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"Sam Phan Bok", Ubonratchathani is one of Unseen Thailand, there are over 3,000 holes that was scour by water flow of Khong River and become different shape such as The Emerald Lake, Micky Mouse Bok and Dog Head Stone.

Summary Expenses:

1. Camping area 100 THB (Bring your own Tent)

2. Boat tour 1,000 THB (for 6 - 7 pax)

Period of travel : November - May

Open: All day; Suggest time 7.00am - 10.00am and 3.00pm - 6.00pm. (It is not too hot).

In Winter is will get dark around 5.00pm.

Activities: Boat tour to see traditional way of life of people beside the river.

Further information: If you you would like to camp here, it is 100 THB for camping area and you bring your own tent. There are 5 - 6 share bathrooms in service. After 6.30pm., all shops start to close so you should be well prepare for your food and needed items.

This is our first time to go to the North Eastern Part of Thailand and our intention is to visit Sam Phan Bok. As we have heard about this Unseen Thailand for so long, once we arrive it is so amazing.

Our review has not completed yet as we go to many tourist attraction places in Ubonratchathani so please wait and see the next part on the nest review.

But we cannot wait to show everyone the Unseen Thailand "Sam Phan Bok" so we release this to share with all of you first.

We arrive at Sam Phan Bok around 3.00pm. and camping at Krua Sam Phan Bok as they said that here the great location that have great view in front of the tent.

And these are tent for 4 of us (It is hot now but it is getting better at night)

Around 3.30pm. we take the boat tour to sightseeing around Sam Phan Bok (1,000 THB)

There are boats along the coastal in service, you call them up any time.

Get on the boat...Let's GO!!!!

Traditional way of life of people beside Khong River

The colorful stones

At 5.00 am., we wake up to get a very wonderful photo of The Emerald Lake in the morning.


 Tuesday, March 21, 2017 6:46 PM