:: I got an opportunity to go for work and travel in United State of America. There was someone said to me "We are a citizen of the world, we have our right to stand anywhere in this world" and he ask me "Why do not we travel around the world?" that really inspire me. So I came back to Thailand with my goal of travel around Thailand before I graduate.


:: After I get back, I start to look for places that I want to go then make a plan for travelling. This review is about places that I am impressed during three years take by 3 types of camera, Gopro, Cannon G11 and mobile camera. Let's start with the first one :)

:: Phahumhod, Chaiyaphum ::

:: Sunflower garden, Saraburi ::

:: Khao Chang Puek, Kanchanaburi ::

:: Chao Doi Village, Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park ::

:: Ta Pleun Ki, Suphanburi ::

:: Lipe, Satun ::

:: Ayothaya Old Town, Ayuthaya ::

:: Mor Hin Khao, Chaiyaphum ::

:: Pink Trumpet, Kasetsart University Kampaengsaen Campus, Nakorn Prathom ::

I started my journey when I was on the third year of university. At that time, money from my parents was not enough for my long journey so I became a signer in the restaurant to find more money. And later on, I saved enough money and opened a milk cafe in front of the university. But when I was in the forth year of university, I was so busy and had problem with my milk cafe partners so I sold my shares and used that money to buy Gopro camera and started to travel even more.

:: Mai Ngam Beach, Surin Islands National Park ::

:: Koh Lan, Pattaya ::

:: Khao Kor, Phetchabun ::

:: Chiang Mai ::

:: Pang Ung, Maehongson ::

:: Phu Ruea National Park, Loei ::

:: Similan Islands, Phangnga/ Phuket ::

:: Ta Chai Island, Phangnga/ Phuket ::

:: Currently, I have just graduated. I am working for a company in Ayuthaya. I separate my salary for travel every week like when I was studying.

:: Nern Lom Fon, Nakornsrithamarat ::

:: Phu Tub Berk, Phetchabun ::

:: Kong Mong Ta Village, Kanchanaburi ::

:: Mon Bridge, Kanchanaburi ::

:: Elephant Village, Surin ::

:: Hua Lam Phong station, Bangkok ::

:: Red Lotus Lake, Udonthani ::

:: Tung Bua Tong (Japanese sunflower), Maehongson ::

:: Huay Khakhaeng, Uthaithani ::

:: Phu Tok, Loei ::

:: Chiang Kan, Loei ::

:: Separated Sea, Krabi ::

:: Lan Hin Pum, Phetchabun ::

:: Pha Cha Na Dai, Ubonratchathani ::

:: Pha Tam, Ubonratchathani ::

:: Ban Khun Samut Chin, Samutprakan ::

:: Pliw Waterfall, Chanthaburi ::

:: The street no. 1095 ::

:: Mon Jam, Chiang Mai ::

:: Mon Ing Dow, Chiang Mai ::

:: Kiw Mae Pan, Chiang Mai ::

:: Pha Chan Charat View Point, Suratthani ::

:: Khao Luang, Nakornsrithammarat ::

:: Full Moon Party, Pangan Island ::

:: Sam Pan Bok, Ubonratchathani ::

:: Rafting in Keg Canel, Pitsanulok ::

:: Thi Lo Su Waterfall, Tak ::

These are all I have right now.

Thank you everyone for scroll down until the last picture. I wish to see you all during my journey :)

Mi Palapilii

 Friday, July 3, 2015 5:23 PM