:: During summer like this, the sea and only the sea is our destination. It must be spectacular. It must be the RIGHT location. One idea comes into my mind. It is "Lipe".

Due to "limited budget", going alone must be costly for sure. So, I announce to find companions by providing rough date and time.

Companions can slightly adjust for convenience. I limit at 10 persons and post on my Facebook page.

Few days after that, I got friends to travel summer sea with me! Haha!

Follow me : https://www.facebook.com/PalapiliiThailand

:: This trip is consisted of 8 females and 2 males. I'm so lucky that my senior, Big, is joining. So, I don't have to prepare many things. He has a plan to go earlier but he is in lack of companions as well.

Therefore, I use his plan. LOL (so lucky) Approximate plan is as per below;

- Meet at bus station, southern route

- Get off at "Satun"

- Take motorbike taxi to market for getting on minibus

- Take minibus to "Pak Bara"

- Ride speed boat from Pak Bara to "Lipe"

- Reserve accommodation for first night at national park on "Koh Ardung"

- Travel surrounding area by long-tailed boat

- Reserve accommodation for second night at Mountain Resort

- Wake up and take speed boat back to land

:: I set up budget at 5000 THB per person. Let's see if we can stick on budget with 3 days 2 nights at Lipe Island, haha.

First Day

:: We meet at bus station and book "999 bus" for round trip. I plan the journey all night for next morning. But the problem is I have never traveled to the south by bus before. So, I tell taxi driver "Go Mochit Mai. Hurry Up!" (bus station for different routes). LOL After that 30 minutes, with intention to boast, I call my friend to tell I have arrived / where are you guys ... something like that. But I start to be wondered when I ask which floor, where exactly. Why it's not the same? Then my friend ask where I am. I say "Mochit"!!. That's clear!! LOL

- Taxi 100 THB

- Bus ticket 800 THB

Total#1 : 900 THB

:: Luckily I go to another bus station on time, haha. The bus waits for me as the last passenger. Then bus 999 the southern route takes around 8 hours to arrive at "Satun".

Approximate 7.30AM, city center of Satun province

Second Day

:: After everyone got the bags, we hire motorbike taxi to go to market. (I have read from other review recommended to take motorbike. So, I follow the suggestion.)

The fare is 20 THB, same as mentioning in review. It takes around 5 minutes to arrive at market and find minibus to go to "Pak Bara" port.

The driver charges 20 THB. We get on the bus and move on. Along the way, you'll see beautiful sea view though the water is not very clear.

We reach Pak Bara in 20 minutes. Then we contact with speed boat that have booked earlier. After receiving tickets, we wait for the boat to depart at 9.00AM.

For smashing heavenly beach. Wowwww!! Lipe, Lipe, Lipe!!!

:: Motorbike taxi 20 THB

:: Minibus 20 THB

:: Round trip of speed boat 1700 THB

Sum with the first expense : 2640 THB T T (Budget is 5000 THB) LOL

:: First round, after riding the boat for 30 minutes, wheelman drops some tourists at Tarutao National Park. If you would like to stay here, you can get off.

For example, stay at Tarutao 1 night and move on to Lipe. If you prefer to only photograph but not stay over night, it is okay as well.

But you have to pay for ticket at 40 THB. 15 minutes pass through, I get on the boat and continue travel...

:: Along the way I find western and Islamic tourists. It is very fun to talk with unknown people. We have a chat though I don't understand all.

I use sign language, haha. (Feel funny when think about it) After that 45 minutes, we are at "Kho Khai", as you see in below picture.

Wheelman allows 15 minutes to visit "Stone Arch" ...

:: Highlight of Koh Khai is its spectacular nature, the immense stone arch that tourists can walk through. This stone arch is so called Satun's symbol. Sea turtles like to lay eggs in this area but the national park does not allow tourists to stay on this island. There is a believe that a couple who walk through this stone arch ...

Will get married. Oh! You can try. Just in case you'll find your spouse to bring back home, haha.

:: After Koh Khai, we arrive at a port in the middle of the sea. This port is used for transferring passengers from large boat to smaller one in order to go to islands or accommodations.

When I stand on it, I feel like adrenaline is flooding. I have to say "extremely charming".

:: Based on the plan, we will stay at "Mu Koh Ardung National Park". We contact long-tailed boat to drop us at Koh Ardung.

Along the way, the view is splendid. It is a view of Lipe with various resorts lining up on the island.

When focus downward, you will see western tourists swimming, sun bathing and walking leisurely. Front view is eye-catching green sea.

I think the tiny island you see in picture is called" Koh Kra". Many tourists like to kayak here because it is very private ...

:: 30 minutes have passed. Too fast to believe, we are at Koh Ardung with excitement. We check-in for not too long.

Leave the bags, change clothes and let my mind into the sea. OH MY GOD!! This is what I call "happiness". Two men sip beer on the beach while all the girls swim, dive and get to know each other.

:: After diving, we have dinner at a cooperative of national park. Then we go to a room and gather around.

Play cards and drink, a fast track to build relationship, in order to add more fun for the trip. ( We buy alcohol before getting on boat.)

At the right time, we disband and go to bed. End of the first night.

:: Prior expense 2640 THB

:: Accommodation 600 THB per night, divided by 5 (5 persons per room) = 125 THB

:: Dinner on average 200 THB per person

Total#3 : 2965 THB

:: Say hi to second morning of the trip ...

:: This morning I feel exhausted from the whole journey yesterday plus diving in the evening.

However, there is someone wake up in the morning and collect this photo. Thanks to my friend, Dave. This morning we have to check out and take long-tailed boat from Ardung to Lipe.

We go slowly since it unfortunately rains. But it stops when we arrive at Lipe. LOL Our accommodation today is a bit luxury, 7000 THB per night.

It is Mountain Resort. If you are coming to Lipe, I strongly recommend this place. Because it has the best view of Lipe.

The area in front of resort.

Room for the second night.

It is two-floor house with balcony.

From the terrace, you can see Koh Kra.

In front of resort, there are daybeds for relaxing :: After being excited with expensive room, this noon we have an appointment to tour around Lipe including diving at Ardung, Haad Sai Khao, Koh Hin Ngam, Koh Rawee, etc.

My friend call for boat that we have hired earlier at 2200 THB. Everyone gather in front of the resort in order to travel the whole day.

Existing expense 2965 THB

:: Lum-sum boat fare (2200 THB per boat) 220 per person

:: Accommodation (7000 THB for 2 rooms) 1400 THB per person

Total#4 : 4585 THB (almost exceed the budget T T)

:: The first place we are going is "Koh Derm". It is actually behind side of Koh Ardung. Don't have to explain much. Let's see photos. : )

:: Okay, after spending time behind Koh Ardung, the next island is "Koh Hin Ngam" But during the way, there is strong current with 2 m. height.

Accordingly, our boat cannot reach to the coast. Tooooooooo bad, soooooooooooo sad!!

May I copy photos from others to show you how it looks like.

:: The whole island is full of round shiny black stone. The middle of the island is greenish forest. Koh Hin Ngarm does not have sand at all. It is the most outstanding island among that area.

It is believed that every stone contains curse of Tarutao godfather. If anyone take it home, they will face with disaster. However, if you can line up 12 stones, your wish will come true.

Anyway, depends on one's believe :: Though I know the story, I can only stare at it. What can I do? The boat cannot moor at the island and wheelman highly concerns about our safety.

Actually there are much more problems but I'm too lazy to describe. Because I want everyone to travel as what we have planned. Okay, after Koh Hin Ngam (act like I have been there) LOL

We are at "Haad Sai Khao". There is nothing much on the beach, just stop for lunch. Anyhow, let's see the photos.

:: From Koh Ardung >> Koh Hin Ngam >> Haad Sai Khao >> Koh Hin Sorn >> Rong Nam Ja Bung

:: When we go to "Koh Hin Sorn", still in the same situation, 2 m. height wave. So, we cannot moor at the island though it's very near.

I'm deeply sad. But I wish everyone who read my review could safely visit every island.

Therefore, the photos below are not mine as well. To show you how it look like, I have borrowed photos of others.

Koh Hin Sorn is located in front of Koh Dong and Koh Peung, 15 km. from Koh Ardung. The appearance is as you see in the picture.

Highlight is 2 immense stones that overlap. The bottom stone is already broken. The top one seems to fall down but actually not.

Koh Hin Sorn doesn't have stunning beauty. It is only strange nature creating 2 square rocks overlapping each other. That's all!! ^^ :: Following the queue, we move to "Rong Nam Ja Bung". I have to say this place is superb. Staffs at national park said coral reef at other places are bleaching. Nowadays Lipe is the best place in Thailand for beautiful coral reef.

And the most beautiful shallow-coral is Rong Nam Ja Bung. (gotta admit its excessive beauty)

Rong Nam Ja Bung is in the middle of the sea. Reminds me of The Bermuda Triangle, haha. There is a pontoon for boats to tie.

Tourists can jump directly into the sea. The water is 5 - 7m. deep. But the water is very clear like you see in photo.

(I didn't take photos of Rong Nam Ja Bung by myself. I have taken photos from the internet in order to let you see together with my explanation.)

:: Okay, all of these activities are only you hire a long-tailed boat at lum-sum 2200 THB. If you go with many friends, you will have more people to share the cost and also fun.

In case you don't mind about budget, that's up to you, haha. After a long tired day, we come back to our luxury resort to take a shower and take some rest, getting ready for night life at Lipe beach.

During the night, the beach is similar to "Phangan". Can call a place to get drunk. LOL

Walking street is also very cool. Food is fully available. Upon travelling at the sea, what you can't miss is fresh seafood!! LOL

Previous expense 4585 THB

Food, drinks and hanging out on average 600 THB per person

Total#5 : 5185 THB (already exceed the budget T T)

Follow me : https://www.facebook.com/PalapiliiThailand

Morning of last day.

:: After last night we fully enjoy night life on tiny beach of Lipe, it is time to pack our bags and go bacj home.

Our accommodation provide free breakfast. The food is quite good mainly american menus and view from balcony is OH .... as you can see.

:: Time to leave to Lipe. My friend and me will always think of this place for sure because it provides us so many things.

So much of life experiences. This trip actually has lots of problems but I describe smoothly in order to let you guys see the perfect plan.

All of us really have to say goodbye to our beloved Lipe. But who knows there are 3 friends waiting for us at Trang, haha.

:: Invite friends in internet to travel at Trang : http://pantip.com/topic/31897470 ::

:: Summary of expense.

- Taxi 100 THB

- Bus fare 800 THB

- Motorbike taxi 20 THB

- Minibus fare 20 THB

- Round trip of speed boat 1700 THB

- Accommodation at national park 600 THB per night, divided by 5 (5 persons per room) = 125 THB

- Dinner on average 200 THB per person

- Lum-sum boat fare (2200 THB per boat) 220 THB per person

- Second night accommodation (7000 THB fro 2 rooms) = 1400 THB per person

- Food, drinks and hanging out on average 600 THB per person

:: Total expense for 3 days 2 nights at heavenly Lipe island, in case 10 persons :: 5185 THB per person (185 THB exceed from budget)

:: Let's say expense on average is 5500 - 6000 THB.

Follow me : https://www.facebook.com/PalapiliiThailand:: I have been travelling for 3 years. The reason to travel is because of the idea of changing myself. I would like to improve myself, see new things, do new things, eat new things, stay in new places and absorb strange livelihood of different locations.

While I was studying, I also worked as a part-time job to save money. My savings are mainly divided into 2 parts including investment and living.

The past 3 years are just the beginning. I would like you to watch this short VDO below to see my life in previous years. Hope you like it. : )

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