WE ARE COMING WITH THE STROM !!! ... Khao San Nhok Wua, Kanchanaburi

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This trip happen unexpected because we were planed to go to Khao Chang Phuek but we cannot book so we decided to come here instead. That's why we are here so let's get it starts>>>

The journey is begun>>>

First of all, once we get the date that we are going, we have to contact the national park staff for reservation (They are very nice and helpful) then prepare yourself and all the things.

1. Clothes

- Jeans or pants

- T-shirts

- Jacket

- Sneakers, slippers, socks

- Hat & scarf

2. Bags

- Bag for shower set

- Carrying bag

3. Sun block

4. Flashlight

5. Insect protection spray

6. Tent and sleeping bag (available for rental at the national park)

7. Medicines (just in case)

8. Food and Water

9. Spare battery

10. Outdoor cooking pot (Optional)


For this trip we travel by our own car to Kanchanaburi. When arriving at Kaeng seen Intersection turn left to Road No. 323 Saiyok - Thongphaphum. Before arriving to Thongphaphum District turn right to Sangkhlaburi District, you will pass by Wat Tha Kanun, Kearng Kra Via Waterfall, Dai Chong Tong Waterfall, Khao Laem National Park then you will see the National Park office on the right.

Tourists attraction places near by: Kearng Kra Via Waterfall, Kra Deng Jeng Waterfall, Mon Bridge, Muang Badan, Wat Som Dej, Dai Chong Tong Waterfall/ Nam Put Cave, ETC.

"First night; Camping at Vajiralongkorn Dam"


1. Entrance fee 70 THB per person

2. Parking fee 30 THB per car

3. Tent rental 20 THB per night

4. Guild 1,000 THB

5. Pick up car to the hill entrance 1,000

6. Carriage person 1,400 person (we reserve for 2 people not over 30 KG.)

7. Expense for gasoline and food around 1,500 - 1,700 THB per person

When we start our journey, we have to check the weather with the officer at national park so many times as there is a storm coming before we make a decision.

Arriving at Pompee, the weather here is nice and no rain then continue to Khao Laem National Park. We buy the tickets and find the place for camping then go to visit near by falls. After that we have our dinner and take shower. We have a little chat before go to bed as we have to wake up early. We all make a wish and hope that tomorrow will be another brighter day without any rain. Suddenly when we all about o go to bed it is raining....T_T....

In the morning, we wake up early and have breakfast before go up to the mountain.

Go to registration and the officer will take us to the entrance>>>

There is still a light rain in the morning but we still have some hopes that it is going to be ok when we get to the top -_-!!!


We have to be more careful as it quite slips because of the rain.

First stop is still fine for us ^^

Let's me introduce you... The fastest girl of the team...she walks really fast hahaha...

It is Lunch time (We do not even know the taste of it, so starving)

Then we continue to walk... The weather is not hot, no sunlight but there are dense fog all over the place.

Many stops have passed but we still have not arrived yet....

Walk...walk..and walk

Finally we are here at the camping area. Once we arrive...it is raining again T_T

The rain stop, the weather is getting colder and colder so we start to prepare our tent.

Let's have a little promenade around here while the other are cooking (hahaha^^)

This is my friend.. how strong is he...hahahaha

Cooking community

This is our carriage personnel, Lung Kai and another one is Lung Sai. They are so nice and very helpful.

Sitting around the bonfire and the full moon before go to sleep^^

Here we are at the top of Khao San Nhok Wua

The sunrise at Khao San Nhok Wua....

These are the 3 survivors from our team>>>

It is really cold as you can see we are pale and shaking.

Next is the highlight....!!!!

Finally, we are here Khao San Nhok Wua^^

Very steep!!! at Ma Toi Hill

Almost forget... this is the officer who take us up there P' Ku.

This is Lung Sai another carriage personnel

People said that you can use your eyes remember a good memory. But if we have a photo, it help us better to recognize the moment and be happy every time we see it.

Thank you everyone in my journey

An army marches on its stomach, Friends also have to walk together

Sorry if there are too many photos

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 Sunday, February 5, 2017 6:57 PM