If it is too hot, so it might be a good idea to take a vacation... the temperature in Bangkok has become hotter and hotter and the winter has been later than usual, I have ever thought that the winter will never come due to hot weather. Eventually, time flies so fast, and it is now the real summer in March... As I have got the chance to go to Phuket for the business trip... I also get the chance to stay in various accommodation in Phuket. You are able to refer to the map, our trip starts from Surin beach, Pa Tong beach, Phuket city and Panwa Cape.

May I bring and show you the photos from various accommodations where I have ever stayed in order to let all fans image where they are on Phuket island. As we have visited many attractions, hence we have a lot of photos and it is impossible to attach all photos in one review. Thus, it will be better idea to post some photos for the future review (it can be called the epic of photos)

I start at " THE MANGROVE PANWA PHUKET RESORT" We call it shortly as " MANGROVE PANWA", I am so sure that you will get familiar with them easily. This resort is located near mangrove forest. It is surrounded with the greenery forest. My feeling towards the accommodation is different from the one that we have ever stay because there is the mangrove forest at the beach in front of the hotel. I would like to take all of you to Mangrove Panwa

I start my trip from Phuket city to Panwa cape by driving a car along Ao Yon - Khao Khad mountain road. The Mangrove is located near Ban Panwa resort, it is on the same way before you reach to Novotel Phuket Resort. I am welcomed with refreshing drinks in the afternoon. Furthermore, I also get the aromatic cold towels to make me even more refreshed. I have asked hotel staff to take luggage to my private rooms. I prefer to spend a few minutes to enjoy seeing surrounding area of this hotel.

For the accommodation of The Mangrove are easily categorized into 2 zones, 1st zone is upper zone where is closed to the lobby, the building faces to the sea. For other zone, it is the lower zone where is surrounded with many trees including the big cashew trees .

After asking some information from the hotel, I have acknowledged that this area was the park in the former time. Hence, there is no doubt that there are many trees in this areas. All of trees are grown in this area, have never been cut, each building are built with less disturbance to the surrounding nature. In generally, the architecture is quite well planned.

The pavement to each building is very nice and cozy. According to below picture, it is the accommodation in the lower zone, facing to the mangrove forest. The restaurant and small bar are on the right hand side. I really like the decoration and atmosphere over here. However, I would like to firstly show you the photos of accommodation as per following photos.

This is the first room type that the Mangrove has shown me, it is Deluxe Pavilions, the size is 48 square meters.

The physical structure of the room is medium size, it is suitable for 2 people. However, it is possible to add an additional bed for 1 person too. Furthermore, I am able to enjoy the lovely decoration outside the room, it extremely boosts up the happy moment for my trip.

There are 2 beds available in this room type.

There is no wallpaper to irritate your eyes. On the other hand, the Mangrove has chosen to use creamed - color tone in order to match with wooden materials. The main concept of the room decoration is according to wooden materials, thus all furniture's are made from wood. For those people who passionate in humble style, this place might be one of your choice once you plan for your trip.

Once you look through the room by turning your back against the wall, we will see that there is a slide door on the right hand side before you get into the balcony. There is a small chair which you can sit and look into the greenery garden, trees and beach.

According to the photo, you will clearly notice that the atmosphere in this room is very humble, you can find only table, chair, separated wall, eating zone and slide door of the bath room. Even the lamp is also well selected to match with overall decoration.

In case, the guest is tired of the TV program or cable program,the DVD player is available in the room. In addition, the Wi-Fi signal is also good as well.

The sun light of the afternoon has strongly spread into our room but it somehow reflects and alternates the shadows in the room, then it appears beautiful photos.

Once I look out from my room, I can see that each room (house) has orderly arranged, the Mangrove has left some spaces between each room (house) in order to maintain the privacy. However, there will be some rooms (houses) that are pretty close to each other as we mentioned earlier that the house is built to avoid disturbing the position of the trees.

The following are the photos that we gather from various corners.

We start with the photo of the small bath tub, we are able to see the light reflection once the sun ray has spread to the lath which is represented as the screen, it occurs many dimensional angles and beauty towards this small spot. Some of the guests might feel embarrassed to soak the body outside the room, but it is somehow nice experience for relaxing in the special atmosphere.

After looking at overall surrounding of the first room, we can now move to the next room type which is Premier Suite Villas.

The room decoration of this room type is quite similar to Deluxe Pavilions, the size of this room is 48 square meters. But the difference is the position arrangement of the bed and the room structure. In generally, the zone designation is remained the same format of Deluxe Pavilions including wooden lath and furniture.

Once we look from the top of the bed to outside, it makes the room size bigger from this angle.

The living space is also available at the balcony, the sun light will be too strong if it is the late afternoon time. However, if it is the evening, it sun will be decreased to the same level of the trees, and the trees will be acted as the sun blocker, the weather is very chill out during this time, it is suitable to sit over there and read your favorite books or listen to the music. Indeed, the early morning is also one of the suitable time which the sun light will be spread from the back through the beach... It really depends on your preference.

Furthermore, the rain shower is also available in the bath room like the previous room type.
The bathroom amenities are promptly prepared for the guests which are shampoo, hair conditioner, cotton bud. I personally like the design of the bottle for the bathroom kit. It looks like magic marker. ^^

Apart from minibar, we are able to find the washing basin and microwave at the zone on the left hand side but these are not available at some accommodation. Even though, it is a small space but it is well designed for multipurpose, we can eat and wash the utensils at this zone. I really like this design, it is tiny but it can cover multipurpose usages.

On the right hand side, it becomes my temporarily working desk. If you have not put so many things on the table, you can be very comfortable to work with your tablet or even put your favorite camera beside.

We come out from the room and have a look at outside Premier Suite Villas before move to the next room type.

There is a wooden lath for hanging your clothes, we are so sure if you hang your clothes in the late morning. Your clothes will be completely dry because the sun light has spread throughout the area.

We have reached the last room type and it is the room where I will stay, it is Suite Beach Front Villas.

According to the room type name, it is already indicated that this room is faced to the beach front, and close to the sea. Everything in this room type is the same as 2 previous room types but this room position will be in front of those 2 room types.

Even though, we will stay in this room type, but we do not miss the chance to take a photo of this last room type in order get the photos of all room types. To sum up, the decoration of all room types are similar, it differs only the room position - front/ back. The bed are available both double bed or twin beds... It really depends the guest preference.

Even each room type is generally similar but there are 2 things that make them different are light and shadow of each room.

This is because the position of the door and wooden lath including the chair which block the shadow, it creates the photo of alternated shadow, this absolutely appears the room dimension even more beautiful.

To end all the accommodation photo with this photo.

Refer to those 3 room types which I have taken the photos, they are closed to the beach surrounding with greenery gardens. However, I have not walked to the upper building thus I could not have the photos to present here. I guess that it will be probably the same design as those 3 room types but differs in the term of the structure, the upper zone is built as a building not the house. After enjoying taking the photo of the accommodation, so it is time to better wander around the hotel.

If I stay in the room longer than this, I will be so sleepy. Thus, I prefer to walk to wide space to see restaurant zone in order to know about its decoration and feel the atmosphere.

The are 2 small zones of the restaurant, they are close to each other and face to the sea.

" Mang Mum Restaurant" I guess that it is named in according to The Mangrove. Regarding to below photo, the floor is covered by the white sand. I extremely like this, it makes me relaxed. I have ordered the food and eat at this area.

It is also the eating zone on the right hand side but you are able to sit any zones that you prefer. On the left hand side is also bar zone. For the right hand side is more convenient for the breakfast because it is close to the buffet line.

Once we look from inside angle, we found that both zones are not much different, 1 zone has bar but the other does not have. Tables and chairs are placed for the rest area.

I choose to sit and chill out over here after spend some time wandering around. I look around the area, it is really nice and cool.
It is time to order some food to fill out our stomach, we start with the menu that the restaurant has cooked for us to try.

Mang Mum The Mangrove Restaurant has served various food styles such as Thai food, local dishes of Southern part , vegetarian food and international food. According to previous photos, we are able to enjoy seeing spectacular sea from this restaurant as well.

With regard to below cocktail photo, they are Pink Lady (the red - pink glass) and White Russian (the brown - grey glass). For the food, the upper photo is Seafood Soup and the lower photo is Crab Meat Curry Pizza. I guarantee that this pizza is very delicious, pizza dough is very tender. It goes very well with crab meat. The taste is very impressive.

The breakfast is available from 07.00 am till 11.00 am. Hence, those who wake up late, you still have plenty of time for the breakfast. For lunch, it starts from 12.00 am till 03.00 pm. For dinner, it starts from 06.00 pm till 12.00 pm.

From below cocktail photo, the blue glass is Blue Kamikaze. For the cocktail in pineapple is Mai Tai. The upper food photo is Stirred Fried Spicy Pork, this is my favorite dish and follow by Prawn Salad. The prawn texture is big and firm.

After getting full, it is time to walk for digesting.

This photo is taken from the high angle of the restaurant, you are able to walk to the upper zone. You will see the swimming pool, green field, trees. And there is a small bunker at the far edge before get into the mangrove forest.

We eventually reach the swimming pool, there are the wooden paths placed along the length of swimming pool for 20 meters. Even though, the width of the swimming pool is not that wide but this can be compensated by the length of the pool.

Once we turn back to swimming pool and restaurant, we can see the accommodation building at the upper zone from this point.

The sun has decreased its level little by little and the sun light has slightly disappeared.

It is time to chill out by finding the corner to take the photo. The evening twilight has spread through the trees and the field. The silent atmosphere of the accommodation can also make us happy.

We continue walking to the mangrove beach at the front area, we will see the outstanding point of mangrove forest for both right side and left side.

The golden light of the evening twilight has shined to the area, we can really feel the warm nature which is actually presented in front of us.

Once we look at the far end, we enjoy seeing the local lifestyle for the whole day. But, we can see the golden light reflecting on the sea, this creates such beautiful photo.

We are still happy to walk along the beach to take a photo and feel evening atmosphere.

The round sun has slightly dimmed down at the far end, it influences in the sun shadow on the sea to reflect the shadow from the front mountain till the beach where we are standing.

To change from the wide corner and focus on the near corner instead.

According to below photo, we can clearly see the big Buddha which is located on the Nak Kerd mountain, the Buddha is named " Pra Buddha Ming Mongkok Eak Nakkiri" or " Pra Yai"

P.S This photo is modified with white balance from the camera in order to edit the color tone of the photo.

The position for the view point of The Mangrove is very classic to see the beautiful sunset.

Once I have travelled to Phuket at the beginning of March, I have seen that the position of the sunset is close to the position of Buddha. However, we are also find that the position of the sun is on the same alignment as Buddah statue before disappearing at the back of the mountains.

To close the moment of the evening with the photo of sunset and mountain

To look in all movement of the nature, it becomes such real happiness and it is always beautiful. It might be a good idea to give sometimes for yourself and observe the surrounding a bit, you can see various aspects.

Even though, the last twilight of the day has completely disappeared but our obligation has not finished yet.

We prefer to indulge with the atmosphere of this resort during the night time. We are still busy in finding the suitable corner for taking due to time limit because the sky is still beautiful. If we are later than this, the beautiful sky will be gone.

Once we look at the swimming pool from this corner, we can clearly linear side. This is the prove that the swimming pool is wide but it is long.

The blue sky has perfectly matched with the color of swimming pool. We have divided 2 zones basing on the color. On the left hand side, it is the color from the restaurant light. On the right hand side is the greenery light from the green field.

This is one of the cozy corner.

To face into the beach by passing through the lath, it makes this corner so outstanding once we compare with the day time.

I have walked back to the lobby and the resort sign in order to take the photo of the night time.

The lobby area is close to the accommodation in the upper zone. There is also parking available in front of the accommodation.

I walk from the lobby to my accommodation in the lower zone.
The place is beautiful during the day time. The resort has turned on the light for all accommodation and the light on the pavement. It is also beautiful and it also creates the different atmosphere.

Once we look over from lower floor up to the building.
The little lamps are decorated along the away on each step. The bamboo is built along the step up to the upper floor. On the left side is the lobby. For accommodation building is on the right hand side.

To end up the day with below photo before laying down on the soft bed to boost up the energy and be ready for the tomorrow.

I wake up and refresh with the cheerful morning. The sun light from the lobby side has alternately spread with the afternoon scenery.

The big trees have inhaled the sun ray. The cute birds have sung beautifully in the shady and greenery garden. This is also one of the morning that I wake up without sleepy feeling.

The wide field has been paved by various shaped bricks...This moment is more cheerful than the afternoon due to strong sun ray at the back.

We can really feel the freshness of the sea over there even the beach in front of The Mangrove is not suitable for swimming because it is mangrove area. The resort has compensated this point by taking the guests to swim in the sea of the nearby area.

According the surrounding geography of Mangrove, the resort has prepared kayak boat for the guests. For those who are interested in kayaking and enjoying the atmosphere.

The guests are able to choose the right time for doing kayaking on their preference. The water level will be decreased in the morning. On the other hand, the water level will be decreased in the afternoon - evening.

Apart from doing kayak, the resort also prepares other interesting activity for the guests which is to sit on the long tailed boat to visit nearby island. There are 2 islands; Coral Island and Lhon Island that we can access easily. Surely, I do not miss the chance t visit the islands, hence I am not reluctant to reserve for the long tailed boat.

This photo is represented the scenery atmosphere while sitting on the long tailed boat to Lhon Island.

The sea is blue, there are a lot of fish cages. Some fish cage owners have creative thinking by opening restaurant to sell food on the sea. If I get the chance to have meal over here, it will be so nice .

It spends around 40 minutes to Lhon Island.

Lhon Island is medium sized Island, there are 2 beaches that we step off from the long tailed boat, I have chosen to get off on the bigger island, this beach is the quiet even the sand is not that white. But, this can be compensated by the quietness of the island. The beach is not too wide with a few villagers' houses.

Referring to the word of mouth of the villagers, they mention that most of the tourists have escaped from their hasten life to stay and have sun bathing on the island. As you may see from the photo that this beach is very clean, this is because this is not big island and crowded like other islands,. Thus, it is easy to take care of.

Even though, we have spent almost 10 hours travelling to this island but we could not see tourists to stay on this island, this makes it insipid atmosphere but anyhow we can enjoy taking the photo of long tailed boat.

The small creature which is called hermit crab, it is always cute no matter where we meet.

We have spent sometimes around 30 minutes before continuing to our next destination because I have very tight schedule. Thus, it is better to continue to other destination which is Hae Island.

We spend around 20 minutes from Hae Island to Lhon Island.

Hae Island has bigger and wider space than Lhon Island, there are many resorts and restaurants located on this island. We obviously see that there are many tourists stay and do activities on this island.

Even though, this island will be crowded with tourists but you can still find the quiet corner as well.

The sea at Hae Island is clearer than Lhon Island but the atmosphere is a bit crowded. You are able to choose basing on your preference.

Apart from swimming and wandering at the beach, there are still various activities for the tourists.

Most of the tourists here are the foreigner. To do and enjoy with various activities, these can also create the happy and special day.

I spend sometimes on Hae island for a while and it is time to go back to the accommodation again.

On the way back to the hotel, we have seen the raft what is used for feeding fish. We have been noticed that this raft will become a small restaurant to serve for the tourists who want to indulge with nice atmosphere of the sea and eat seafood.

To come back to the hotel.
We are ready to have lunch before depart from the resort and continue our next activities.

After reaching the resort, we have taken a shower and some rest.

We have ordered a glass of watermelon juice and pineapple juice . Our body has excreted lot of sweat from previous travel to Hae Island and Lhon Island. We chill out at the bar to attract with the wind. All luggages are ready to go to the next destination.

After having a sip of the drink, it is the time to wander around the swimming pool.

To enjoy and inhale some fresh air surrounding with the beautiful nature. I do not really want to go from this place.

Even though, it is the short period of time to be in this hotel 1 day 1 night because we arrived here in yesterday afternoon till today noon.

I am pretty sure to say that " The Mangrove" is the new resort where you can discover privacy, it is very suitable for those who want to escape from hurry life. There are various choices of room type for family, love couple and colleagues. This resort is surrounded with greenery trees and shady atmosphere. the scenery has alternated differently basing on the moment of the morning till evening. It can differentiate your feeling on each moment as well.

" The Mangrove Panwa " might be an alternative for those who passionate in nature.

If you have the chance to come to Phuket and drive a car to Panwa Cape and you have reached your destination or accommodation, I would suggest to keep The Mangrove to be one of your choice. To leave some comments for the photo, even I do not have so clear detail about the resort but we can obviously see shadiness from the mangrove forest. If I have a chance to go back to Phuket in the future, I will go back to take the photo of sunset in front of the beach and stay here for 2 nights in order to enjoy the night moment at " The Mangrove Panwa" even more.

See you soon and please stay tune to see where would it be in Phuket. Thank you very much.

Additional photo for the map of our accommodation.

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