Hi everyone! This is my review Vol. 21.
It was August last year that I got a chance to stay at The Bluesky Resort @ Khao Kho.
"365 Day of Happiness at Khao Kho", I was there during the season changing from rainy season to winter. If you are ready, let's turn back time and go to Khao Kho together!

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It has been raining since I left Bangkok and I have been enjoying the greenery along the way, it is very refreshing.

There are some road construction going on plus the road is pretty slippery from the rain so we have to drive carefully.

This is the very first stop spot that is a must to visit on the way to Khao Kho, "Route 12".

Route 12 is a famous cafe in the middle of the mountains on highway no. 12.

Maybe because the day I travel to Khao Kho is on the weekday and it is not the high season for traveling, therefore; there are not that many people and it rings me the loneliness.

Finally, we have arrived at The Blue Sky @ Khao Kho, it is truly beautiful like people have said.

I bought the voucher to stay here from Ensogo website in March 2014 and it was 1,490 THB excluded the breakfast. I have promised myself that I will come to stay here one day and it is actually happen now...hahaha

And this is how beautiful it is, this is just in front of the resort...

This is how the Lobby looks like.

Watermelon Smoothie is well served as the Welcome Drink, this is so perfect after the long journey, it is very refreshing.

The room key has been given, and it is time to explore the room.

This can be seen firstly after leaving from the lobby to the room.

This looks just like in the fairly tale.

This is the scenery along the way to the room.

There are 28 rooms in total and they are all in vintage style here at The Blue sky Resort @ Khao Kho.

There are two types of rooms offered including the Diva Blossom room in romantic theme and the Country Love in English countryside theme. Moreover, both types of rooms can also be divided into Deluxe room and Suite room. This time, I would like to introduce you to the Deluxe Diva Blossom room.

The Deluxe Diva Blossom room is well designed and decorated in sweet tone, it is very well arranged and very romantic. I like this kind of design personally, look at those cute little roses screen on the bed cover and the pillowcases!

I wish I could have my own houses like this.

The bed is very soft and comfortable.

The table set has been placed nicely on the balcony.

The weather is so nice plus the breathtaking scenery.

I start to feel hungry so after unpacking we decide to go out and look for a restaurant.

Let's look for something simple to eat!

The taste is average but at reasonable price.

These two photos above, I take it 5 minutes after one another in the evening.

The new day has come and it comes with the rain so I decide to sleep a bit more.

The rain has finally stopped and it is a perfect time to walk around the resort.

The highlight of the resort would be this Blue Salvia garden that they look just like lavenders and they are in bloom all year round.

Don't forget to snap a beautiful shot from here!

You can walk up in the hill and you will find this stunning view point of the resort.

The view from high above.

Another highlight of the resort would be this spot.

And it is time to say goodbye to The Blue Sky Khao Kho with these two photos below that are taken from the parking lot, they are beautiful.

Since my package is not included the breakfast, hence; we choose to go to the Story Cup Cafe for that.

Once we arrive, we have found out that the Story Cup Cafe only offers hot and cold drinks so we walk to the Sweet Home restaurant nearby instead.

It seems like they are not ready to open but the owner is so kind to prepare some Indochina pan-fried eggs for us.

We are heading to Wat Pha Sorn Kaew Temple right after breakfast.

Wat Pha Sorn Kaew Temple is located in Campson, Khao Kho district in Petchaboon.

It is going to be raining again, I guess. We came here as well yesterday but did not get off the car because it was raining.

We have given it a second try today but not sure whether it will work out or not.

It doesn't work out so we have decided to take a look only from outside since it starts to rain.

Well, there is not a problem. I can come back here next year, I guess....

It is a pity that it is raining so we have no choice but go back to Bangkok straight ahead.

I have promised myself that I will be back here.

I am so eager to get some stunning photos at Wat Pha Sorn Kaew on a clear blue sky day.

Lastly, thanks to you all for your kind support along the way and if there are any mistakes in this travel review, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize.

And I will see you again next time...Goodbye

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 Wednesday, July 8, 2015 10:03 AM