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Last week I wanted to breathe in the mist at Chiangmai, therefore I so did a research for the travel information about the place that located near Chiang Mai town and the most popular attraction at this moment as well. Moreover, the most important, it has to be a low budget trip as I don't have much money LOL. I have set a travel budget to spend no more than 2,500 bath and roughly plan travel itinerary as:

Day 1:

- Khum Sue (Tiger Kingdom)

- Baan Tong Luang Village, long neck hill tribe (Karen)

- Mon Muan

- Nong Hoi Royal Project

- Eden Grape Farm

- Mon Jam

Day 2

- Baan Khun Chang Kian (Hmong tribe)

- Doi Suthep - Pui National Park

- Baan Hmong, Doi Pui

- Phu Phing Palace

- Doi Suthep

- Fish Steak Buffet at Ping Riverside

For Day 2 plan, I have to give credit to Blueplanet room ( friends as I had set a topic to ask for the information and they send me the map and suggest the attractions which are very useful. Thank you everyone again. ^_______^

What do you think about my plan? Does it look cool? Hahaha. Let's see if it works or not. Now let's go!!

We reserve the first class air-conditioned bus, Bangkok - Chiangmai route; the ticket costs 606 baht per person and takes around 10 hours to the destination.

There are many problems before we start the trip. First, we almost miss the bus but luckily, I find the taxi driver who is so good at driving; he drives such speedy that it takes only 10 minutes from Rangsit University to Future Park Rangsit bus station during the traffic jam period, OMG!! I give him 100 baht for a tip and compliment him all the way Hahahahaha.

The departure time indicated in the bus ticket is 9.00pm and I arrive at the bus station precisely at 09.00pm sharp. I backpack a tent, an ocean pack, a camera stand, a camera bag and so many more. And I hurriedly run into the bus terminal. OMG!!! There are massive people here as today is Wan Ok Phansa (The final day of the Vassa).

Let's guess what time does the bus arrive???









Ding Dong............................... Time's up!

The bus arrive at 10.00pm!!!!!!!.................Oh! Common!!..............I wait for such a long time that I have a ligament. If the bus comes even later than 0.000012458 seconds, I think I will walk back home by then Hahahaha.

But luckily the bus comes in time.

We put our bags in the bus and sleep all the way long as we are tired.

Our first morning of the trip

On Saturday, 8'o clock in the morning, the bus stop at Chiang Mai bus station number 3. Me and my girlfriend get off in hurry and contact our boss saying we will absent for today as we both are busy Hahahaha, it is very funny indeed (Please do not copy us, it is not good at all). After that we call motorcycle rental company to negotiate the rental cost. After bargain, it costs 250 baht per day, we rent 500 baht for 2 days, the motorcycle is ready for pick up and we need to use ID card for evidence.

(For more information about the car rental, you can find the car rental shop located at the right hand side of Chiang Mai bus station number 3, next to 7-11 shop. The car rental shop called "Bikky", and this is their website

After that we ride from bus station to Mae Rim and from Mae Rim to our first attraction........"Khum Sue": Please visit the link for more information

Khum Sue is like a small size zoo but focus on tigers. The tiger here is so tame just like the dog back home. it rolls on the ground seems very adorable but when it opens its mouth..... ....I am always trembling and scared Hahahaha (I am amused at myself, I feel so frighten that I think if I die here in Chiang Mai, it must be my very bad luck Ha ha ha). There are staffs greeting us when we get inside, the atmosphere is nice and there is a water ball as well. But we are not interested in that, we are just interested in the tiger. We walk straight to check the price of the entrance package. O..M..G!! The cheapest price is 460 for the adult tiger, as for the price for the adorable tiger baby which seems like the house cat is very expensive! My low budget plan is over Hahahaha.

At last, since we already planned, so we agree to open our little pocket and pay 460 baht each. We entry to the tiger cage for sending ourselves as its meal. Noooooo! We just take some photos with the tiger that's all.

It is nothing more here, take photos and feel frightened at the same time Hahaha.

My own friend, long time no see Hahaha.

Very awesome. > <

How are you my friend? Long time no see now, hope that you are doing well.

Let's take photo together for keeping as our memento.

Ps. My friend, why don't you look at the camera?

They seems sleepy Hahahahaa.

How about Khum Sue, Chiang Mai? Do you think it worth going there?

Please make some comments.

Ok. Then let's continue........

When we walk out from the tiger house, the rain starts to fall hard Hahahaha

Therefore, we just have to wait.




And wait............

It is already 30 minutes now, and we cannot wait any longer as we afraid that we cannot finish our travel plan. Therefore, we put on the rain coat and ride out in the rain and it somehow gives us the different feeling. We drive continually along the foothills on Mae Rim - Samoeng route to Mae Sa waterfall.

"Mae Sa Waterfall"

It costs 20 baht each for the entrance ticket and another 20 baht for the car entry cost. Quiet cheap actually, this time we have money to pay. Ei ei ei.

The officer warns us not to play in the water, as it is raining and there is water flood so we need to be more careful.

And then we ride into the park, park our motorcycle and leave our bags beside.

I think that carry the bag which is stuffed by many things; camera bag, camera stand bag, tent, ocean pack and two helmets like this. Oh My!, it is very troublesome to get on, get off or stop the motorcycle. However, we need to do that, as our budget is restricted. T T

Useful Information

Mae Sa Waterfall Botanical Park is located in Doi Suthep - Pui National Park area, it has the mountainous landscape and it is part of Thanon Thong Chai Range which is continue from Himalaya Range. The height of the area is between 330-1685 meters from the sea level.

The geological structure characteristic generally combines with the important type of igneous rock, which are the granite rock. Besides there are also sedimentary rock and metamorphic rock which we can find a lot of them in Mae Sa Waterfall.

Gneiss rock is one type of metamorphic rock which is the foundation of Doi Inthanon and Doi Pui range. It has approximately 570 millions years of age. The dominant characteristic of Gneiss rock is the gneissic banding which characterized by alternating darker and lighter colored bands and is developed under high temperature and pressure conditions. Gneiss rock is pushed up and raised to be the mountain by the younger age of granite rock. Sometimes we can find pressed Gneiss rock in the layer shape which seems like the eye shape.

Let's get back to our story......

We walk into the park, the waterfall has 10 levels. I'm not sure that whether we have already arrived at the level one of the waterfall or not as there is no one there and there is the abundant nature with lots of moss so we walk and slip. Therefore we just focus on watching the atmosphere at the ground floor instead. Ha ha ha.

Actually, I am kind of lazy to climb up (I must apologize that I do not have any photo of the beautiful waterfall to show to everyone)

Before I go out from the park, I ask the officer for the Karen tribe village information.

He suggests that it is not worth going there as they are not many original Karen people anymore. He says that the village is kind of focus on the business nowadays, it seems like the model city more than the real Karen city. And we all agree that we will not go there as it sounds not interesting.

Do you know? What is the real reason why we decided not to go?








Alright, it's because that the entrance ticket costs 500 baht each and we feel so surprised with the price so we won't go there anymore. We will go to Mae Hong Son later instead. Hahahaha.

And then we continue our journey in the rain again, this time we go straight to "Mon Muan", the foothill way on Mae Rim - Samoeng route is very slippery that we need to ride carefully. It is because of the rain and the abundant nature that making the road more slippery. We continue to ride, take left turn.........and lean to the right turn......As we face to the roadside, it feels awesome....But the bad thing is that it should be the cool wind that flows to our face not the hard big raindrops that hit our face like this Hahaha. You might feel us if you use to ride in the rain like us Hahahaha.

Before we came here, my friend told me that "if you come here, you could not miss one restaurant which is located before Mon Jam, named "Pong Yang Ang Doi". My friend emphasized me to go there. I continually ride and then about one kilometer before the ascent way to Mon jam, I see the restaurant sign on the left side and the rain also stopped now. We leave our bags at the guard room and then walk into the restaurant with our wet clothes.

(the restaurant information : )

When we walk inside, Wow! it is so livable here. They are the combination of the resort and the restaurant which located next to the waterfall, the evergreen forest is so shady and pleasant. The restaurant has the waterfall view and is surrounded by the forest, Oh God!.

It is crowded inside, there are also reserved table Ohhhh! This is shown that this restaurant is really great. By the time I order some food, my girlfriend tells me that "Our friend said that the recommended dish of this restaurant is Nua Dad Daew (Thai Beef Jerky)" , and I tell her back that "it tastes the same as other place"

After only 2 seconds the staff quickly replies back that "The taste is definitely not like other place, it is really tasty"

Oh!! Ha ha ha. Finally I order it.

I confirm that it is very tasty; the meat is so tender, delicious. The other dish is also tasty but not much different.

After that we continue to ride to Mon Jam, Yeah!

There are biker, cycler, runner along the way.
The rain stops now and the road way get narrower but the nature is more beautiful.

Most of the surroundings are the terrace plant fields. In my opinion, this place is more beautiful than Aum Phang or Phu Thup Buek.

This is just my opinion; I think this place is more convenient to travel as it is located near the town and no need to take a long journey away from the town as well.

I suggest that riding the motorcycle is more convenient than driving the car as road will get narrower. However, If you are not good at riding motorcycle, you can drive the car, but you will not get a real feeling and moreover, it is the red clay gravel way before the road to Mon Jam.

"Mon Muan"

Mon Muan is a resort and the coffee shop where you can sit down and relax. The coffee shop is really adorable; you can sit and relax for a long time. We order Hot Brownie and Blended Cocoa and watch a fascinating 200 degrees view.

Hot Brownie.

The weather is around 20 Celsius, feels so chill Hahahaha.

You can relax all day long here.

(The accommodation information, Mon Muan: more information:

We visit Mon Muan around 45 minutes and then we have to continue our journey. I think that we should keep our bags at the accommodation first. Actually, we also carry tent with us as I have planned to sleep in tent but the rain is falling so I need to change my plan to stay in resort instead.

It's alright I can stay in resort; I just would like to save the money, that's all. Hahaha

we put on the rain coat again and continue our journey to "Mon Jam"

Sawasdee "Mon Jam"!!!

During the way up to Mon Jam, some parts are the gravel way, not too long but narrow.

We ride motorcycle so it seems a bit dangerous but when we just arrive at the top of mountain.

The rain is falling down like it is angry me for decades, I cannot see any scenery, and we can see only less than 5 meters distance view. However, we still have fun taking photos. Hahahaha.

Raining................We really don't care.......

It is getting colder and the wind blows to my face make me feel numb.

I begin to tremble and seem to catch a cold, so I decide to ride down to find the accommodation in the below area.

I get the cheap accommodation costs 500 baht for 4 people. It is a small hut outstretched from the mountain. Life is awesome!!!!

We leave our bags to the owner, and then we ride straight into Chiang Mai city.

It is cool as we ride with our soak bodies, but it is so strange that there is no rain below Hahaha. It is raining just only at the top of the mountain. We are so lucky for that.

It takes us around 45-60 minutes to Chiang Mai walking street.

I would say that walking street here has a very long way that we cannot walk till the end; it is kind of far. Most of the tourists are foreigners, only a few of Thai people here. The food is tasty and there are many trendy hand made things for sell.

A blind man plays the music.

I am wonder, does Chiang Mai close to the sea? Why the squid here is cheaper than those selling in Bangkok? Hahaha.

I am sorry that I did not take photo of the walking street in the beautiful aspect for everyone.

As that time I am busy with looking at the stuff that I do not care to take any photo.

This place is really interesting, If you come here, you should prepare the time to walk at least 2 hours Hahahaha.

The dish that cannot miss out if come to Chiang Mai is "Khao Soi" (Northern Thai Coconut Curry Noodle"

It is 09.00pm now. While we are walking at the walking street, the rain falls down again Hahaha.

We hurriedly put on our armors Hahaha (it is our raincoat actually) and leave walking street to Mon Jam for taking some rest.

On the way, it is so dark that I feel scare of the ghost but I think people are more scary.

When we arrived at our hut, we are so tired that we just quickly fall to sleep with the cool weather around 10 Celsius.











Good morning with the astonishing view at "Mon Jam", I wake up as I hear the sound of cock crowing. The soft sunlight shines into the room through the small hole of the window.

Oh My God!!!

Oh Wow......


Oh Wow....

Wow wow wow......

This is the morning atmosphere that I have seen.

Looking out through the window, the stunning view makes my eyes fully open and I feel excited that tomorrow I will see this view again as well Hahaha.

I rush to wake my girlfriend up to take a shower, and then we ride up to Mon Jam again for making up to yesterday that we have not spent the time at Mon Jam.

The resort where I stayed is away from Mon Jam only 100 meters Hahaha.

Actually it is kind of near, we even can walk there but there is a steep way and I am worried that if I take much exercise in the morning, I might feel like to go to toilet. Hahahaha.

Oh Wowwwwwwwwwwww!!! This is it! The place where we called "Mon Jam"

Mon Jam information

Mon Jam is located at the ridge of the mountain in the area of Hmong Non Hoi Village, Mae Rim district, it is 40 minutes away from Chiang Mai city. The local people originally called this place "Giu Sue" and it is an uncultivated forest. Later, the local people use this place to grow opium poppies, but after that the Royal Project Foundation bought this land for Nong Hoi Royal Project.

As this land is part of the Royal Project, granddaughter of His Serene Highness Pheesadech Rachanee; Khun Jam, Jamcharas Sucheewa, the chairman of the Royal Project Foundation has developed and improved the area of Mon Jam to become the tourist attraction in the kind of Mon Jam camping resort. Mon Jam had just been officially opened as the tourist attraction in November 2009.

The weather is cool at Mon Jam all year long and there is also the mist in the morning. The suitable period for travelling is between October-February. There is the view point that you can watch the scenery of the mountains range far away and on the other side is the field for growing the winter plants of the Royal Project.

There is Mon Long viewpoint located at east side hilltop, it is suitable to watch the scenery of Royal Project area and it is the sea mist viewpoint on the cliff as well. You could see the scenery in widespread view; watching many species of trees and wild flowers. The ascent way did not pave with asphalt or cover with cement; it is just the gravel way so you should drive the car here.

Below the hillside on the south located Hmong Noi Hoi village and the area of Nong Hoi Royal Project Development Center which are vegetable fields and winter plants researching fields; the winter plants such as Artichoke, Lemon Thyme Herb, Mint, Chamomile, Rosemary and fruits: Plum, Seedless Grape, Strawberry specie 80 and there is also Hydroponic Vegetable Plot which growing plants without soil such as Red Oak Leaf Lettuce and Salad vegetables such as Doi Khum tomato and more.

There is the restaurant on Mon Jam, opens the service between 09.00am-07.00pm(August - November period) and 09.00am-09.00pm (October - February period). The restaurant cooks the food by using the local products that are planted here.

There are also accommodation such as camps and resorts around 700-2000baht.

Detailed information inquiry and accommodation reservation at:

Nong Hoi Royal Project Development Center, Mae Ram sub-district, Mae Rim district, Chiang Mai province.

The Royal Project Public Relations Department, Tel. 053810765 ext. 108

Khun Nok or Khun Un, Tel. 0818063993

During we have fun taking photos; we meet with the group of Hmong kids.

They are super cute.

(For those who know me or PALAPILII Thailand would know that I am one person who loves to transmit the travelling story through a small program named PALAPILII Thailand. For more information you can click the link here

I interview them about their way of life; how do they live?; Are they enjoying it?; Do they like to settle at this place? Blah Blah Blah.

We are having fun while we record the program Hahaha. There are many people looking at us, I feel a bit embarrassing but it is alright as I would like to do a great scoop for our fan page.

After finish recording, these kids would like to see themselves when they are in the camera, so I open the record for them to watch.

They smile and laugh with their acting scene HaHaHa, they are so cute; I just would like to be in this place for a long time.

Uhhhhhhhhhh!!! I am hungry now.

There is only one restaurant at Mon Jam where you can order food, but I already forget the name of the restaurant.

The food is really tasty; everything is fresh and sweet, Oh! It is beyond words.

As everything here has been planted on the mountain, so all vegetables and fruits are naturally fresh that you don't have to freeze them in refrigerator. I order 3 dishes of food, and we are already full. Having meal in the beautiful scenery of Mon Jam, It is very great.

These pictures of foods are very tempting and mouthwatering. Hahaha.

It is Pork Bone Soup with Vegetable, I don't know what is this vegetable called because It is named in Hmong language and its taste sour and sweet. Eating some warm soup among the cool weather like this, it's so awesome.

This dish is Stir Fried Sea Bass with.......something. I already forgot the name but it is very tasty.

And the last dish, I love the most is "Stir Fried Chayote", very yummy.

After finished eating, we take a visit to Mon Jam morning market.

Most of the things are vegetable, fruit and clothes, I don't have much interesting in these things.

Anyhow, I would like to support the local people, so I just buy some Roasted Cassava for snack.

There is local plaything at Mon Jam available for playing, I don't know how much does it cost per round but it does not look expensive.

It is a car made by wood and let it slide from the hill. The riders have to handle it by themselves Ha ha ha ha.

Seems fun isn't it?

When you would like to turn right, just push your right leg; turn left, push left leg; as for braking, you just push gearbox at the front.

Pushing it toward yourself same as general handbrake.

We didn't play it; just only saw other people play, we also feel amuse Hahahaha

Not to waste anymore time, we afraid that we will waste our time during morining, so we ride to Mon Ing Dao to watch the vegetable field that the farmer have planted.

It is the terraced field and it looks gorgeous, I am not too exaggerated Ha ha ha.

There is nothing much here, but there are pictures to show.

We go around all the attraction in Mon Jam in the morning. Ha ha ha.

And the rain falls down again but we don't care, we just put on our raincoat and continue on our journey Ha ha ha.

We go to Eden Grape Farm, but the grape had not yet grown so we don't take any photo.

We also visit the Royal Project Nong Hoi, they do the research for plants here.

We ride in the rain back to our accommodation and we afraid that everyone might not know that we are travelling in Mon Jam so we need to post our photos to social media first Ha ha ha ha.

We wait for more than 40 minutes as we have to wait for the rain to stop and fully charge our battery.

And then we pack our bags and check out from the accommodation. Then we continue our journey to "Doi Suthep"

Everyone who like this review, please vote for us Hahaha.

You can visit this link for more inquiry about our travel plan:

We leave our bags at our friend in Chiang Mai University and then we ride around the university for a while, we even have a chance to go to Ang Gaew as well. Hahahaha

The distance between Chiang Mai University to Doi Suthep is approximately 10 kilometers.

We had a blast riding bicycle. We ride as we are Rossi Hahaha. Luckily we did not fall.

We have already done the half way ride and then we stop by at the small view point.

It took us only 15 minutes more to Doi Suthep.

And we finally arrived here Yeah Yeah Yeah. But...........

We will not visit Doi Suthep now as we will go to Doi Pui, Phu Phing Palace and Baan Khun Chang Kian first.

The higher we ride up, the cooler it is. The weather is very good.

The road of Doi Pui will get narrower, I suggest that if you still have an energy, you should ride motorcycle as I think it may not convenient if driving car.

But you know what?

When the time we almost arrive at Doi Pui, our motorcycle shows that the oil is almost empty.

We just don't want to take a risk as we already booked the return ticket. So finally we decide to ride back.

I want to do the toilet so we stop at the sideway for a while.

And we finally arrive at "Doi Suthep"

During the way up to the temple, there are so many things for sell such as necklace, bracelet, silverware, food and many more. > <

Two thump up for Fried Banana and Cassava of Autie Auan.

It is very tasty that you should not miss it.

Let's go!! It is the time to watch the beauty of Doi Suthep.








>>This is the video clip for everyone to watch.

The last place that we will take everyone to learn the history and worship is Wat Phra That Doi Suthep.

This is my second time here, I didn't intend to come here during my first time so I don't have much knowledge about this place. But this time I am well prepared and have the information.

I would like everyone to read below content attentively, and you will respect in Phra That Doi Suthep as I do.

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep Ratchaworawihan is the second grade royal temple, Rachaworawihan type. it is located on the top of Doi Suthep and is one of the most important temple of Chaing Mai. There is a pagoda in Chiang Saen style, eight square bell shape with high base and engraved with 2 layers of brass plate (Northen Thailand called Jung Ko gold). The pagoda terrace is a viewpoint to watch Chiang Mai city. The ascent way is 7 headed King Na Ga cement staircase. Wat Phra That Doi Suthep is the important temple of Chiang Mai, and was built according to Lanna style.

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep Ratchaworawihan was buit in 1386 during the reign of King Kue Na, the sixth King of Lanna kingdom, Meng Rai royalty. King Kue Na brought Buddha's relics which he kept 13 years to worship to enshrine here. In order to choose the site to enshrine Buddha's relics, King Kue Na placed the relics in the shrine and had sacred elephant take it. Eventually, the elephant walked up to the top of Doi Suthep, it trumpeted three times, then turn around three times, and it knelt down and died. King Kue Na ordered to dig a hole deep 8 Sok, wide 6 Wa 3 Sok and bring big six stone slabs to place like a big case shape in the hole, finally he enshrined the relics in there.

And then filled the hole with stone, and built 5 Wa height pagoda covering it. For this reason, it is prohibited to wear shoes in the pagoda area and the lady cannot enter in that area.

In 1538, King Phra Muang Ketklao, the twelfth King ordered to heighten the pagoda to 6 Wa wide and 11 Sok height and also put the golden lotus petals at the top of pagoda. Later, Jao Thao Sai Kham, son of King Phra Muang Ketklao ordered to cover the pagoda with gold.

This is a wood carving telling the history of the temple.

In 1557, Phra Mahayana Mongkol Pho from Asokaram temple, Lamphun province built two sided King Na Ga staircase for convenience to people for walking up to worship the pagoda, and Kruba Srivichai time, he built the road way to the temple, which has 11.53 kilometers length.

How was it? I do believe that many people just know the history of Wat Phra That Doi Suthep in this review Hahaha.

Actually, if I did not write the review, I still don't know the story as well Hahaha. We knew in the same time.

During the temple visit, we make merit just like other tourists and we pray for mysel and the reader, wish for happiness and safe journey.

See everyone in my next review.

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