Hi all README fans....

Today I would like take you all on journey with budget of 1,000 THB as we have a limited of time so let's go to the waterfall...

Taking a free train

There is a free train from Thonburi Station to Kanchanaburi at 7.50 am. (The train will be a little bit late). There are so many people taking the free train with us so you better be really quick to get your seat. The train will arrive at Kanchanaburi around 11.00 am.

From the train station, we take the bus to bus terminal (20 THB) which does not take that long. Then take another bus "Kanchanburi - Erawan" which will departure every hour. It takes about 1.30 hrs. and the ticket is 50 THB.

The entrance fee of the ERAWAN National Park

- Thai citizen 100 THB (Student card 50 THB)

- Foreigner 300 THB

Arriving, we contact the officer for tent rental (we have book the camping area in advance because we can be first who can choose the tent)

A Tent for 2 pax is 150 THB and sleeping set is 10 - 50 THB

(Actually you can come and book here)

There is a welfare shop for food, drink and snack, the shop will be closed at 8.00pm. Bathroom is free, bicycle rental is 150 THB per day or 50 THB for 3 hrs. (If I remember it correctly).

Our tent is ready so leave everything and get change to jump into the waterfall.

Earwax Waterfall has 7 levels and the most famous is level 4 where there are a lot people. On the first day we only get to level 5 because after 3.30 pm. the officer will not around any tourist to go up there because it might be dangerous.

In the morning, we intent to go up to level 7 of the fall so we leave the tent at 8.00 am. We thought that is it still early, there should not be many people but we are wrong. If you want a very beautiful moment of waterfall, you should come earlier than this. The hiking trail to level 7 is not too difficult but also not too easy, it takes us about an hour to get there.

In my opinion, level 2 & 3 is a good place to take photos and swim.

After the most funniest moment, it is time to get back to where we belong...

The national park allow us to return sleeping set before 3.00pm. Do not be late..Ok!!!.

We left the national park around 2.00pm. and take the bus to bus terminal then buy the van ticket back to Bangkok.

Expense lists (Not including food)

Bus from train station to Bus Terminal = 20 THB

Bus Kanchanaburi - Erawan (Round trip) = 100 THB

Entrance fee = 100 THB

Tent + Sleeping Set (share with my friend) = 120 THB

Van ticket to Bangkok = 120 THB

Total 460 THB

See!!! just have a thousand baht in hand, you also can set your own journey...

A Sexy Journey

 Thursday, March 9, 2017 1:59 PM