R a i n y P h u k e t 2 0 1 5 written by Mi Palapilii

; :: Are you sure to travel at the beach in rainy season, I think it better choose another place to visit rather than the beach > < reviewed by : https://www.facebook.com/PalapiliiThailand All photos have been taken by Iphone6 camera and from Gopro4 Silver for underwater photos

R a i n y P h u k e t 2 0 1 5

R a i n y P h u k e t 2 0 1 5


:: Are you sure to travel at the beach in rainy season, I think it better choose another place to visit rather than the beach > <

reviewed by : https://www.facebook.com/PalapiliiThailand
All photos have been taken by Iphone6 camera and from Gopro4 Silver for underwater photos.

" Anyhow, I do not know whether you would like to travel with me, I am not sure whether you prefer to go for a vacation with me or not. But, I can now take the photo of the plane wing" - This is what I tell to my close friend. This trip is initiated from my curiosity towards surf sport activity which will be arranged in Phuket. Thus, I would like to participate in this interesting activity, I roughly plan about the trip and fly to Phuket on Friday evening and return back on Sunday night. Especially, it is not necessary to submit for the vacation leave, so this trip will be really chilled out at the charming destination like Phuket. The price of the ticket is very cheap during this period. How cheap it is, I book for all what I have seen... lol I can obviously notice that my purse becomes lighter. Since I have descriptively explained for a while, thus it is time to go through our trip.

I have planned for short trip to do surfing at Kata beach and follow with Flow surf in front of the beach. After finished these activities, I grab some drinks and get drunk badly at Walking Street in Patong. In the early morning of the next day, I go to Portuguese old town to buy fresh seafood at Rawai market. Then, we get the chance to see the most beautiful sunset in Thailand like Promthep Cape, it is far from the old town for 4 kilometers. We end up our day by doing crazy activities at walking street in Thalang. Please scroll down to discover what we have done.

Sawad dee Phuket, I already get drunk since the first night. Someone has ever told me that Comics Bar is one of the nice place to chill out with very nice atmosphere. Even though, it is a small bar but I really like this bar because the staffs are so friendly. There are various brands of beer that you are able to choose. However, the food is quite expensive but I still prefer to order it. Apart from above mentions, the musician is very skillful . We chill out at this bar while having a sip of beer, I feel like my mind is indulged with the music. After this, I laid down on the bed zzzZZZ.

We stayed at The Memory at On On hotel last night, this hotel is arranged neatly, stylish and classic. Furthermore, this hotel is the first hotel in Phuket. The owner of this hotel tries to conserve and create the former atmosphere and it is perfectly matched with Phuket town at the present. A very good morning at On On.

It is no need to explain much how nice atmosphere at this hotel is because the photo has already well represented about it. Now, we can mention about the price for back packer, I think you may like this. There are 2 tiers of the bed. The first is Dormitory for 300 - 400 baht per person. If you come as the couple and prefer to have private room, it costs 1,100 - 2,600 baht including breakfast especially this hotel is located in the middle of Portuguese old town.

This morning, we have eaten light food that hotel has prepared for us. After finishing breakfast, we plan and consult each other about where to go and what to do. Eventually, we decide to go to Surf House Phuket, most of people might not know that surfing can be played in Thailand too. The wind is not so strong and it is suitable for the beginner like us. Let's go.


The road in Phuket is quite narrow, we spend around 1 hour from our accommodation to the beach. This trip is quite convenient because we use Andaman Passion service, it is the public van to pick up the travelers who like to join the same van. You are able to rent the van for the whole day at 1,800 baht per day excluding fuel charge. For my point of view, I think Phuket is not suitable for backpacker because it is not so convenient even there will be plenty of public transportations but all are expensive as it is the tourist destination. Due to this reason, I always invite 6-10 people to join the trip to Southern part of Thailand in order to share the expense during the trip and it makes our trip really lovely and nice.

Kata beach is one of the beautiful beach in Phuket, the travelers usually come to enjoy surfing during this month. The rainy season is coming soon in this month, it makes the sea seem stable with the 2 meters height wave. We rent the board here, the board will be charge at 150 baht per hour. After finishing the renting process, we need to sign on the paper for acknowledgement in order to ensure that the board is in the proper condition to use. If they find that the board is damaged on return, we need to pay for the extra charge. Let's go surfing.

There is no person to take the photo for me because we really enjoy surfing and forget to take the photo during surfing. I highly recommend you to try one. It seems like we spend a few moment to do surfing but this in not real, we have spent all day under the strong sun to wait for the big wave which is really less. I start understanding this phrase that " it will be meaningless for the surfer if the sea is quiet" At first, this phrase makes me confuse but it has own meaningful in its phrase.

In the afternoon, we continue our day at Surf House Phuket, it is located in front of the beach and it is opposite to the sea. This is one of the interesting activities. I really want to take this to the backyard of my house. Surf flow here is more expensive than Bangkok but the atmosphere is different. Anyhow, it is meaningless to compare for the price since we are here, thus it better to try all things which can satisfy our needs. Surf Flow activitycosts THB 800 per hour.

Please do not ask me whether I fall down during the Surf Flow or not because it is certain that I surely fall down. My legs are bruised because it is the impact from falling down. I spend time at Surf Flow for 1 hour before go to Foto Hotel.

Foto Hotel

Foto Hotel is the hotel is one of the hotel where gets many awards in Thailad . Grey color tone is used around 10% for this hotel. The owner of the hotel believes that grey color is the nominated color to influence on all things to be beautiful. We then go upstairs, there is a restaurant on this floor. After reaching the restaurant, we order some smoothie and snack while enjoy seeing the spectacular view of marble white swimming pool.

This place is one of the place that we can take beautiful photos. According to various reviews, they indicate that this hotel is built and designed for those people who passionate in photo taking. Every things in the hotel will be named as the photo taking techniques. For instance, the swimming pool is named as Silhouette, Silhouette is to take the photo against the light especially during sunset, we can get the beautiful photo once we take the photo at this area.Our body will be surrounded with the beautifully black shadow while it appears softly golden light behind. This is just our imagination, we really regret that we could not be in this place till the evening.

Sugar Marina Surf

From Foto Hotel, we are now back to our real accommodation for tonight, we will stay at Sugar Marina Surf. I personnally like this hotel. It is designed with regard to Surf theme. I think the interior decoration here is really cool such as wall, ceiling etc. I really like this place.

It is still during low season once we stay in this hotel, the room costs THB 1,500 - THB 2,000 per night. The atmosphere is really nice. There is a jacuzzi in the bath room, we are able to chill out and soak our body in the jacuzzi. The drinks are prepared in the fridges, the price is already included with the room charge. Once we look outside from our balcony, we will see the swimming pool. It is really perfect.

After arranging our luggage and belongings, it is time to join the activities which are recommended by the receptionist. Apart from swimming pool, there is also boxing room where you can practice boxing.

After doing boxing, I decide to soak my body in the swimming pool to relax a bit. I admit that i am lazy to take the photo, I prefer to enjoy the moment in the swimming pool. Then, I continue at my jacuzzi, it is extremely relaxed.

While we are swimming in the pool, we come accross seeing a girlgang from USA. It seems like they would like to take us for travelling. We start chatting to each other and decide to make an appointment at the place where we can meet many nightlife lovers. Right, it is Patong Walking street. We meet the girlgang in front of the hotel, then rent for a Tuk Tuk for THB 400. The purpose of going there is to get drunk and dance like crazy.

Old Town

We woke up very late this morning because we drank a lot last night. The hotel prepares buffet breakfast, you can take what you prefer to eat as much as you can. After finishing breakfast, we will visit Portuguese old town.

Portuguese old town was the mining city in the former time. Due to this reason, it was the pull factor that made Chinese people and Western people came to stay in Phuket. Thus, there is no doubt that the architectural design was influenced from Western architecture (Portuguese). Phuket Municipality has conserve this old town for the tourist destination, In the other word, it is called the 2nd Penang. Please come to visit.

We see a lovely coffee shop during our trip in old town, we have ordered Cocoa drink and milk tea. Then, we start having chit chat and enjoy the nice aromatic coffee. We also take some photos at the coffee shop.

We start wandering, we suddenly see gallery. It is create by freelance artist, he has created various art for sale and showcase. I feel stunned for a while, this is because I really like this kind of art. This artist used to draw painting picture since long time ago. We get the chance to talk with him, we talked to each other with many topics such movie production, drawing picture and the future of Thailand. These are some part of his gallery (But we prefer to indicate his name.)

Rawai Fishing Maket

After the gallery, we go to Rawai market, the is the market for fresh seafood beside the sea but the price is quite expensive. However, if you are Thai and you have the negotiable skill, I am so sure that merchant will give you the discount. I and my friends have set the budget for THB 500 per person and we have ordered some seafood, we are extremely full.

At the side of the beach, there is the fresh seafood to sale. On the other side, there is the cooking service, it costs THB 100 per KG. You are able to tell them what menu you want to eat , they will weigh the seafood and take a note for the menu.

For 30 minutes later, the first dish is served.

Eventually, all menus are served.

We guarantee that the seafood is very fresh and delicious. All above menus cost THB 1000 including cooking charge. We are so full, unable to walk properly. It is only 4 Kilometers from this point to Prom Thep cape and we think we can reach Prom Thep cape to see the sunset on time.

Cape Town

It takes around 10 minutes from Rawai market to Prom Thep cape. There are many people over here, this is the view point for watching sunset, it is the most beautiful view point in Thailand. Unfortunately, we are unable to see the sunset today due to unclear sky.

Anyhow, we already reach the most beautiful view point in Thailand, thus it better enjoy beautiful surrounding of Prom Thep cape. In case of rain, it is quite slippery and dangerous, we do not suggest you to go during this time.

It seems not far according to our assumption but it is not true, it is quite far by walking. However, our attempt is worth because we have really nice photos over there and it is such beautiful place.

We go back to Thalang walking street, it is in Phuket city. I have created incredible game before go back to Bangkok. I buy some painting color from stationary shop. I pour them into the color tray, unfold the newspaper, remove my shirt and stand still in the middle of the market. I let all people to paint on my body. I am not so serious about the money. This is Phuket during rainy season, it is not hurry but it ends happily.

Thank you for reading our review till the end.