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:: Backpack Angkor Wat – Ankor Thom for 2,500 baht >>>

:: Backpack Vangvieng for 2,500 baht >>>

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:: Pull Over >>>

:: Hitchhike >>>

:: Cruising >>>

:: Bueng 500 Rai >>>

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:: Guilin Thailand >>>

:: Samui & Pangan >>>

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:: Around the island >>>

Pull Over>>>

:: This trip take 4 days and 3 nights

First night: Departure from Bangkok to Ratchaprapa Dam (Guilin Thailand)

First day: Ratchaprapa Dam + Bueng 500 Rai + Coral cave + Swimming

Second night: Party Killer + Palapilii shot

Second day: Kayaking in the morning follows by Guilin Thailand and travel to Koh Pangan

Third night: Full Moon Party

Third day: Koh Pangan + Paradise Waterfall + Mae Had Beach

Forth night: Go back to Bangkok and working in the morning

:: It is very easy to travel to Ratchaprapa Dam (By Public Transportation)

By taking bus that go to Phuket or Pangnga in the evening and we will arrive in the morning there. Then tell the bus staff that we would like to get off at the entrance of Ratchaprapa Dam. It takes about 10 hours. The ticket is about 600 baht to 1,000 baht depend on bus type.

:: From Bangkok Bus Terminal (South) we departure at 7.30pm. and arrive around 6.00am.

We hitchhike any car that pass by and ask people around here, they are very nice and kind.

If you cannot do that just take public transportation, just 150 baht per person. Or car rental with driver which you should negotiate to 300 baht.


:: Luckily, there is a nice person who volunteer to take us to the dam. Moreover, he volunteers to take us to the pier when we would like to go inside the dam, we can just call him.

The atmosphere in the morning is so nice, there are some foggy.

From the entrance to the dam is about 12 KM. We suggest that you should go there as early as you could because at that time we arrive, the dam looks like Heaven, you should see it for yourself.

:: Finally, we arrive to the dam... it is so beautiful as everyone is talking about.

We choose a package of 2 days and 1 night. We will meet them at the pier around 10.00am. We still have 2-3 hours leave so we are resting for a while. (From the dam to the pier is about 2-3 KM.)

:: There are many packages for Guilin Thailand both 2 days 1 night and 3 days 2 nights. Price is vary depend on where do you choose to stay. These information you can find on Google for your decision making and you should book everything before you come : ).

:: Now it is time to call that nice person to take us to the pier. It takes about 5 minutes to the pier. Then we meet a beautiful staff at a pavilion of the pier. Package that we choose is 1,900 baht per person. We deposit 50% at booking and pay the rest before get into the boat.

Our journey is starting >>>


:: From the pier to resort is about 50 minutes. But I think you will feel like it is 15 minutes one because you will enjoy so much with beautiful view on both side. I have never thought that there is a beautiful place like this in Thailand.

:: We arrive to bungalow, put everything in the room and prepare ourselves for lunch buffet. I would say that it quite valuable for the room at 1,900 baht. A big room can fit 8 people and a small one can fit 4 people in. They provide, pillows, blankets and towels, no air-condition, and shared bathroom. It is better than I expect with good atmosphere and environment. Due to I am so tired and so excited, I do not have any photos of the room. But below photo is resort that we will stay tonight :)

Bueng 500 Rai

:: It take about 15 - 20 minutes to Bueng 500 Rai from the resort. The boat will let us get off at the entrance and have to walk to the forest for 3 KM. When we arrive to the other side that means we are arriving to Bueng 500 Rai which is surrounding by mountains. There are 4-5 houses for staffs and pavilion for tourists to wait for the boat to get into Coral Cave (Stalactite Cave) which is one of the highlight here.

:: Bueng 500 Rai looks so elegant with mountains surrounded. We take a bamboo raft with engine to Coral Cave (About 1 KM.).

:: Coral Cave is a close cave with stalactite. It is not that elegant for me but it is probably for you or someone who has never been to stalactite cave. Inside is quite dark so we need some light to see all these beautiful natural creations. Is not it fun?

Floating on the water and surrounding by mountains ^^

:: It is swimming time and the best pool is in front of our bungalow. It is very clear water and very deep. There are Kayak for rental as well, you have to deposit 500 baht and get it back when you return. We are so happy to stay here and really want to come back again > <.

:: Our package is including dinner. It is very delicious with relaxing atmosphere. After dinner we play games and have some drinks. I do not know how to explain but we have so much fun and very happy here.

:: They use power generator here so at 11.00pm. all electric power will be turn off and turn on again at 6.00am. Each house will receive a lantern.

Because we are so happy and really enjoy our time so we forget to take a photo of memory. ><

Total payment for the first day

Guilin Thailand

:: Even we went to bed quite late last night but we wake up quite early to enjoy and absorb morning atmosphere here.

:: After enjoy our morning, it is time to move on to the next destination. After breakfast we are cruising around and enjoy the atmosphere to one important place.

:: And finally we are here... "Guilin Thailand"


Good morning :

Beautiful Scene :

Samui and Pangan

:: Finish our Guilin Thailand trip with happiness. For this trip, we have nothing plan, only bus ticket for round trip. But other packages we buy them here.

From now on will be a real Backpack. When we arrive to the pier, we have to look for a van to take us to Don Sak Pier. After discussed, we agree to rent a VIP van for 2,000 baht. Now... Let's go >>>.

:: It takes about 3 hours to get to Don Sak Pier. Then we buy boat ticket to Pangan, which 210 baht per person and it takes about 2.30 hours.

When we arrive, there are vans to take you to any places on this island. The price and place is attached to the van so you will not be cheated for sure. So we take the van to Rin Beach.

Arriving there, we have to find a place to stay and here is quite expensive. There are not allowed to book a room for 1 night on Koh Pangan at least must be 2-3 nights.

Luckily, we find a place to stay near 7/11, 2 rooms for 10 people for 3,500 baht which is very cheap. We put everything in the room and prepare ourselves for Full Moon Party tonight.

:: Everything here is so expensive, but the good thing is there is 7/11 for Backpack to survive.

Full Moon Party!!!

:: Once in your life, you should come to this party. It is the best party ever.

More clips

Fire Swing :

Come with fire :

Have fun :

Stay up all night :

Things to know and to prepare yourself before come here>>>

1. For guys, you should not wear shirt but if you really need one you can buy it here for 100 - 200 baht.

2. Should not wear any expensive slippers or you can just leave them in your room.

3. Get some drinks at 7/11 before go to buy in the party.

4. The cheapest alcohol tank is 250 - 400 baht, just choose the one that suitable for you.

5. Should buy color and paintbrush and paint on your body before go to the party.

6. Do not miss jumping over fire rope and water slider.

7. At midnight, do not miss light Full Moon Party with fire.

6. Should stay up all night until the sunrise.

Final payment for the second trip

Around the island

:: The sun is come up, it is time for us to go back to our room, shower and take a nap.

Then check out and go to bus terminal. In the afternoon, we plan to travel around the island before go back to Bangkok.

: )

:: First place is Paradise Waterfalls

We rent a motorbike for 200 baht but the deposit is quite expensive 3,000 baht. "OMG"

:: After have fun at the waterfalls for a while, we ride a motorbike around the island and stop by "Mae Had Beach".

:: I think Pangan Island is quite similar to Nang Yuan Beach and Separated Sea.

Here is so beautiful and really wonderful for me.

Before I realize, it is time to go back to Bangkok. Bus will departure around 5.00 pm.

Our trip is happy ending. Even we lose a lot of energy but also gain some powers back.

This will be in my memory forever...

Total payment for the final trip

:: PS - All expenses divided by 10 people.

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