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Today, I'd like to take you guys to the sea and to dive at Sipadan Island, Malaysia.

For a diving lover, I'm sure that everyone must have heard of Sipadan Island because it is one of the must go lists for the scuba diving lover.

I also just got the chance to visit and it's totally worth it because from my diving experiences, Sipadan Island is really one of the places that I see so many fish.

Sipadan Island is a small island on the south of Malaysia. It is in Sabah state.

It is a world class well known sea for having complete underwater lives with lots of sea animals, fish, and turtles. The sea is also very still. The best time for diving is from April to the beginning of November.

Sipadan Island has a really complete underwater world.

Here is a close up shot of a turtle.

To travel to Sipadan Island, we must sleep at the nearby island at Kapalai Island or Mabul Island because there're no hotels or whatsoever accommodations on Sipadan Islands. We can only do a one day trip here.

To travel to Mabul Island is also not yet so convenient because there's no direct flight. Anyhow, it's not that bad. We can take the flight from Kuala Lumper to Tawau which takes about 3 hours. Tawau is the closest airport to the pier. Then, it takes about one and a half hours by car to reach the pier from the airport. Most of the cases, if you travel for more than one person, the hotel would offer you a free pick up service. Once we reach the pier, we will take the speed boat towards our hotel where each hotel has their own speed boat for their guests. Here, it is another hour ride.

Here is the surrounding view of the hotel that we stayed on Mabul Island.

We are staying at BORNEO DIVERS RESORT which is the hotel specifically for those who come for diving.

Let's take a rest at the front of the hotel before going out for diving.

Another thing I like about Sipadan Island is that they have a tourist quota. Each day, they only welcome about 100 guests. Therefore, each hotel would get their own quota and most of them would force their guests to stay at least 5 days 4 nights in order to get a confirmation on a day trip to Sipadan Island.

If you can only do 4 days and 3 nights trip, I recommend you to either go at the beginning of the season or the end of the season at the beginning of November where the guests are not so many and that you can make a negotiation with the hotel.

The water is extremely clear.

We are ready to dive now!

We stop by to take a photo with a turtle laying on the rock.

For the diving lover, you also must not miss to dive at Baarracuda Point which is the peak. I have seen more than 10 sharks and about 20 turtles when diving there. Well, let's say, I'd see something whenever I look out. At the end, I also get to see Fish Tornado who are swimming just around me. I can only say that, it's so super amazing! We are very lucky that the weather and visibility that day is so good and we can see as far as 20 meter. We are so impressed with this trip.

We are in the middle of Jack fish or as known for Fish Tornado.

After fishing this blog, I just wanted to dive again now.

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 Friday, March 24, 2017 9:30 PM