Now, It's raining season and it is difficult to find a place to travel. I am quite paranoid that if travelling in the wrong season, I will be disappointed as the real scenery that I see will be completely different from like those in reviews. Therefore I have to consider thoroughly.


Going to the beach during raining season might not work.

Going to mountain, might not use to the mountain route.

Thinking over and over again.

Raining season like this is suitable to travel to the dam. Right!!!

Don't have to worry about the mountain route.

Don't have to worry about the murky water that we could not see the ground of the river (Of course, it is the dam water.LOL)


Then what are we waiting for? Let's go to Chiewlarn dam. Yeah!!!

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My rough travelling plan

Since I have already discussed with my friends and agree that we will stay at Chiewlarn dam for only a night, and another day we will move to stay in Khanom district to see pink dolphin, the Khanom's mascot.

(This trip we travel by plane and rent the car to our destination)

Ready! Let's go!


D A Y 1

We start travelling from Bangkok to Suratthani by plane; the departure time is around 06.00 in the morning.

And that doesn't take that long, as captain steps on the accelerator of the public bus no. 8 Oh!! My bad, it's the plane actually LOL.

We arrive at Suratthani 15 minutes before time, it is very fast though.

However, we arrive at Suratthani right now Yeah!!!

Next, we have to contact the van, taking us to Chiewlarn dam.

We could see the car rental counter at the end of the baggage belt.

There are many services to the tourist attractions.

We buy tickets to Chiewlarn Dam and it costs 300 baht per person.

(But we have to wait the van for another 1 hour TvT , Common! I need to go faster..)

After we take a van to the dam around 1 hours, it is time to go on a boat!!!

We reserve the package at Keeree Warin Resort.

At first we would like to stay at 500 Rai Floating Resort, but there is no promotion, so we just give up.

As the package price per person is very expensive, make me want to faint. Boohoo!!

Oh! And the room price here is already include meal + room + boat trip.

And at Keeree Warin Resort, the package costs 3200 per person all inclusive.

There is no separated sale for only one room.

The boat drives slowly through the rocks.

Woww!!! Finally I can see this place with my own eyes.

Guilin of Thailand, It's very vast and spectacular.

Well, we arrive at the viewpoint that everyone cannot miss taking photo at this place.

"Khao Song Kler"

Whoa! Sorry, I'm Wrong wrong wrong!! The picture I took is crooked.

Let's do it again. Take two!

"Khao Sam Kler"

Since our accommodation is located quite near, therefore, we have so much fun taking photos.

Don't know what it is, we just press the shutter. LOL

Take a photo with the ship bow.

Our journey seems like millions of years, so long.

We finally arrive at Keeree Warin planet(?)

By the time, the boat stop at the resort, my stomach is rumbling with hunger. LOL

After finish with the check-in process, we just know each other that we don't have to say where we want to go next.

"Dining room" Of course!

This minute has to be Kaeng Tai Pla only.

Ps. Actually, the food that the resort prepares for us is buffet, but we are very hungry that we didn't take much photo. We only have one picture post. YaY!


After fill up our energy, it is time to swim + kayaking.

Let's jump!!! The water is so cool, very refreshing.

After we swim for a while, it's time for the challenge.

You must not miss out this, if you come to Keeree Warin Resort!!!

Cliff jumping!! (Actually, it is not the cliff, but I don't know what we should call it)

Actually, when I see the cliff while I'm below the water, I think it's so easy, the cliff is not that high, and would like to take a jump for sure.

//The scene when I am up above//

"Noooo!!! I will not jump for sure. Never!!! why is it very high, I have to reconsider again" Gosh!!

//The camera move back to my sister who is still in the water//

"What the matter with you? When will you jump? Common!!!"

(And when she sees that I definitely won't jump, my sister climbs up to drag me down)

//The scene back to the cliff above//

I an my sister stand still on the cliff.

Well!! How long does it going to take for you to jump!!!

Alright! Jump. Three Two One!!!

Ps. I suggest that you guys should close your nose before jumping, unless the water will flow into you nose.

I am choking right now.

D A Y 2

We wake up early at 6.00am in the morning to watch the sun rise and animals.

There are a few mists greeting us in the morning.

We take some photos to post on Facebook showing how great is our journey.

(Before we back to normal life as salary man again, Ugh!)

The driver slowly rides the boat to watch the animals.

The weather is quiet cool during this time, the wind always hit our face.

The feeling of riding a boat in the cold weather while the wind keeps hitting our face and hearing the sound of many animals hunting for foods in the morning, with the mountains scenery.

It is very terrific!!

Ps. we are lucky this time as we can see the hornbill while they are flying (but it is very far away)

Two of them ....Ha!!!

It seems that animals watch us rather than we watch them.

After finish breakfast and check-out, it tis time to move on.

Bye Byeee!! Chiewlarn Dam.

After the boat stop at the pier and it is time for the next journey.

As usual, we buy the van tickets to the airport, it costs 250 baht (we go to airport to take a rental car, not flying back yet)

After that we will have something to eat before visit Phra That Chaiya, then continue to Khanom district.

As for this meal, it cannot be anything rather than Seafood!

Coming to Suratthani, we must try the big size oyster.

We visit Lum Phu restaurant for lunch, it is located at the estuary.

And now it's time for the seafood. Yummmmmm.

Southern Thai Sour Soup and Stir Fried Pargia Bean. It tastes very delicious.

After we fill up the energy, we drive to Phra That Chaiya.

Since at first we are starving that we don't even look at the map so we already drove pass Phra That Chaiya. Gosh! I think Pha that Chaiya is near to the restaurant. Sadly, we have to drive back on the same route.

The reason I would like to visit here is because I studied General Education course in university, and they teach about Phra That Chaiya. Therefore, when we have a chance, we would like to visit here.

Rough history of Phra That Chaiya.

Phra That Chaiya was built since 1200 years ago, in Srivijaya Kingdom. It is imitated from Borobudur stupa in Indonesia which Phra That has many stupas surrounding.

(Oh Wow...The knowledge that I have studied can be in use today, I feel like crying LOL)

Phra That Chaiya is really beautiful.

After worship the Buddha image, we take a visit to the museum.

There are many sculptures of Phra Photisat Avalo Kitasuan which are worshipped in Srivijaya reign.

It's a bit pity that I cannot take the photo to show you guys as it is prohibited.

During the way back, I find one dog, it is very cute.

After we are done at Phra That Chaiya, we will have to rush as we have to drive more than 60 kilometers to Khanom district. Ugh!

Anyway, it wasn't me who drive the car, it's my sister. LoL

During the way, my sister keep complaining why don't I make a plan, it's waste of time/// I have to sorry her again LoL.

After long way drive, we finally arrive at Khanom district.

We will stay at Aava Resort & Spa hotel today.

The accommodation and the pool looks gorgeous.

After finish checking-in, we hurried up and rush to the pool.

Today, we will have western food for dinner.

(The truth is we are too lazy to eat out)

The food at the hotel is very delicious, we love it.

D A Y 3

Today is the last day of the trip.

Start with my sister's breakfast and it is wonderful.

A large piece of "Egg Benedict"

After we are full, we drive out to watch pink dolphin.

We are lucky this time as we don't wait for long time alike watching the animals at Chiewlarn Dam, the dolphins show up. It's quiet a lot of them and we watch them in the near distance.


























Well, the truth is.......!!!!!!

We watch the pink dolphin from the sign actually!!!!!!!!!!!!

The truth is we wake up late and after we have breakfast, it's already around 09.00am. If we drive to Pra Thub Cape, it will be around 10.00am and we also have to get on the boat to watch the dolphin. We surely cannot watch the dolphin by that time. Moreover, the hotel staff suggests us it is too late to go anyway.

But I do not tell lies that I have seen dolphins but it's the dolphin sign instead. T T

For those who will come to Khanom district, please learn from our mistake, do not forget to wake up early for getting on the boat to Pra Thub Cape to watch the mascot of this province, the dolphin.

You don't have to reserve the boat in advance, as the hotel staff tell us that there are many local people boat always wait for the tourist. You can hire or buy the tour package as you like.

Ps. Anyway, we really like the dolphin sign, it looks cute so we take a photo of it. T T


Since we didn't go to watch the dolphin so we continue sleeping in the room.

The room we reserved is expensive so we just would like to get the most out of it. LOL

In the afternoon we drive out to the airport from the city of Suratthani to fly back to Bangkok.

We stop by along the way for some shopping.

And the last dinner for this trip is at

"Phu Ni Sa Restaurant"

The restaurant located on the mountain next to Tapee riverside. Therefore, we can see the splendid river view.

During the waiting for our food, we take many photos as the scenery here is superb. The scenery is full of green trees which we can see to the far end; it makes us feel very wonderful.

I would recommend this restaurant for those who want to travel to Suratthani.

After we are full, it is time to fly back to Bangkok.

This trip we have watched the pleasant scenery and atmosphere, making us feel that life is great.

When we back to Bangkok, we feel that our skin is burnt and darker like burnt toast. LOL.


The total expense of this trip excludes the meals cost (per person)

- Bangkok - Suratthani

: Air ticket 1300 baht

- Airport - Chiewlarn Dam

: Van from airport 300 baht

- The accommodation cost at Keeree Warin Resort.

: 2,900บาท

- Chiewlarn Dam - Airport (to take a rental car)

: Van from the dam 250 baht.

- Airport - Khanom district / Khanom district - Airport

: Car rental cost 2047 baht (511baht/per person)

- The accommodation cost at Aava Resort

: 1279 baht

- Suratthani - Bangkok.

: Air ticket 1450 baht


Total cost this trip is 6540 baht altogether.


We have to end this review here.

If you have any inquiry or any question, you can leave the comment here.

See you again in next review.


 Thursday, July 9, 2015 10:16 AM