Ranong is one of the interesting province to visit because there are various beautiful attractions, delicious food and nice people. The trip to Ranong has begun after the trip to Surat Thani has ended.

Let's go.

We arrive at Ranong in the evening, we aim to see the greenery view of December, 2016 but we have seen the golden field instead. Anyhow, it is still charming.

Grass Mountain is the mountain where there are no big trees grown but it is covered by the grass instead. The shade color of grass are changed according to the season. It is really wonderful. It would not be the surprise if we say this is the important attraction of Ranong

It is time to drive to the accommodation in Ranong city, we have passed Cemetery of Ranong's Governor, it is about 1 km from Ranong downtown, it was built in 1883, it is the cemetery of Phraya Damrong Sujit Mahosaphakdi, he was the former governor of Ranong. He is always respected by local people. We have ever read his bibliography, it is quite interesting. The land for building this cemetery was dinated by King Rama V for the honor of Na Ranong Family.

We will stay at Jirasin Hotel & Apartment in Ranong city, it is newly built. The owner is very friendly, we are really impressed. The accommodation costs THB 600 with no breakfast. Please do not worry about this because it is closed to the market. The room has well prepared with necessary amenities. For further information, please contact 077-821-279 or 082-776627.

We have our meals both breakfast and dinner at Bang Gi Roti Arub Restaurant, the food is delicious with reasonable price. The owner of restaurant is very friendly.

There are various which you can order apart from Roti. We are very full and impressed with the food and service provided.

Ranong is the small province but it is really charming, we wil surely come back to visit here again in the future.

The roti goes very with the curry

We wake up in the morning, we are ready to continue our trip, we will go to Grand Andaman pier. We have bought Myammar Tour with Grand Andaman, we will be taken to Zedetkyikyun Island, Dun Kin Island and Cock's Comb Island, it costs THB 3900 per person, this charge include immigration fee, lunch & dinner at Grand Andaman in Myanmar. All has been arranged by the tour agent, we will go there by speed boat.

We can see Myanmar from this far end, you might see the building like the temple but it is actually not, it is the super store in Myanmar.

There will be the burmese guide with us in order to lead the tour and give the information.

The sea in Myanmar is crystally clear, we will do diving at Cock's Comb island first. Please carefully do diving because the water level is quite deep.

After finish diving, we will go to other island. In our point of view, it is very good to see that there are not so many instructions on the island, so we can see the nature better.

It is extremely amazing once the sea and beach are reflected with the sun.

We stop at Tafook Island in order to have lunch. The staffs of Grand Andaman are very friendly.

There are also Kayak available, it is for free.

The water is crystal clear and it has white sandy beach.

Some islands in Myanmar are not permitted to get in, we are allowed to swim and dive around the islands only.

It is such the clever idea to preserve the nature.

It is time for the dinner and we will go to have the dinner at Grand Andaman hotel, it is the big hotel where you can also do shopping in duty free. Furthermore, there is also a casino here.

It is necessary to take a shower and change the clothes at the hotel. Actually we can use the bathroom in the hotel but we prefer to take a shower nearby the swimming pool.

After finishing the dinner, we wander around the hotel and do shopping at the duty free.

The speedboat will escort the tourists back to Thailand every 1 hour, it is available till 22.00 hrs.

We prefer to chill out and enjoy seeing the beautiful sunset before going back to Thailand.

We need to go back to Thailand now to get ready to travel in Ranong in the next day. Please stay tune for Ranong Part 3.

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 Sunday, March 26, 2017 12:40 PM