Slow Time at Amphawa (Na Non Hotel & Spa) written by ลุงเสื้อเขียว

Amphawa is a popular place for travelling for a very long time. This place is reputed for its evening floating market and cruising to watch firefly. This market is lively only during Friday evening to Sunday and holidays. My objective of coming to Amphawa is to attend a seminar for 5 days

Slow Time at Amphawa (Na Non Hotel & Spa)

Slow Time at Amphawa (Na Non Hotel & Spa)

Amphawa is a popular place for travelling for a very long time. This place is reputed for its evening floating market and cruising to watch firefly. This market is lively only during Friday evening to Sunday and holidays.

My objective of coming to Amphawa is to attend a seminar for 5 days and 4 nights. The seminar starts on Monday to Friday which is an all-day event. Due to the program, I spend most of the time in hotel. Location for the seminar is "Amphawa Na Non Hotel & Spa" which is only few minutes from the Amphawa floating market.

From Muang Mae Klong heading to Amphawa market, beafore reaching to Klong Amphawa crossing bridge around 100 m., you will see the hotel on your right hand side.

Amphawa Na Non Hotel is a Modern Tropical style that has been opened for 2 years.

There is 7-11 in front of the hotel. Parking lot is in the front and behind the hotel.

The sign is beautifully designed though it is an artificial tree, still looking refreshing.

Ground floor is open air helping the air flow easily. The decoration is in brown color. Originally this place was a coffee shop but currently becomes hotel. Lobby area is in the middle of the hotel. On the left side is restaurant.

Right hand side is a space for guests to relax.

Behind the lobby is many chic clocks. Each of them tells the time of different countries.

Living area is designed in colorful theme including furniture, cushions and tiles. I really like it.

There is a reading corner as well. The elevator is

Let's check on my bedroom, Deluxe type. The elevator is touch screen.

I am very impressed with the decoration style before entering into the room. The design of room no. is using the light shine through transparent plastic with room no. The light reflecting on white ceiling represents room no. that can be seen from far away. The light at walk way is designed to be dimmer than other hotels giving sleepy feeling since opening the door.

The room has large space. There is balcony for breathing fresh air. The floor is polished concrete style.

Bathroom door and washbasin are next to the bed.

The balcony is covered with artificial grass and equipped with chair set. There is wooden screen to protect the room from sunlight. The screen can be slide as well.

The room is also supplied with a pair of chair and lamp for reading, TV, refrigerator, hair dryer, safe and free WIFI.

The bathroom is not separated between wet and dry area. The toilet has rinse spray and there are 2 types of shower heads.

I have to say bed and pillows are super comfy. I think the bed is from "Jaspal" which is imported from USA. There are 3 pillows at bedhead plus 1 lamp and telephone.

Inside each room, there is a drawing that tells story about Amphawa. Each drawing is painted one by one.

The wardrobe is designed in opened style, looking arty.

Kettle and coffee set are also provided.

Each room is decorated in different color. For example, my room is in yellow while another room is in orange.

The hotel has 2 types of Suite Room. Let's check it out.

For first type, upon opening the door, you will find bathroom area which there are 2 bathrooms.

Passing the bathrooms is living room where you can enjoy activities together. Inside Suite type, there are 2 bedrooms which are separated by slide mirror making the room look bright and airy.

Bedroom has only bed, lamp, wardrobe and air condition.

Another bedroom is also the same: bed, lamp, wardrobe and air condition.

Let's see another Suite Room.

The first thing you see would be bathroom area, same as previous one, but this room is different. There is no common space and room wall is concrete.

Main bedroom has generous space for activities equipped with large sofa set and TV.

Another bedroom is quite smaller. There are only TV, chair and lamp at bedhead. Both bedrooms don't have wardrobe but have space in bathroom for hanging clothes.

Amphawa Na Non has 36 rooms in total including 24 Deluxe Rooms and 6 Suite Rooms (Each room has 2 bedrooms.)

After seeing all rooms, let's survey other areas.

Start with 5th floor which is living area on roof top. Food can be ordered up here. You can see top view of Amphawa. Next to relaxing area is seminar room.

Drawing that presents story about Amphawa can be found all over the hotel including bedrooms.

The hotel also provides free bicycle for going around Amphawa market.

This is the evening ambiance.

Area in front of hotel.

Each floor has common area for relaxing decorated with bright light. But way walk is designed to be dimmer making me want to sleep.

Living area on 2nd floor.

The 3rd floor has sofa set in heart shape. I forget to take photo of the 4th floor.

The ambiance of rooftop in the evening is very nice.

Moving to restaurant zone.

Upon turning towards lobby, the restaurant is on the left side of lobby. There are tables for 2 persons, 4 persons and long table for 6 persons. The restaurant is decorated in polished concrete plus wood as minor elements making it more attractive.

Outstanding points of Amphawa Na Non Hotel that I can experience within 5 days and 4 nights are;

- Excellent location near floating market, less then 3 minutes.

- Convenience to buy things as there is 7-11 in front of the hotel.

- Parking lot in the front and behind hotel.

- Very strong signal of free WIFI and easy to access.

- Super comfy bedding.

The only weak point is bathroom. It does not separate between wet and dry area making. When taking a shower, water spreads all over the bathroom.

During the day, I have only morning period, 6.00 - 7.30 AM, and evening period, 5.30 - 7.00 PM, to travel around Amphawa.

In the morning, my first destination is "Nativity of Our Lady Cathedral" or also known as "Bang Nok Khwaek Church". The church has 100-year of age located on "Mae Klong" riverside. It is originally center of Catholics in west and south of Thailand. Therefore, it is beautifully arrayed than church of other sects. The large church is built in Gothic style with apex pointing to the sky.

I arrive too early and can't wait until the church opens. So, I can only survey surrounding area. Outside decoration is splendid. Travelling to Bang Nok Khwaek Church is easy. From Amphawa market, go straight for 7 km. Try to observe on the left hand side. You will see the church beside the road.

In the evening, my destination is "Wat Bang Kung".

Wat Bang Kung is in Amphoe Bang Khonthi, inside Bang Kung camp area. The main attraction of the temple is the chapel overgrown by a Banyan tree making it becomes one of Unseen Thailand sites.

Inside chapel is sculptured Buddha image of "Luang Phor Buddha Manee Nil" in subduing Mara attitude, late Ayutthaya period. It is a holy place for locals. Apart from that, the inside wall is painted with rare mural paintings from the late Ayutthaya period describing history of Buddha. The paintings present image of Buddha preaching and sitting inside an arch surrounding with Chief disciples.

In present, the intendant has enclosed the temple with rope and hang a sign for permitting tourists to climb inside and take photos at the window. In my opinion, doing so greatly reduce the charm of temple. The intendant should find better ways to prevent tourists. However, I understand the intention to preserve this ancient place to be with Bang Khonthi locals for a long time. If tourists didn't climb on window area, the intendant wouldn't have to do this.

To travel to Wat Bang Kung, use to same route as Bang Nok Khwaek Church. Prior to the church, make a left turn to "Somdech Phra Amarin Bridge" and turn left again. After that, go straight around 6 km. You will reach to Wat Bang Kung.

Next morning, I absorb the atmosphere of Amphawam market and appreciate cozy livelihood of Amphawa locals.

The ambiance in morning is very peaceful. I didn't have a chance to live slow life like this fro very long time. Monks start collecting alms since early morning. Some paddle, some walk along small road parallel with Amphawa canal. The atmosphere is so much different from evening moment when the market opens.

In the evening I walk back to Amphawa market again.

Next to floating market is a location of "Wat Amphawan Chetiyaram". It is presumed that the temple was built in the reign of King Rama 1. At present, it is a royal temple of the second class. The Ubosot and permanent structures within the temple are mostly created in the early Rattanakosin style. In addition, King Rama II is also memorialized here.

Then I walk back to Amphawa market again. The atmosphere of weekdays in morning and evening are not different at all. I have a chance to see the real livelihood Amphawa people. The slow life that is not easy to find in present society where everything is rushing. I wish to live slow life with Amphawa for a long long time.

I wait to collect the evening light at floating market. The more it gets dark, the more charm it shows. Color of the sky helps painting Amphawa to be more colorful.

If you would like to live slow life at Amphawa, have a try on weekdays. Then you will get to know the real Amphawa.