Last episode ended when I was getting ready to start off another trip. However, I will sneak out of Milan for a bit before leaving Italy.

The train to Varenna - Esino RE2560 is here on platform number 8. I feel excited again since another adventure is about to start. We rush to get on the train right away because we don't want to miss a good seat. As I have told you before, it is not allowed to reserved a seat on this train. Therefore, first comes first served. We have got our seats and the train departs. If we talk about the punctuality of the trains, they are always on time. So you don't have to be worried about it.

RE2560 is the train that we are taking.

Train ticket looks like this.

It is time to start off a journey again.

This second class is already this good.

Then I start to look through the window observing the surroundings. There are lively red flowers by the track looking like poppy. This has brightened up the atmosphere. After that, I roll my eyes to look around the train interior which I have found hat it is so nice. Even though this train travels only between towns, it is very clean and modern. There is also a computer screen showing the train route and the connection to other trains in each arriving station. This is totally amazing.

The bright red color of these flowers by the train track caught my eyes.

When the train arrives at the station, this screen will show you the connection to other trains at this station.

After looking all over the train interior, this person suddenly attracts me. I accidentally saw him when he stood up and put his back in the overhead storage rack. I think he is pretty good looking and charming. I guess it is true that Italian guys are attractive. And yes, I am so happy to get a view like this along my journey.

My kind of good view along the journey.

You shouldn't be sleeping while traveling by train to Varenna because the view along the way is totally amazing. It is through grass field, forest, mountains, and villages. The greenery will make you feel very refreshing. Then we make it to Varenna. Apart from the view that can't be seen anymore, the handsome Italian guy is gone too.

This train also passes by Lecco.

We are now at Varenna-Esino Train Station. Then we don't hesitate to open to direct us to our accommodation while starting to roll our luggage along. We are going to stay here for two nights because this town is known for its natural beauty. We could admire the surroundings more this way rather than run to see here and there and leave like we did earlier. Our accommodation is called "Varennahouse" which we booked it through I would like to emphasize on the service delivered by the owner. Even though we booked a room a few months in advance, the owner contacted us back straight ahead. We could ask him anything and get the assistance if needed prior to our arrival. However, we didn't contact him before at all until this whole journey has started. We have got an email from Vittorio instructing how to get to Varennahouse and how to get the key.

We are finally at Varenna.

It turns out that Vittorio is not free for a few days prior to our arrival so he can't welcome us upon arrival. He said that he would see us the next morning. This is the reason why he gave us the instruction where and how to get the key and how to get to our accommodation.

Charming view on the way to our place.

We have followed the instruction given by Vittorio accordingly. We have come to a house, picked the third key box, and then entered the password to retrieve the key inside the box. The key is also with the map showing how to get to our accommodation.

Our key and map is in the key box number 3.

After we follow the direction on the map and arrive at our accommodation, we learn that the room itself is not that beautiful. However, the ambiance outside and the view from the window are incredible. The view from our bedroom is the lake in nice blue color. This is fantastic.

The town square of Varenna before reaching our accommodation is delightful, isn't it?

We also have got a small kitchen in our room so we can cook during this 2-night stay. However, there is only one grocery store in town which is not big. I would say that this trip has not been easy for Khun Pa to show her cooking skill but I am sure that P' Yai will come up with something good. We will also try the local foods as it will be a lifetime experience too.

P' Yai let us rest and relax until late afternoon. Then we will go out and start to explore Varenna. Please wait for us for a bit!...

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 Sunday, January 29, 2017 3:08 PM