I'm back again with an abroad trip with Bliss Out There page.

Last year, I took my dad to Venice (in case you want to read, it's here: https://goo.gl/u2zEyq).

So this year I take my mom to Australia in order to celebrate her retire.

Actually, it's not entirely taking mom to travel.

Because this trip, I has a broken foot bone,

so I need to bring a crutch and sit on a wheelchair where my mom and brother have to help pushing me around.

Well, can I really do that much under this condition? O_o

I went to Perth, Brisbane, Sydney.

I roamed around market, gallery, the beach and took photos at street art, fed dolphins, and played with koalas.

Well, let's just say, I did do a lot.

Now, let's take a look at the expenses. Details of the trip and reservations are also included in this review.

Let's go see it together!!!

Expenses per Person

- Airfare is 27,642 THB (international and domestic flights).
- Accommodation fee is 11,086 THB.
- Entrance fee is 2,131 THB.
- Transportation fee is 4,546 THB (including bus, train ferry, and taxi).
- Sim card is 730 THB.
- Desert tour is 1,144 THB.
- Food is 7,553 THB.

---------------------- In total, it is 54,832 THB per person. ----------------------

P.S.1 Souvenir and personal shopping is excluded.

It also excludes the carrying and taking photo with koalas fee (which is about 480 THB) and visa fee.

P.S.2 This is the average cost divided from three people.

P.S. 3 This price is subject to exchange rate on 19th January 2017. (1 AUD = 26.7492 THB)

Here is how Australia look like.

We will start the trip from Perth, the Eastern city.

Then, we will go to Brisbane on the Western Coast and end at Sydney.

How to travel that you could save some money home?

- Book hotel and entrance fee of the attractions in advance (several places offer the cheaper price online).

- We stay at YHA for all (except at Brisbane where we have to stay on Moreton Island).

YHA is a combination of hostel and hotel which has universal standard. It's clean and safe.

The price is not expensive and get cheaper if you are a member, check it out here >> http://www.tyha.org/

- Bring water bottle and Tupperware too because food here comes in big portion (as well as its price).

So we could have our breakfast as a leftover from dinner.

Ok, if you are ready, let's go!!!!





Fremantle Market - Art Gallery of WA - Hay Street Mall

The first thing we need to do once arriving Perth, Australia is buying the sim card.

Well, how can we survive without mobile signal? haha.

Once we arrive, I look for Vodafone shop.

We are lucky that this operator doing the promotion on that day, so we got 6.5 GB for two mobiles for 55 AUD.

(Well, it's 40 AUD for one, so we decide to do two, hehe).

Our plan is to unpack our stuff at the hotel first before starting to roam around.

But our luggage was still at Malaysia (Why Airasia did this to us?)

So then we have to change our plan and go for roaming around first.

From the airport, we take the bus no.380 and get off at below building.

Then, we cross the street to take the bus no.910 in order to go to 'Fremantle Market'.

And the bus fare is 4.6 AUD with unlimited rides within 2 hours.

Fremantle Market is a chic market.

It sells fresh and dry food as well as street food, souvenir, and handmade things.

It's surrounded by shopping street with restaurants, bars and bookshops.

This place is only open on Friday-Sunday.

(Friday opens from 8.00-20.00 and Sat-Sun open from 8.00-18.00)

After a round of walking, we are hungry now.

The market has burgers, sushi, noodle and many more.

We decide to eat at deep-fried shop as it'd be easier to eat.

Then, we order a combination set, wow, it smells so good <3

Then, we walk a bit more before taking the train back to downtown area.

It takes about 20 minutes from Fremantle Train Station to Perth Train Station.

The fare is 4.6 AUD.

The long sea view along the way is quite great.

Once we reach Perth Train Station, we consult with Google Map to find that the 'Art Gallery of Western Australia' is only minutes away.

My mom and brother can easily walk while I comfortably sit on the wheelchair.

Art Gallery of Western Australia has three story with a rotation exhibition.

You could follow their works here >> http://www.artgallery.wa.gov.au/index.asp

It opens daily from 10.00 - 17.00 p.m except Tuesdays.

There's no entrance fees required but donation is appreciated.

Wait, do not leave this photographer behind....

After enjoying the arts, we are going to 'Hay & Murray Street Mall'.

It's simply a shopping street like Siam in Thailand.

I'd like to describe the evening Sunday atmosphere on this street as....

it can't get any quieter, haha. Where are all the people?

Every shop closes at 17.00 p.m. except restaurants.

Probably, I didn't research it right, let's come back again tomorrow.

Let's simply end our first day at 'Hungry Jack'.

(Do not forget to give it a try, it's like a Burger King where you can find it just about anywhere in this country).

It takes less than 10 minutes by foot from Hay Street Mall to our hostel.

We are staying at 'Perth City YHA' which is clean and safe.

(There're several types of rooms, please click >> https://goo.gl/hGfVlv )

We check in at 19.00 p.m. and our luggage from Malaysia has yet arrived.

It's already 21.00 p.m. before our luggage is here and that we can take a shower TT

I'd like to take some rest now so that tomorrow we will have full energy to roam around.

P.S. It's not dark yet during the summer time here even it's already 20.00 p.m.


Kings Park & Botanic Garden - Cottesloe Beach - Chinatown

Our program for today is quite relax.

We go to few places with a quality time in each place.

This morning, we cook our breakfast at the hostel which is having rice porridge cup and instant noodle cup like Thai style.

Let's quickly eat and get ready to roam!

It is 5 minutes by foot from Perth City YHA to Perth Train Station.

If you are traveling in a group, I recommend you to buy a Family Rider ticket like us.

We can use it for 3-4 people. The fare is 12.40 AUD/one with unlimited rides on both buses and train.

It's so worth the price.

Our first destination for today is 'Kings Park & Botanic Garden'

After getting the ticket, we take the train from Platform 2 and get off at Elizabeth Quay (1 station away).

After that, we take the bus no.5 from Elizabeth Quay and continues for about 10 minutes.

Kings Park is one of the world's largest city parks.

It has more than 3,000 varieties of trees which make it very shady and relax.

Perth people like to sunbathe, picnic, watch birds, and exercise here.

And what must not be missed by tourists like us is to go up and enjoy the Perth Viewpoint which is so beautiful.

We spend about 2 and a half hours here, still, we didn't get to go all around because the park is really huge.

(I'm not even sure if we visited half of it, haha).

If I get a chance, I'd definitely come back again.

But today, we still have other thing to do so we hop on the bus no.935 to go back to downtown.

Before that, we stop for food at Food Court at Hay Street Mall, let's go!

Perth Train Station, YHA, and Hay Street Mall are very near to one another.

This makes the transportation very convenient, so you can also try to find the hostel in this area.

We had a relax time with the trees this morning, let's go hang out at the beach this afternoon.

Like usual, we take the train from Perth Train Station, from Platform 7 and get off at Cottesloe Beach Station.

Then, we just need to walk about 10 minutes, and 'Cottesloe Beach' is just right in front of us!

Well, it's so wonderful, I just love it <3

People are sunbathing, playing water. Such a relax time!

I also can't help but pushing myself with a crutch and enjoy some water in the sea too, haha (what a great effort!).

We just relax, sit, take a nap, and walk around here for about an hour and a half.

Then....we can't stand the heat any longer! haha.

This is because we are here during summer.

Then we quickly look for ice cream shop and find this one.

I didn't take any photo because I was too thirsty back then, haha.

But I confirm that the ice cream looks good and tastes great!

Each scoop is 5 AUD and 3 for 8 AUD. Since we are three people, of course, we take the latter option :P

After that, we go back to downtown by getting off at Perth Train Station and walk to 'Chinatown', which is our last destination for today.

The name already suggests what we might find here.

It includes Chinese people, Chinese food, Korean and Japanese food.

But what is hidden here and I really want you guy to see is the street art.

I don't know how to explain, let's just say you have to look for a small alley.

Once you go in, you will see lots of arts and can't get enough of photos taking (that my camera battery dies, I have to take photos with my mobile phone).

We finish our second day with a Beef Ramen which costs 10 AUD in this area.

Now that we are full, let's get a good sleep and get ready for tomorrow, good bye :3


Bell Tower - London Court - Lake Monger

Today is our last day in Perth!!!

Again, we cook our breakfast at the hostel. We microwave the leftover food from last night dinner.

(Well, the meal in this country really comes in huge portion, we Asian people can save lots of money on food).

We started the trip the same way as yesterday by buying a Family Rider ticket......

We take the train from Platform 2 and get off at Elizabeth Quay Station like yesterday...

Then, we walk towards 'Bell Tower' which is now different than yesterday, haha.

We walk pass Elizabeth Quay which is similar to the Asiatique in Thailand.

It is located near Swan River and offers lots of restaurants and sitting zone.

Bell Tower is one of the iconic symbols of Western Australia.

It has unique shape and 18 bells inside, making this attraction a historical one which is a great place for family tour.

Once we enter, the staff would come to explain the history of this building to us.

He said that the first 12 bells came from St.Martin Church in the UK.

This place has the world's second most bells which is under the care of Western Australian government.

Staff allows every staff to hit the bells and then give us free time to roam around.

Here is the exhibition of the bell's history and the relationship between the UK and Australia.

The top floor is the deck and do not forget to view the Swan River up there and take some photos as a memory.

If you are interested in Bell Tower, you could find the information and make the advance booking here >> http://www.thebelltower.com.au/

The next stop is not far from our Food Court, it is the 'London Court' in Hay Street Mall.

We need to take the train back to Perth Station and walk towards the Hay Street Mall like usual.

London Court is a small alley filled with English touch and vintage feel.

It has restaurants, cafes, book shops and souvenir shops.

We come in to buy a few postcards before moving to the next stop.

From Perth Train Station, we take the train from Platform 1 which is Joondalup line.

We get off at Leederville Station and walk about 15 minutes more.

Then, we reach a shady 'Lake Monger'.

This lake is located on the north of Perth.

It's quite huge, with lots of bird species like duck, swan, dabbling duck, egret, white and black crow and some more that I don't know what they are called.

Let's just look at these photos instead, haha.

People come to feed them which attract them to come in a big herd...

We spend about an hour here and go back to pack and have dinner at our hostel.

Then, we take the bus no.390 to the airport.

We choose to fly domestically with Virgin Australia.

We leave Perth at 22.30 p.m. and reach Brisbane at 5.10 a.m.

See you at Brisbane, please stay in tune with us :)

Summary of Perth

- It is a quiet town. People are not crowded and the shops close early.

Some people might like it while some might find it rather boring.

- Not many attractions are here and they are quite close to one another.

Three days would allow you to travel to all.

But if you want to stay closer to the nature, you have to go out further which you can take a look for the tour from your hotel.

- The road and transportation is well managed which makes it convenient to roam around.

- There's a full service for disability (wheelchair) and the staff is there to assist us all the time.

- The expenses for 3 days and 2 nights at Perth is 4,185 THB.

** Please follow my taking mom to travel to Australia in 10 days 3 cities with a budget of 55,000 THB/person,

EP2: Brisbane 4 days and 3 nights at >> https://goo.gl/PcVOYn **

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