guest could enjoy taking photo.

However, one of the disadvantage here and might be the most serious disadvantage of many people is that they have "lizard" here.

There are a lot of lizard and my girlfriend scares it pretty much. Yet, a beautiful and shady atmosphere here could somehow make my girlfriend forget about it (I think so).

Before ending this review, as for I travel to Uthai Thani, I would recommend some of the attractions that should not be missed out.


From Ban Suan Chantita heading on a way to the city, you will find a verdurous field (should travel during planting season), I could hardly help myself to take photo as the sky and cloud are pretty beautiful that day.


Wat Tha Sung, Uthai Thani Province.

Located away from the city not far (according to GPS), this temple is spectacular and has a large area. If you travel to Uthai Thani, don't miss out to stop by.



Next, Wat Pha Thang.

It is a temple that has a giant Luang Phor Toh Buddha statue which looks fascinating situated. the temple is located away from the city approximately 50 kilometers.


Wat Tham Khao Wong is another beautiful temple. There is a spectacular teak wood ubosot hall inside. I would recommend you guys to go worship Buddha's footprints at the main hall, don't have to go all the way up to worship the old Buddha's footprints as you have to climb a cliff and it is rather dangerous. ( I did climb up and have told myself that I should not go up there)


Leaving Wat Tham Khao Wong, we come across this religious center (I could not remember the name), thus, I stop by and take photo.


Next is Tad Forest.

If you love waling through a forest and explore the cave, I would recommend you guys visit here. There are a lot of trees to watch, moreover, there is a cave that Princess Sirindhorn used to visit once. Furthermore, there are a little guides who will take you to tour inside which the walk would spend not more than one hour and the path is rather easy to walk along.


The last attraction is located in the city of Uthai Thani. It is a temple that located on the mountain that you could watch the city view from there.

"Wat Sangkat Rattana Khiri"

The ascending way up is rather high, yet you could use another direction to drive up to above area. As I never come to this place before, thus, I don't know the another way to drive up, I just found out when I walk up and reach the above area.

Lastly, I hope you guys could be happy in traveling by don't have to use a leave.

Love this province.

> Uthai Thani <

Here, there are more things than you know.

Accommodation cost and reservation:

For Ban Suan Chantita, you could make a reservation only through their inbox Facebook page. For those who are interested in their accommodation, you could visit their Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/bansuanchantit

For Sunday to Thursday costs 2500baht/night/house.

For Friday and Saturday costs 3000baht/night/house.

Two guests are allowed per house and could add extra bed not more than 2 person, extra guest costs 800baht/person, for 2-5 ages child will cost 250baht/person.


- Breakfast is inclusive

- No pets allowed

- No wifi service


It is easy to travel here, and it will be much easier if you drive here.

Ban Suan Chantita is located near Ramkhamhaeng University, Uthai Thani. Beside the accommodation is the way leading to Wat Chaksa, thus, you could drive on the way to Wat Chaksa approximately 200 meters, then you will reach at Ban Suan Chantita.

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