Here I am again and again!! LOL

Hi everyone! Today I will bring you guys to go for a drive. Repeat, go for a drive. Okay repeat again, go for a drive!

So, I will focus on each location, not activities.

Since I am free during this weekends and the weather is getting cold, I decide to snuff the smell of fog, wind and rain.

Okay, let's go! ^_________^

Here's a rough plan.

Rangsit - Ayudhya - Khao Kho - Route12 - Phra Thart Pha Kaew - Phu Tub Berk - Phu Ruea - Chiang Khan - Rangsit

The budget is very little and takes only 2 days and 2 nights. I will explain more later.

In case I can be your guide for half trip. The main thing is I have enough energy or not.

Day 1 :
3.00AM Depart from Rangsit to Khao Kho.
7.30AM Arrive at Khao Kho to mainly see the fog.
8.00AM Worship Phra That Jae Dee (Khao Kho).
9.00AM Visit restaurant on sideways named "Route12". This restaurant is beautifully decorated suitable for taking photos. But the food is expensive and not tasty as well (in my opinion).
10.00AM Wat Phra Thart Pha Kaew, a place where everyone should see by yourselves. I can't explain. LOL
2.00PM Phu Tub Berk (Recommend to use Lom Sak Kao route. The sidelong is very beautiful.)
5.00PM Phu Ruea (I have never been to this place before. At first I think there is nothing interesting but turns out very cool. The fog is superb.)
7.00PM Chiang Khan Walking Street (I stay in guesthouse of locals in that area, only 150 THB per night. Travel around and sleep.)

Day 2 :
6.00AM Try to bring myself out of bed in order to offer sticky rice to monk.
7.00AM Go to Phu Tub Berk (To see fog.)
9.00AM Spend time at resort town like Chiang Khan as much as I can.
1.00PM Slowly go back to accommodation.
6.00PM Arrive at guesthouse. : )

The total budget divided by 2 is around 1500 THB per person. Not expensive at all if you plan well.

*** My plan is to calculate the time from Google Map and reduce 20% of what it says. Because Google Map uses speed of 90 km. per hour to calculate while I actually drive at 110 - 140 km. per hour. ***

Okay, let's go!!!

I get myself out of bed because the alarm wakes me up to go for a journey. I almost cancel the trip because I am too lazy to wake up, haha. Anyway, we depart from Bangkok at 3.00AM. We drive leisurely but get lost making us waste time 45 minutes ( We enjoy driving so much that forget to watch GPS. LOL) Around 7.00AM, we arrive at "Khao Kho". Let's see the photos : )

After seeing the fog, we go to "Khao Kho Memorial" following by worshiping Phra That on Khao Kho.

All locations should be done before 9.30AM because we have to prepare time for travelling around foothill as well.

(Information in dept like history, structure or something similar to this, go search by yourself. LOL)

Little addition for those who concern on direction of each place, here's the map.

Try to plan and arrange time : )

From the top, we drive downwards. Should arrive at 10.00AM.
This time I have 2 places to recommend which are "Route12" for having meal and appreciating the charm of "Wat Phra Thart Pha Kaew".


Okay, after we are full, I drop by Phra Thart Pha Kaew for a good luck. This place is still under construction, not 100% complete yet, but I guarantee its beauty and ornament. We spend 1.5 hours for this place : )

The photo below superficially looks normal. I look from outside and it suddenly strikes the eyes. When I look closely, I realize that this huge painting is drawn by little kindergarten and elementary school students. It is a drawing of their own family and the Buddha in their perception. The whole painting is full of people holding hands, houses, family, pets and main thing, Buddhism. I really really like it.

When I make a wish, I also spread my goodwill to all readers including my lovely followers as well, haha.

Well! Let's move on. After we are blessed, we move on to "Phu Tub Berk".

Should leave Phra Thart Pha Kaew around noon to go for Phu Tub Berk.

By using Lom Sak Kao route, the sideways are very beautiful. Takes about 1-2 hours.

Anyway, it depends on skills of driver as well. But don't worry about cars.

Any brands will do, as long as the cars still work and the engine is not too hot.

But don't forget to use gear slow : )

Since it is winter, I drop by finding hat to wear.

The atmosphere near Phu Tub Berk is like ... like ... better try by yourself, haha.

I get along well with seller and I bring T-shirt, for page followers, by chance.

So, I give one to her. LOL

(Not sure if she would be glad or sad.)

Continuously climbing the hill for not too long, I see a sign of "Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park". LOL

Means that Phu Tub Berk is only 2 km. from here. Then turn right!!!

Phu Tub Berk is another perfect place to stay overnight but I prefer to stay at Chiang Khan.

So, we only have a meal and pick strawberries. We take not many photos. There only few photos to show, sorry for that.

Okay, if possible, you should leave Phu Tub Berk before 3.00PM because, based on my plan, you have to see sunset at Phu Ruea.

Will take around 2 hours : )

Around 4.00 - 5.00PM, you will be at "Phu Ruea National Park".

The reason I'm here is to only watch sunset.

However ... the atmosphere seems not suitable to see sunset, haha.

You see? This trip doesn't have any expenses apart from gasoline. LOL

At Phu Ruea National Park, we can only photograph because the fog is very thick.

But don't see much thing in photos anyway. The fog covers everything, haha.

The sky is getting darker, the light is disappearing. Before leaving, I take a photo with Phu Ruea sign for remembrance.

Then directly go to "Chiang Khan".

(It is a tough trip as you need to drive a lot.)

From Phu Ruea National Park to Chiang Khan, takes around 2-3 hours.
I walk-in for accommodation and luckily I find one beside Khong river with rate of 150 THB per person, haha.
After I have accommodation, we visit "Chiang Khan Walking Street". Then we sleep like a log.

Although we were very tired yesterday, we don't forget to wake up early to offer food to monk and watch sea fog at "Phu Tok".

The guesthouses or shops in that area provide food set at only 50 THB per set. The monks come around 7.00AM.

Our accommodation places a mat in front for guests to wait for monks.

Locals call this "Tuk Bat Khao Neow" (in Thai means offering sticky rice to monks). The atmosphere is very nice.

After we finish, we hurriedly go to Phu Tok before the fog disappears.

Phu Tok is not far from village. It takes 15-20 minutes to get there.

Upon arriving at foothill of Phu Tok, we have to park the car and get on minibus instead.

The ticket fee is 40 THB per person and get in the queue.

During the way, you will see more and more fog.

I believe you must be excited like me and the last photo you will see is ...

"Sea Fog" at Phu Tok, Aumphoe Chiang Khan, Loei province.

Thank you following up to this point.

You see? This trip doesn't have any expenses apart from some ticket fees and food.

Which is depended on one's preference.

Mainly the expense is gasoline.

Luckily my car consumes LPG, so the budget is smaller.

My girlfriend and me spend 1500 THB per person, on average.

This trip is quite good. If you are strong and have enough energy, do follow this trip. : )

Mi Palapilii

 Wednesday, July 1, 2015 4:18 PM