Bringing the same pictures to share again, The purpose is not for business.

The readers need to use your consideration to read and make some decisions.

Andby the pictures I'm not recommend you all to buy or go there to eat.

Having fanpage also, I do it for someone who miss some posts in that more convenient to follow.

Not force or invite you to click or follow at all.

Please be informed accordingly.


This is the restaurant that I often go there about two or three times per month.

Because of delicious and cheap.

But I don't want to continual and duplicate writing a review.

Today, I want to share all the pictures to you.

This restaurant is next to the Pathumwan Police Station. It's not difficult to find.

It's a famous and ancient restaurant. The sanitation is OK.

Every table always order the goose from here.

You're also cannot miss Turnip Cake from here.

There are Chinese tea and Chrysanthemum tea.

Everybody order like to be full for about 3 days. Hahahaha

Small dish of Goose.

Turnip Cake.

Ancient Dim Sum.

Goat ham.

Let's have double order of Fried Oyster in batter with bean sprouts.

Jock Shell Crab and Shrimp-Rolled.

I order double of Fried barking deer with garlic and chili.

Fried mixed vegetable..

คะน้าฮ่องกงผัด โต๋วเจียม(ส่วนหนาๆตรงแหลมปลายกะเพาะหมู)

Fried Chinese Broccoli with Tow Jiam (or pig stomach). I do double order from the dishes. It's very delicious!

Fried Chinese noodles with ham

Fried Oyster in batter with bean sprouts on the spinach.

This is the dish of double order.

Dessert, The kid orders and she misunderstand the she orders small dish of dessert.

Here you are! So small and for eat alone. haha

Eleven people order like this... Isn't it good price?

New Year, I take my elders and family to go eat out there.

The dish in the picture cost only 150-200 Baht. (The price is for all of small dish.)

Anusorn Tancharoen

 Wednesday, June 7, 2017 9:38 AM