I'm a language student at Brighton city in the UK. That I almost go home, I decided to make a one day trip to Portsmouth a day prior to my journey back to Thailand. Since it's not so far from my living city, I didn't have to plan much. After roaming around Portsmouth town in the morning, I decided to take the ferry to Isle of Wight Island with no plan in my head.

Since there's not many reviews on this island at that time, we only knew that this is a vocation town for English. At first, we plan to bike around here. But we found that the island is so beautiful and huge and the rental bike is gone! So we need to rethink for a while. Then, we see the bus at the front. We quickly go query for more information and decided to take the hop on and hop off bus where we can stop and get on at any bus stop we want. Due to limited time, we didn't get to roam around the entire island.

We also couldn't make up our minds of where to go so we just look at the map and point it out! In front of us now is the viewpoint and the cable car which are very beautiful.

The Needles Landmark Attraction is where we choose as our final destination for today.

Once we reach here, we could do many things. We choose to take the cable car (The Needles Chairlift). Actually, it took us sometimes to finally make this decision because we were quite scared of height and unsure with the cable cars' safety issue. But since we are already here, we simply can't miss it. Also, the best view can only be seen from taking this cable car. And, we made the right decision.

The cable car keeps moving until the cliff view. The view in front of us is the mountain and endless sea which is so beautiful. My feeling now is so free and so glad that we chose to come here. I'm just so happy beyond words can explain.

Once we get down, we enjoy our photography time and walking near the beach that we completely forgot the time. Then, we found that we need to go back now. We walked back to find the bus just left a few seconds ago and it's the last bus of today!

If we didn't take this bus, we will miss the ferry which in turn will make us miss the train too! One of my friends get her conscious back, so she went to ask the staff. The staff suggested us to walk towards another bus stop which is about a mile away in order to catch the other bus which will arrive in half an hour. Now, we must go there as fast as we could. We walk, run, walk fast and do everything we could to reach there the fastest. At that moment, we were so suffering, so cold, so tired, and painful. We are certain that this must be more than just a mile walk.

But what can we do except keep on walking? Then, we see the bus afar. Some of our friends already reach there while several of us are still behind. Our friends asked the bus to wait for us, but the answer is no and he must go and then he leaves. Once we are here, we are all in shock. Some of us start to cry. Really, what can we do? Then we go to buy a water to drink. Suddenly, a woman drives her small car and stops near us and asks whether we missed the bus and we said yes. Then, she offers us a ride. The feeling at this moment is like we are at our lowest point before soaring to the highest point so quickly. Or the angle does exist? And that's what we thought. We had a good conversation along the way. At first, we thought that she's on the way to this pier, but no, this angle saw us walking pass her house and decided to drive out because she thought that we might miss the bus. When we learnt that, our tears burst out along with our laughter.

Today is such an emotional day. Finally, we made it on time to the pier and said goodbye to this kind angle. We end our day at the ferry's desk while watching the sun slowly fading into the sea.

Farewell Isle of wight, the island that is full of happiness, sadness, excitement, and beauty. It also gives us the lesson of friendship that wouldn't break and proves that the angle is real!

Address: Alum Bay New Road, Alum Bay PO39 0JD, United Kingdom

Hours: 10AM - 5PM

How to get there: The number 7 Southern Vectis bus from Newport serves Alum Bay

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 Monday, March 20, 2017 12:07 AM