Travel with mom in "Australia" for 10 days, 3 cities, 55,000THB/person

Here we are at the last city, Sydney!

For those who haven't read previous 2 chapters, please click links below.

- Chapter 1 : Perth 3 days 2 nights (with details of all expenses)


- Chapter 2 : Brisbane 4 days 3 nights (feeding dolphin + cradling koala)


3 days and 3 nights after this will be traveling non-stop.

Make it worthwhile. Travel till you feel guilty, haha.

Where are we going? Let's see.

But first, let us check-in and grab something to eat.

From Sydney airport, we need to get on train to the city.

We buy Opal Card with 40AUD top up

because we gotta use this card for traveling around Sydney.

Caution is scanning the card everytime you get on and off.

Otherwise it will charge you for final station which is very expensive.

Our accommodation can't be somewhere else apart from 'Sydney Central YHA'

Half hostel and hotel with branches all over the world. Guarantee for quality.

Especially in Sydney, Central YHA is very convenient.

It is next to Central Station beside Chinatown and Paddy's Market.

You may find more room details + make reservation at this website >>

And apply membership for cheaper price at this link >>

YHA provides kitchen, dining room, movie room,

washing machine and extractor at every branch.

Okay, survey the room and go to bed.

Tomorrow's gonna be real thing : D


Sydney Fish Market - Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

Sydney Opera House & Harbour Bridge - Paddy's Market - Chinatown

Oh, our destination today is full of landmarks.

Not to waste time, let's move to first site.

'Sydney Fish Market'

Whoever said 'Market is slimy. I'm not going..'. They were wrong

Market here is clean and well designed space

including fresh and ready to eat seafood.

Bakery, fruit shops and other appliances.

From Central Station, get on Light Rail bus

and get off at Harbour Side. Then walk to Fish Market.

Almost every stores has fresh seafood.

They also offer cooking service.

For example, fry salmon or boil shell.

How come they are so big..

We stop at Fish Market Cafe

since there are lots of customers and the food looks appetizing.

We buy 2 sets which are salmon set and special for 2.

The cost is 56AUD. (It is the most expensive meal in 10 days but also the most satisfying.)

We don't think it would come in such large portion

consisting of scallop, oyster, squid and prawn.

Gotta ask for take away box and keep it for lunch as always, haha.

From Fish Market, we get on bus no.389

Harris road and get off at bus station near aquarium.

Then walk for another 5 minutes.

We book for the show in afternoon but we arrive since 11.30AM.

According to policy, they let tourist watch by round.

So, three of us walk and sit (partly take a nap)

around Darling Harbour.

Finallyyyyyyyyy it's our time.

'Sea Life Sydney Aquarium' exhibits aquatic animals

over 13,000 types and 700 species.

From tiny fish, deep sea creatures,

coral reefs, penguin, shark, etc.

Open Hours: Monday-Thursday 9.30AM-6.00PM, Friday-Sunday 9.30AM-7.00PM

Online booking gets around 10AUD discount.

Click on this link >>

We are stiff by the time we see highlight of this aquarium.

The mirror tunnel is separated into 2 zones; a zone with Stingrays

and multiple sizes of fish (Nemo's here too)

while another zone is a dark scary tunnel with swarm of sharks swimming slowly.

Kids are so excited.

You can also watch it from the top.

Time's up at aquarium, 1.30hrs.

Our next stop is 'Sydney Opera House & Harbour Bridge'

We gotta get grab a train at Wynyard Station.

Beside the station is small garden.

So, we eat what is left from morning

to refill energy before moving on.

Now we are at Circular Quay.

It is quite crowded because apart from Opera House,

it also hosts pier, restaurants and street shows.

Today is unfortunately cloudy.

The image therefore doesn't look as beautiful as we see.

If you would like to see show at Opera House,

find more details at this website >>

After photographing, we go to next place

'Paddy's Market' and 'Chinatown'

Paddy's Market mainly sells cloths and souvenirs.

We buy souvenirs from here. There is a shop owned by Thai people.

Chinatown is similar to everywhere else.

There are Chinese restaurants, some Japanese and Korean shops.

But there are Thai restaurant more than other places

since there are lots of Thais living here.

So, this evening we eat large Thai set after missing Thai food for the whole week

at 'Nua Lao Thai'

I didn't take photos of the last 2 site because my camera runs out of battery. So sorry.

You can see photos in this link instead >> ,

See you tomorrow : )


Bondi Beach - Hyde Park - Queen Victoria Building

University of Sydney

It's time to wake uppppp. We can't be late today as we have appointment with guide.

Not others, she's my friend living in Sydney.

We will meet my friend at Central Station and get on train together.

First destination of today is 'Bondi Beach'

We gotta get off at Bondi Junction

and continue with bus no.380 or 381 heading to Bondi Beach.

Why we gotta go to Bondi Beach ?

1. It is a signature beach of Sydney.

2. It is a long beach with clear sea plus swimming pool next to the sea.

It is stunningly beautiful that you have to take photos.

3. There is street art along seashore. Hipster must like it.

4. Aussie guys are superrrrrr handsome. (Oops, wrong point.)

We arrive at 9.30AM.

Sky is still cloudy. Not good for taking photos.

We have breakfast at Hungry Jack waiting for the time.

In order not to waste time,

after the meal, we start tracing for street art.

Begin with middle of the beach and go back to skatepark.

Actually there are plenty of them. Very enjoyable.

I show only some of them.

If you want to see more, you gotta come by yourselves.

Oh, the sky is clear now!

Keep walking from skatepark. You will find pathway to swimming pool.

The way is getting steeper. Turn back and take high-angle image. Very nice.

Finallyyyyy I see it with myself :')

I'm following many Aussie models

and they like to upload photos of this corner.

It is nice. So gorgeous. It is a swimming club.

Don't miss.

This is sidewalk along ocean.

Who wants to walk, go ahead. I'll skip it! Too hot!

Also, I can't ride wheelchair up and down, haha.

From Bondi Beach, we take bus no.333, single ride

to 'Hyde Park'. A popular park in Sydney.

Let mom take a break. Lovely.

You can see Sydney Tower from here.

It's another place tourists like to visit for seeing view.

At the end of sentence 'Mom! Let's go shopping!'

Oho, she suddenly stands up, haha.

We walk to 'Queen Victoria Building'

which is an ancient department store of Sydney. Its architecture is British style.

Area around QVB is shopping district including Pitt Street,

Market Street and George Street.

Now we are tired. I buy 2 shirts while my brother doesn't get anything.

But mom buys shirt and dress in total 4 pieces, haha.

Come on. Take some rest and refill energy with sushi bought from

Queen Victoria Building. We see long queue.

So, we assume it's gotta be tasty which it really is <3

From Pitt Street, we catch bus no.423

heading to 'University of Sydney' which is last destination of the day.

University of Sydney is a leading university of Australia.

It is a university many people dreamed of

and it is where my dad used to study.

To make it easy, survey dad's school. LOL

The classic

If you are interested, I recommend to come during January-February because it is term ending.

Or if you want to study here, find more details in the link >>

After University of Sydney,

we go to Broadway (nearby district)

to have dinner and go back to hotel.


Haven Tailoring Coffee Joyously

The Grounds of Alexandria - Newtown

Can't believe we are in Australia for 9 days already.

And today is the last day, day 10. Boohoo.

We can't be sad for too long since my friend is waiting.

The same person as yesterday is still today's guide.

First site is her working place

'Haven Tailoring Coffee Joyously'

a cafe next to Central Station.

Walk only 5 minutes.

The cafe is large with lots of seats

decorated in warm tone.

I like the open kitchen and bar where allows customers to see.

Open Hours: Monday-Friday 7.00AM-4.00PM, Saturday-Sunday 8.00AM-4.00PM

Please comeeeeee.

We order one dish each.

Mine is the cafe's special recipe granola

with watermelon jelly on top. Must be nice.

Here's the link in case you are interested.


Organic lovers gonna like our next stop.

Tree and flower lovers will appreciate it.

From bus stop behind Haven, get on bus no.343 and change to no.348.

Here we are at 'The Grounds of Alexandria'

This is a cafe + restaurant + florist + garden.

Lovely decorated plus multiple unique points.

I just arrive but my camera almost runs out of battery.

I won't describe much. Let's see the photos..

This place immediately refresh my heart.

It also has indoor seats

but there is long queue.

So, we only take photos.

Then we get a long ride on bus no.370

towards 'Newtown'

Newtown is a chic district with cafe, book shop,

CD shop, junk shop, vintage furniture,

barbershop and Thai restaurant.

So, this is the last location of our 10 days Australia trip.

Nooooooooooooo! T_____T

If you like street art, you gotta come.

It's everywhere, every single alley, and it is more gorgeous then in picture.

Unfortunately I see it on the way back.

We have lunch at Thai restaurant in this area

It is my first time to eat Stir Fried Basil at 300THB, haha.

Before going back to hotel, pack luggage and go to airport,

we have last shopping at 'Central Park Mall'

During return trip with AirAsia, there is a bummer.

I have informed with customer service of AirAsia Sydney

that during transition in Malaysia

I would like to use my wheelchair because I can't use crutch walking to another gate.

It's too far. But when we arrive at Malaysia, my wheelchair is sent together with luggage.

Once asking staff, he says 'It's 3.00AM now. Too early to have this service'.

If so, why they tell me to inform?

I fly locally 2 times and there's no problem.

Regarding outbound flight with AirAsia, we arrive at Perth but our luggage don't reach yet.

I have to sit in a cart to another gate.

Anyway, at least those 10 days were fun

and very much memorable (tell myself).

If you are thinking, don't hesitate.

Come on! It fully has art, nature and livelihood.


- Street in Sydney is, Ooooh, up and down all the way

which is based on landscape. It causes quite much trouble to wheelchair.

- Sydney is 5 times more lively than Brisbane yet 10 times comparing to Perth.

- Lots of people, lots of garbage. Well, normal thing.

- Convenient transportation with only Opal card.

- Expense for 3 days 3 nights in Sydney is 8,365THB/person.

(The highest cost is due to hotel's good location, 50AUD/night/person.)

** If you didn't read first 2 chapter, go ahead.

- Chapter 1 : Perth 3 days 2 nights (with details of all expenses)


- Chapter 2 : Brisbane 4 days 3 nights (feeding dolphin + cradling koala)


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See you again Australia.

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