When the Heart is Not Well, Let the Sea Heal it! written by Mi Palapilii

:: Someone once said: People who go to the beach is either to runaway from the heat or the love.... Reviewed by https://www.facebook.com/PalapiliiThailand :: Well, in fact, my introduction and the title has nothing to do with what I'm going to share to you guys... I see

When the Heart is Not Well, Let the Sea Heal it!

When the Heart is Not Well, Let the Sea Heal it!

:: Someone once said: People who go to the beach is either to runaway from the heat or the love....

Reviewed by https://www.facebook.com/PalapiliiThailand

:: Well, in fact, my introduction and the title has nothing to do with what I'm going to share to you guys...

I see that's it looks good, and it's the top of the town phase and once I read it, I feel good about it too. So then, I just pick it as my title.......

:: My name is Mai, I'm an outdoor guy, I like to explore the outside world. Last month, I went to Khao Lak and found out that there's many chic things to do there......

So quickly, I created a Project to collect all young guys and girls to travel together.

My only condition is that girls have to wear bikini and the guys need to come up with six pack.

I posted it on Facebook and invited my fan page friends to join, and only a few hours after that.....

This Project is born and is driven by the name called " O nD aB i t c h " .

:: i think this Project is big and unique. This trip is going to bring about 20 strangers to travel together.

More importantly, everyone must dress accordingly to my conditions that I set earlier. It is going to be very interesting! So then I start to draft activities and tentative schedule in order to present and find some sponsors to help us financially for our little trip, haha... And who would think that we could really find someone to support our Project of " O nD aB i t c h " Wowww!!!

1. Monkey Dive Hostel Khao Lak : Assist with accommodation and arrange for everything, basically you just pay 150 THB and you can stay as many days as you wish.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Monkeydive

2. Love Andaman : Arrange Private Speed Boat [3 motors] in the price that is very shocking! (Sorry we cannot disclose the price here)

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/loveandaman

3. Andaman Passion : Support for cars for the entire trip, that is at all time while we are at Khao Lak.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Andaman-Passion

:: I want to put my hands together and place it here to all our sponsors, Thank you very much for your all kindness : )::

Tentative schedule of activities

First Day

06:55 : Leave from Bangkok to Phuket by Thai Lion Air
08:00 : Arrive at Phuket International airport and waiting for the van to pick up
09:00 : Arrive at Khao Lak Pier, prepare for Similan Islands Day trip tour
09:00 : Similan Islands Day trip - [Snorkeling, free diving, beach team game]
16:45 : Back to the shore, return to hostel and change
17:30 : Chill Out at Casa de La Flora Khao Lak
19:00 : Big party at Monkey Dive Hostel

Second Day

10.00 : Going to Little Amazon, to see the city of snakes
13.00 : Going to waterfall with the activity of Cliff Jumping
14.30 : Going to act chic in the rubber farm and to act cool in Dong Bon Yuk
15.00 : Training for Surfboard and run wave until the sun is set
18.00 : Barbecue Party near the memories beach bar and play games

Third Day

08.00 : Free Style
18.00 : Going back to Bangkok by the bus, our travel friends, and once again living our lives like salary-men.

:: Well, how is it? Is the plan chic enough? This is how we plan, whether it will be all followed will have to see again. Anyway, let's get ready, fasten your seat belt, and let's take off now......

:: A few minutes after landing, vans from Andaman Passion come to pick us at the airport and then take us to the Khao Lak Pier.

The sky is clear, no sign of any rains. Our group is very lucky so then let's heading to Similan islands.

:: The boat of Love Andaman and staff. It is about an hour from the pier to Similan islands.

The first island that we will go is island no. 7. But on the way, the wave is so high, heavily hit on the boat and the sound is also clearly heard. It is so strong that we cannot simply just sit, it's like our back is going to be broken. While it is suffering, it is also very exciting and fun, wow > <

:: Finally, we arrive at island no. 7 of Similan islands. While the staff is still talking and briefing us about snorkeling and diving, we already jump into the water.

No time to listen for anything, the water is so super clear, and the turtle is also just laying underneath our boat. If we stay there and listen to the briefing, the turtle will already be gone far.

So we immediately jump into the water. But!!!! the turtle disappear anyway, noo nooo T T

:: Well, fortunately, the luck is still with us. Before we go up to the boat, the turtle swims back to our boat.

But but but, I'm not around at that time. I was already out for free diving out far. My friend said, I already called you, I did call you.

Well well well, who would hear that? My ears are completely underneath water. Anyhow, you got turtle's photos, I'm happy enough, yeah > <

:: If you were diving at Similan islands, forget about corals. It is very few, let's watch the water animals instead.

After everyone is on board, we are moving towards island no. 4 where we will have lunch and play there.

:: Hello Similan, see you again,but no no without you, haha.. Anyway, we come here for lunch and enjoy good time of the beach and under water.

Well, I have to say during our lunch, no one cares to take any photos because we are all so starving....

The food provided by Love Andaman is quite good. We have spaghetti, chicken curry and deep-fried chicken with red wine.

And some tropical fruits like watermelon and pineapple which is a perfect contrast to this hot weather.

:: And, in fact, after we finish our lunch, staff let us play in the water and we also continue to the other island for diving.

But I want to cut to here at the sailing stone area. We stop here to take cool and chic photos, play with the water and go up to see the sailing stone.

:: Well, who said that they come to the sea for playing water, I don't actually believe it. Because, in fact, most of people come to the sea......

They want to act cool and chic like hipsters and my gang is not excluded. We come, and not care much about water but cool photos to post on Facebook.

Just this, it's already making us very super happy. Then we play a bit more water, take many more photos before going to enjoy the viewpoint from sailing stone.

:: And now I'm also really over by Hipster spirit, whatever I do, it has to be chic! If it's not chic, then don't do it! haha, even if it's hot to death, I'm willing to do it for our chic sake...

Don't be annoy yet. Similan Islands, Koh Tachai and Surin Islands will open for tourism in October every year.

And it will close on 15 May every year as well. So after my review, may be you don't get to go yet.

You probably need to book it first. Well, but the photos are so beautiful and it's just way too fun, so I can't help myself but to share my joy here, to make you feel some jealous, haha.

:: We spend about 10 minutes up here on sailing stone, we cannot spend more time than this, otherwise, we won't...... we won't make it on time to get on the boat, the staff told us to get back by 2 pm.

Everyone is walking down from the hot rock on the sailing stone before stepping into the hotter sand again...

And while we are walking into the sea to get onto the boat, our boat just disappearing on us. Everyone looks nervous, confused and lost.

It looks so chaotic, everyone is shouting of what to do.......dang! (the sound of hitting head), Our boat is on the left hand side....!!!!

So then we walk toward our boat, and when every is ready, the motor start to spin again. I look back and feed Similan Islands with my big piece of watermelon.

:: The plan to act chic and hi-so at Casa de La Flora Khao Lak is cancelled without any second thoughts.

Because upon everyone returning home, we are super tired. Thinking back, we woke up since 4 a.m. to check in...

And then we took flight from Bangkok to Phuket another hour and another hour from Phuket airport to Khao Lak Pier by van.

Then another hour by boat to Similan Islands, and then diving, playing water, photos for almost the whole day before again, taking the boat back.

So, where, where our energy can be left? How can we still have energy to dress up nicely for 5 star hotel, haha.

:: My first time at Khao Lak, I stayed at Seaweed Hostel, I really liked it, very amazing atmosphere.

And my second time, I stay at Monkey Dive Hostel. Here is also very chic. I'm sure you will be a return customer once you com here.

I just realize later after talking to the staff that, in fact, they are both from the same chain.....No wonder, the design is so exceptionally chic!

:: That evening, everyone sleeps to death, but only for a moment. Soon, we wake up and walk to enjoy downtown together.

And it might be a bit confusing about the name of Khao Lak town, some might thought that it would be the same busy as Patong where it is so crowded.

But no, Khao Lak is much more calm than you anticipate. The town is very peaceful. We also walk to have dinner at one restaurant as recommended by our hostel.

That restaurant is called Seabox, please take a note now because it is really very yummy, especially garlic pork, haha.

Many people said, going to the beach... why you eat garlic pork? Well, it's cheap.....you know?... haha

:: After finish dinner, we walk back to enjoy our dessert at Kentary. Khao Lak is really a small town.

No matter what you want to eat, or from what restaurant, you can simply ask people around, it's all in walking distance. No need for bicycle unless you want to go outside downtown.

We order Honey Toasts and many types of Crepe Creams. We all share the food together, that meal is so good, making us very full and very yummy.

After that, we walk back to Monkey Dive and start our party. We play Palapilii Shot which is a game adapted form Doraemon.

It is the game that every player will be drunk. And most of the time, once you get drunk, you will keep getting drunker and we kept playing until 3 a.m. in the morning.

Before going to bed, tomorrow we also have many cool activities awaiting, depending on what time you guys will be waking up......... zzZZZ

:: So, let's just all ignore our plan earlier! We were so tired yesterday and party until 3 a.m.this morning.

We wake up a little bit late and greeting one another like usual. I feel like Monkey Dive Hostel is all ours that day.

We all changed our clothes and get ready for our next activity for the day. P' Tae, the owner, take us to the southern food restaurant.

And the must not miss restaurant is called "Khao Keng Taguapa". It's only 2-3 km. from our hostel.

And that's it! everything here is super yummy!

:: After finish our breakfast, we begin to run our program, start by going to Little Amazon, the city of snakes.

This place is like the evergreen forest, the mangrove forest that is so rich in trees, with the water coming from the sea, so it is salty.

We need to go by rubber boat or kayak to paddle and see many different animals inside, which mostly is snake.

The fee here is 250 THB/person. And it's about half an hour boat riding. If you want to see whether it's worth the money or not, let's go take a look at our photos together.

:: The snakes up there are the real snacks, I asked the staff whether they raised them or not, they said 'No', the snakes just simply stay there.

They will go hunting at night and at day time they will become girly, No..... not Krasue (male ghost who go hunting at night). But yes, they usually go hunting at night and will sleep at daytime.

And then I asked again, whether their teeth have been cut out or whether the poison have been suck out, and the answer is also 'No', the snakes just simply live naturally.

:: Andaman Passion, again, takes us to Memories Beach Bar and here would make all yesterday activities become ordinary.

Because the rest of the day, we are going to do surfing, the real surf, not just for fun.

And while we are waiting for the sun to be soften, some goes for Aroma massage and some just simply sit to enjoy the fresh fruit smoothies.

Among the wave that is melodious by music in Deep House Summer style, it's just so 'fin' (Thai slang-meaning very happy) that I can't even write it out > <

:: And finally, it comes the time for surfing, we all drag our boards to the sea.

Every board is cheaply rented out for only 100 THB all day long. P'Man, a staff from Monkey Dive teaches us the basic surf before we actually go for real.

That evening, the highest wave falls on my head, drags out my board and my leg along....

I think it's about 2 meters high, very very fun and it's not as difficult as we thought. And then we spend the rest of the day....

To just surfing, and we find out that one day is not enough. It's really really fun. It's so fun that even if I will get tan, I will be so willing, hahaha.

:: While surfing, I didn't care to take any photos. It was so fun that I forgot everything. I didn't boast a bit, you just have to come and try out yourself!

We surf until the sun is set. And the sunset at that evening is just so stunning, this is another day that is so much fun for me.

After that, we put back our boards to the warehouse before starting to enjoy our BBQ times on the beach.

We order about 150 BBQ sticks and grilled them ourselves. Feeling a bit exhausted, some of us drink beers while some drink fresh fruit smoothies and the other hand is holding the hot BBQ.

We all enjoy this moment under the bright moon, in coupled with the sound of wave that hit to the shore from time to time, and sharing our lives' stories. That night is a real happiness in my life.

:: At the end, there's also a fire show, from the slow life now it starts to get some rhythm and the heart is beating faster. Well, they play the music like those in the Full Moon Party.

At this point, my heart is already gone with this kind of good music and good atmosphere. Right after the show is finished, we are talking about our next destination and it definitely is some good night clubs.

Then, we call a taxi back to Monkey Dive. And for those, who is still up can continue to go, but whoever is tired can take some rest here. And even before we realize anything, we already here, haha.

:: This place is Build Factory. Outdoor is for sitting and relaxing while indoor is for live music club that is swap with EDM. A very sit-able pub.

At first, we just want to go dance a little bit but eventually, one after the other bottles are coming on the tables and then good time starts.

That night, we really have so much fun, everyone is really tired from all the travel activities, but everyone also save the last energy to show off their fantastic step dance here.

Well, what's more? This seems like our own club, some of us even go sing on the stage!

Everything that night just happens so fast. The club was going to close at midnight, but we were stubborn and stayed until 2 a.m. And even after 3 a.m......

I'm still ordering some more beers.... All I want to say is that, it was really fun time, it's also like we were having farewell party for one another because tomorrow we all will be heading to each home.

This is another trip this is beyond fun and in a short time too. And this last photo....

Is part of the clip from someone that night. Thank you very much for following up until this line. Thank you :)

More information about photography

:: The photos here mainly took from 2 cameras.

On the ground : iPhone 6

Under water : Gopro4 Silver

:: The photos are easily adjusted by Photoscape program, just choosing the tone of the color, not added any light or anything else : )