"Rapids Ride" more than 120 kilometers distance at "Wa River", Two days and one night trip written by Mi Palapilii

:: In the raining season, most people might avoid water-related journey. But you know what? ........Actually raining season is the adventurous season for adventurer around the world. Reviewed by : https://www.facebook.com/PalapiliiThailand Preface :: Hello everyone.

"Rapids Ride" more than 120 kilometers distance at "Wa River", Two days and one night trip

"Rapids Ride" more than 120 kilometers distance at "Wa River", Two days and one night trip

:: In the raining season, most people might avoid water-related journey.

But you know what? ........Actually raining season is the adventurous season for adventurer around the world.

Reviewed by : https://www.facebook.com/PalapiliiThailand


:: Hello everyone..........I am Mai and today I will be in charge to tell our story about our life on one ordinary inflatable rubber boat.

What amaze us is that in these 2 days our life will rely on that ordinary inflatable boat in the stream river called "Wa", which is named as Thailand's most difficult stream for river rafting ride.

::In this trip we have a big supporter for some of our budget and take good care of us through the trip like Mr. Samniang Jantima, I have to thank you for giving us chance to do our first review.

You can send inquiry and have more information about Nan province tourism information or rapids ride trip in upper to lower zone of Wa River at http://goo.gl/CavzOq or call to for 24 hours. : )

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19 October 2014



:: What's up!


:: Hello Nan


:: 1st Rapids


:: Dangerous


:: Rafting


:: Camping


:: Middle Zone


:: Highlight


What's up!

:: This is the rapids ride trip which is named as Thailand's most difficult stream for the rapids ride and we need at least 2 days 1 night for the trip.

The distance of rapids ride is more than 120 kilometers long, in inflatable boat, it is not easy but it' s not that difficult though.

We choose a package for rafting in the upper part to the middle part of the stream for two days one night; it costs 4500 baht per person.

(In this 4500 baht package will include inflatable boat cost, two oarsmen and one sculler, five meals, one night stay at resort among Sob Mang village and the shuttle to and from Nan city)

:: As for the transportation to Nan province, it depends on which one you are comfortable to travel with?

For me and my friend, we have 9-10 persons, so we hire the van and share the van cost together.

But if you would like Mr. Samniang team to arrange the car from Bangkok to Nan, the price per person/per trip will cost 5900 baht. Anyway, you can ask him for more information.

:: As we already decided which package we want and already negotiated for rental van cost, it's time to go on adventure in the long stream called "Wa"

Hello Nan

:: We leave Bangkok around 09.00am to reach Nan in the morning.

We make an appointment with Mr.Samniang, we tell him that we will meet at his house around 07.00am, but we arrive earlier around 06.00am.Therefore, we have time to visit to Phra That Khao Noi for worship and make a wish for the safe trip.

Normally, the view from up above is splendid. There is the Buddha image in attitude of pacifying the relatives and bare his hand facing to the whole city of Nan.

But the weather is quiet bad today, there are lots of mists which block us the beautiful scenery.

:: Around 07.00am, we meet with Mr.Samniang, greeting each other and then every one are in hurried preparing stuffs to be used during this trip. The stuff that does not use, we can just leave it here and carry only the necessary stuff. Everyone should has ocean pack for the trip like this but if you don't, the officer will also provide for the tourist. The ocean pack is in a large size which is able to contain around 30 Liters. Anyway, don't forget to well prepare yourself, body, heart and other necessary stuffs.

:: Around 08.00am, when everyone finishes with preparing their things, we could now start the journey. We will take a visit to Nan morning market first for provisions and buy some take away food for eating in the car. We just take only necessary things with us.

Before leaving Nan main city to the nature route, there are mountains view along the way.

The route from Nan city to Sob Mang then to Baan Sapun has a splendid scenery and natural atmosphere, especially in the rain season where the mountain ranges are full with green rice fields and corn fields like this.

The zigzag road making many people feel dizzy and would like to move their bodies to the back of the car.

:: Rafting along the upper part of Wa stream, we have to travel by car more than 100 kilometers to the point where inflatable rubber boat will be released.

That point is Wa river cross bridge in Sapun village area, Bor Glua district.

You guys will definitely not feel that the distance is quite far as you still can watch the nature from both sides along the way while you are drinking beer in the back of the car.

::It depends on the driver speed as we travel by car more than 2 hours, and finally we arrive at the release point around 10.00am-11.00am. When we arrive, the staff will advise you about how to use the equipment, how to row the boat, how to protect and safe yourself if you fall down from the boat or how to act if the boat capsizes and more. Just a only a few minutes, everybody is ready to go. We go on the boat with the take away food prepare to eat at the sideway and the drinking water to fill up the energy, our adventure is about to begin.

1st Rapids

:: We start our journey on the sunny day (burning actually). I think if the weather is like this, our bodies might get burn.

Our first day ride is approximately 40 kilometers from Sapun to Sob Mang. Me and My friend ready, now let's go!!

::During the beginning of the ride we are feeling bored. The rapids did not make us feel excited, and we think that it is such waste of time.

But when it comes to the far distance, the mountain beside is gradually high and we don't even know that we are in the forest now. The stream start to change to red color, the trees and forest in both sides are more plentiful, the weather is cooler and cooler. It change the boring atmosphere to be lively once again. I pick a beer can and open it"Poks"...."Zaaaa", I'm zipping beer slowly among the scenery of heavenly nature.

Wait a sec! There is one people falls down from the boat ahead of us!!

:: It seems we are excited that our friend falls, we did not even feel worried about him but on the other hand we feel kind of happy about it.

It is like our rafting trip starts now.

:: Only a few seconds while I'm thinking something in my head, our boat hits the rocks and it is straightly down into the rapids. The water is rapidly flows into our boat that we had never thought about this, it flows into very fast and we fear that the boat will sink. The water continually flows in and flows in, and the boat is still unable to move on; it is like the hydro energy beneath the water pulls it down.

We are stunned and could not do anything. Only 3 staffs are helping the boat to go out from the rapids.

Most of people that time overturn their body from the seat and flow into the middle of the boat. And my important duty that time is do whatever not to spill the beer from the can.

:: After escaping from that rapids, we didn't seem to griever or scare at all. On the other hand, we feel excited and full of smile, we laugh out loud all over the forest. That time I just take a little thought to myself that it was close during the time. Eieiei

The stuffs that are not ligated or put in the net, some of them float out from the boat. Therefore, we have to paddle the boat to pick them up, before we continue to next rapids. In the beginning, the rapids are shallow that we have to get off from the boat and push the boat forward. It is fun, give us a different great feeling and we also can play the water in the same time.

:: Rapids Ride 1st Video Clip ::

[Spoil] คลิกเพื่อดูข้อความที่ซ่อนไว้https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=745920072168441&set=vb.339207546173031&type=3&theater


:: In the upper part of Wa River, It is the rapids ride route for experts and the person who have an experience of the rushing stream. Although the distance is quiet short approximately 40 kilometers but there are many difficult rapids along the route. For me, with the lack of experience, I prepare to overturn the boat for sure.

The route is full of the rocks beneath the water and the large rapids are at level 4-6, we continuously raft and alternately pass through many hard and easy rapids.

And then we reach at the hardest rapids of this stream, Wang Bian and Thum Hok rapids. For the upper part of Wa stream, these two rapids seems very interesting, me and my friends would like to ride through to those rapids. However, the staffs have their strictly rule that whether there are lot or few of water, they prohibit the tourist to ride through and I feel sad for that.

You know sometimes, I travel more than 700 kilometers for adventure and would like to find some dangerous situation like this. if it's not for that, I rather go to Dream World to play Grand Canyon plaything instead.

:: Since they prohibit us, we can do nothing. We just stop the boat at the front of those rapids and let the boat floats along the rapids by itself. We just watch those two little unfortunate boat are crushed and hit by the water and the rocks, looks very fierce.

Seeing that, I suddenly change my mind and think that "It is good that I am not argued to ride in there" LOL.

:: Let the boat floats by itself and then we continue our walk and climb through many big hard sharp rocks, pass through the wild forest and the slippery ground for heading to the area where the boats stop.

It seems hard but it is surprisingly as no one complaints about it, on the other hand, we have fun walking and talking along the way. And more important that we help and support each other along the way.


:: After that we continue to ride through the rapids ride again. This time we ride in the rain, it falls down alternately making us feel fresh and release from the hot weather.

When we have a feeling for the toilet, we just jump into the water and that it is.

Sometimes we find the waterfall at the riverside, we just stop by and play the waterfall, seems like we are in our twenties. Long way ahead!!

Rafting Video Clip

[Spoil] คลิกเพื่อดูข้อความที่ซ่อนไว้https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=748104105283371&set=vb.339207546173031&type=3&theater


:: Six hours on the boat is full of excitements. However, as much as we are excited but we have to give up to the tiredness. The staff picks us up at Sob Mang school area and send us to the resort that located in the village. At the time we arrive the resort, we have to surrender to the smell of food that hit our nose. We are very hungry that we go into the kitchen and help the auntie to cook the food, some people go to take a shower, some people just sit and relax and take a walk to see the atmosphere of the village.

:: The accommodation is a hut that can accommodate around 4 people, there are water heater and fan provided.

The atmosphere like this, I think a fan is enough.

I heard the voice calling from the kitchen that the dinner is ready; we are so ready for this meal.

We finish it all up and later we have to bend our body as we eat too much, it is so funny though.

At first we are so hungry, but when we are full we just want to throw up LOL

:: After we rest for a while then we start to play games together at night. We have one bottle of wine and one bottle of hundred pipers whisky and high degree boiled alcohol which the staff boiled for us.

We play palapilii shot game, it is the game that we always play when we travel. And in less than two hours, we drink up all those alcohol and I feel astonished. Enough we say!! We are scared that our body will feel sick that we cannot have a fun from our tomorrow trip anymore. Some people still feel alright and continue talking, but as for me, I rather to have some rest and charge the energy for the tomorrow trip.

Day 2

:: Hello to our second day morning, Oh no, I rather say it's our last day morning here. I sleep tight last night because of the tiredness from the activities. My body suffers from rapids ride and our games at night which making us feel exhausted. The bed here is not great like those in the five star hotels and doesn't look elegant, it just only an ordinary mattress which is stuffed with the kapok, the one that is foldable. Anyway, why do I feel very comfortable sleeping on it? I sleep tight that I don't even have a dream, not wake up in the middle of the night and I don't feel that I haven't get enough sleep. I wake up with the fresh feeling and energy ready to go on for adventure today.

:: I walk to the kitchen and find the empty alcohol bottles standing there. Oh My God! Last night, although we are very tired from rapids ride, but we still have the energy to drink up 3 bottles of alcohols, moreover one out of three bottles is the highest degree boiled alcohol from the local people. What are you waiting for? Let applaud for our brave. LOL

This morning auntie, the cooker cooks Thai Stuffed Omelet and Fried Rice for us. In the cool atmosphere and in the midst of the forest like this, whatever we eat, it's all delicious . We talk to each other about yesterday night; someone gets drunk and does some stupid things LOL. We really have so much fun. Since this trip has many people that come from different backgrounds like Thai, foreigner, Christian, Buddhism, although the language may be the little obstacle but we are get along pretty well.

:: At 07.00am, the staff comes to look for us and tells us to keep our stuffs for rapids ride in the morning. As we won't come back at the resort again so we have to pack our bags and check out from the resort. We will get off from the boat at the end of the middle of Wa River, we take snacks and foods, apply sunscreen and keep all the stuffs in the car, and climb up to the back of the pick-up truck which will send us to the release point.

:: We drive pass Sob Mang village and get into the wild grassland and finally the car stops by the riverside.

Woww!!....It may be duplicated if I say those beautiful words, but the scenery in front of us is really beautiful.

There is the river in front of me, and next we see the sling bridge that has high mountain which full of the corn fields as the background. Local people built this bridge for agriculture transportation.

:: I see some local people carry the basket and cross the river to collect things in the forest.

I promptly grab the pipe and run to the bridge to take photos. How can I climb up to that bridge? I look around and see that there is a very small path. With my confidence that it definitely is the path to the bridge so I run so fast and finally I stand on that bridge. I feel very wonderful in our last day morning here.

Middle Zone

In this chapter, I will not ramble so much as the atmosphere in this chapter seems like yesterday, They are all rapids, rapids, rapids, rapids and rapids and the surrounding scenery is still plentiful by the beautiful forest. As for the middle stream, the main hard, enjoy and fun rapids at level 4-5 are Sua Ten rapids, Gra Jone rapids, Huay Dua rapids, Phi Ha rapids, Sua Ta Pob rapids, Rot May rapids, Mai rapids, Soi rapids and Wang Som rapids, they are all the difficult rapids. I won't explain more, let's see the pictures. : )


:: For this this trip, it is consider that it's moderate, not difficult and not simple. For those who cannot swim, you don't have to scare, you can definitely go there, I confirm. However, the pictures that were posted above, I cannot remember the name of rapids. I just recall some of it. I think that you guys can find the answer by yourself by traveling there in the next year.

This chapter is to take highlight from some parts when we ride on the boat. Let's see the clips.

Rafting : https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=749726645121117&set=vb.339207546173031&type=3&theater

Rot May Rapids : https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=749699261790522&set=vb.339207546173031&type=3&theater

Rong Nam Rapids : https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=748140305279751&set=vb.339207546173031&type=3&theater

Phi Ba Rapids : https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=748116145282167&set=vb.339207546173031&type=3&theater

One friend falling down: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=748104105283371&set=vb.339207546173031&type=3&theater

we are team : https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=745920072168441&set=vb.339207546173031&type=3&theater

:: As for other parts, I will try to upload in the other days. Thank you everyone that following the review until now.

27 October 2014