This is the durian season so we really want to go to Rayong exploring a durian farm. However, we are not young anymore and think that it is impossible to go there just for a day trip.

Luckily that we have been offered a 2-night complementary stay with all meals included at Kantary Bay Rayong, therefore; we are going to Rayong from 5th to 7th June 2015. And I guess this is a good weekend getaway as well.

And if you are ready, let's go to Rayong exploring a Durian farm and staying at Kantary Bay Rayong with Mae Pranorm!

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Kantary Bay Rayong is located by the white sandy Saeng Chan beach. It is only about 4 kilometers from Downtown Rayong.

We drive from home in Nonthaburi so it is about 3 hours.

We have our business done around 3 PM and left to Rayong right away. Finally, we have arrived in Rayong in the late afternoon.

The hotel is located right by the beach just have the street in between and you can go and swim straight ahead.

Let's do the check-in!

The Wi-Fi is complementary at the Lobby. On the other hand, it will be 150 THB for 24 hours in the room.

Let's take a look at our room!

We are staying in 1-Bedroom Suite, room number 1015 on 10th floor. The room is about 70 square meters and there is a separate living room.

This is our room for the next two nights.

The kitchen is fully-equipped, you can cook almost anything.

There is even a washing machine.

Tableware and cutlery.

A huge sofa has been nicely set in the living room.

Home theater system with a DVD player is well arranged.

Now, let's move on into the bedroom!

There is another flat screen TV and a working desk.

The bathroom is right next to the bed.

The bathroom comes with a rainfall shower head and a bathtub.

This is a stunning view from our balcony.

We have checked our room rate through and it is about 3,100 THB per night with breakfast included.

However, I have known that you are able to get it at only 2,000 THB a night from Thai Teaw Thai Fair.

We have settled well and are ready for our dinner.

We are going to have dinner at the one and only restaurant in the hotel which is on the left-hand side of the building on the ground floor.

The restaurant is named No.43. It is a French restaurant and there is another one at Langsuan in Bangkok. The food is great and they are not expensive either.

A live folk song is also there to entertain the night.

We are enjoying the Welcome Drink before the dinner and it is possible here to ask for some beer as the Welcome Drink.

This is how the restaurant looks like.

The menu is as follows.

These are the food that we have ordered.

Seafood Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette.

Italian Sausage, this menu is incredibly superb and it has exceeded our expectation.

White Snapper, It is very delicious.

These three menu have surprised us a lot, we didn't expect that the food here would be this good.

The price is very reasonable.

The dinner is done and I guess it is good to walk around.

The swimming pool.

The Fitness Center.

You can even enjoy bowling at the Entertainment Center.

Table tennis is also available for you at Games Room.

Tennis court.

Another swimming pool.

Look at the view from our room this morning! It is stunning, isn't it? We don't even want to go down for breakfast now and can only wish that the breakfast could be served right to our room.

Another shot of the view from our room.

We are late for breakfast actually, there is no more buffet line because the breakfast is opened until 10 AM. It is opened until 10.30 AM on Sunday only.

We have heard that we must try Pizza Carbonara when we are here.

It is 230 THB and we think it is worth a try.

The pizza comes in a big portion for 2 persons and this is cheaper than The Pizza Hut actually.

I have to say it is so good just like what I have heard. So I would be one more person that would highly recommend this menu and you can even order through the Room Service having it served right to your room.

We are totally full now so shall we go to swim in the pool?

Or in the sea?

I guess it would be best to rest for a while reading my favorite book in the Library.

The Library offers complementary all-day snacks and drinks such as tea, coffee, fresh fruits, and cookies.

There is also an ice-maker. I have noticed that people come and take some ice from here all the time.

Today's plan is to go to a durian farm.

According to our friend's suggestion, we are going to Suan Khun Phaiboon to try a special kind of durian and it is not far from our hotel.

We have arrive around 11.30 AM but how come the gate is not opened.

There are also some other cars right outside. We decide to call and then have found out that there is no more durian, not even the ones you can buy back home.

We are suggested to call first to check and to arrive in the early morning to be able to get some durians.

Therefore, we have to go to another farm and we decided to go to Suan Suphattra Land which is not far from here.

To get in to the fruit farm we need to buy a ticket first.

The ticket has only one price and costs 300 THB per person including the fruit buffet. Even though you are not going to eat anything, you still need to pay for the same ticket price.

The transfer to go inside looks like this.

If you want to buy durians then you can buy them right here no need to go inside.

We better buy them back home because we don't think we are going to eat much and it is not good to eat a lot of durian at a time. It can cause aphthous ulcer.

It is 90 THB per kilogram.

It is a bit more expensive than the fruit stalls we drove pass by, it is like 70 THB per kilogram.

I guess the reason is that they offer better quality durians here.

The cashier is right here.

We have bought 4 durians and they will be perfect to eat after 3 days, the vendor said.

Three durians are for our friends and one is for us. After trying this durian, we are like this is worth it, it is so good. If we know it will be this good we would have bought more.

We stop by Cafe Kantary on our way back to the hotel. It is located on Sukhumvit Road in Downtown Rayong.

It is a very famous cafe in Rayong.

There is a wide range of desserts and bakery and we can't even decide what to have because they all look so yummy.

Let's take a look at the menu!

There are also many kinds of both hot and cold drinks, more importantly they are all cheaper than the one in Starbuck.

Our drinks cost only 85 THB and 60 THB.

The bakery that we have ordered are as follows.

The ambiance is perfect for having a good bakery, it is very relaxing.

The price are as follows.

Ice Caramel macchiato 80 THB.

Blue Soda 60 THB.

Honey Toast 150 THB.

Pap Lova 145 THB

Crepe Banana in Black 135 THB.

We head back to the hotel right after.

At the hotel, we would like to have a look at the room with the lowest room rate so we kindly ask the staff to show us right away.

This is the room rate that we get online.

It is the Studio Suite.

The room is pretty spacious.

There is also a bathtub.

The sea view can be seen from this corner.

Our dinner is here again at No.43 restaurant.

The food is superb here so I guess we better stick with it.

Let's take a look at other menus.

This is only for 240 THB, it is served in the hotel restaurant and it is even cheaper than many Japanese restaurants.

The last morning has come.

We are not late for breakfast today.

The breakfast buffet is at 224 THB per person. Even though there are not that many food variety compared to big hotel but it is totally worth the price.

There is a griller where you can cook sausage yourself. However, you should stand by while your sausages are being cooked because I have cooked twice but they are all gone after I am away.

The buffet breakfast is pretty much covered all basic breakfast menu but the sausage here is very tasty.

The ambiance is second to none.

And our trip in Rayong ends here.

Lastly, thanks to for giving a space for us to share great stories and useful information!!

Thank you to all fans and friends for your kind support and don't forget to go to Rayong experiencing a local durian farm and that need to be before July when there is no more durian.

Love you all,

Mae Pranome


 Friday, July 3, 2015 5:39 PM