'Priceless View!' at Woo Bar, W Retreat Koh Samui written by Bestie Wanderer

Phuket has Sri Panwa... Samui has ' W RETREAT Koh Samui ' W Retreat Koh Samui is chic, cool, luxury, and worth a visit truly! I believe that many of you have seen photos of this hotel, have heard about it, and would like to stay here for once. However, the room rate which is normally over

'Priceless View!' at Woo Bar, W Retreat Koh Samui

'Priceless View!' at Woo Bar, W Retreat Koh Samui

Phuket has Sri Panwa... Samui has ' W RETREAT Koh Samui ' W Retreat Koh Samui is chic, cool, luxury, and worth a visit truly! I believe that many of you have seen photos of this hotel, have heard about it, and would like to stay here for once. However, the room rate which is normally over 20,000 THB!... has limited your dream. For me, I have to crack up my saving to come here. Therefore, I would like to share some simple tricks with all of you to know that money isn't the problem...

To Visit Woo Bar with Hundreds Baht

We all know that W RETREAT KOH SAMUI is not cheap... but not many of us know that there is a way to go and experience this amazing and luxury property with hundreds baht! You need to only read these 10 tricks!

  1. Those comfortable round sofas surrounded by water as you can see above is "Woo Bar", one of the bars in W Retreat Koh Samui located right next to the Lobby.
  2. You can come for foods and drinks here even you are not staying.
  3. Those who are not in-house guests need to pay the entrance fee of 600 THB but!!... it is not just the entrance fee, it is your credit of 600 THB to spend for foods and drinks here.
  4. If your foods and drinks are more than 600 THB, you just need to pay the difference. However, you won't get any changes if your foods and drinks are less than 600 THB (from my understanding, the hotel just don't want people to only come and take photos of here and there without using their facilities and don't want it to be too crowded).
  5. A glass of cocktail starts from 300++ THB, a bottle of beer starts from 200++ THB, a can of soft drink starts from 100++ THB, water and mineral water start from 100++ THB. On the other hand, their foods are like snacks and finger foods. They start from 300++ THB.
  6. Unlimited Mojito for 3 hours at 1,300++ THB.
  7. Every Wednesday 6 PM, there is a promotion called " 50/50 ". I called it myself, "Head or Tail." This is how it works, staff will throw a coin and you have to guess whether it will be head or tail after you make an order. If your guess is right, your order will be free! On the other hand, you need to pay for your order as normal if your guess is wrong.
  8. Woo Bar opens everyday from 11 AM to midnight. Telephone number is 077-915-999.
  9. It is not allowed to bring any foods or drinks from outside here.
  10. Woo Bar offers both indoor and outdoor areas. Hence, you better check the weather forecast before you come here because you will miss this incredible view if it is raining.

Examples of Foods and Drinks served at Woo Bar

You can check for prices and menus of foods and drinks served at Woo Bar at

Instagram @woobarkohsamui (https://www.instagram.com/woobarkohsamui)

Free Flow Mojito 1,300++ THB for 3 hours

Thai Dragon Cocktail 380++ THB

Beef Burger 480++ THB

Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Brownie 280++ THB

Pineapple Juice with Coconut Syrup 270++ THB

The symbol of W Hotel that no one ever miss to take a photo with

The entrance to Woo Bar and the Lobby at night


Room is incredibly charming, totally worth paying. It is a private pool villa.

I have to tell you first that I don't have a lot of photos taken at the villa. However, I will briefly explain you an overview of my stay experience here.

W Retreat Koh Samui is a hotel in W Hotel brand that has many other locations around the world. It used to be part of Starwood Hotel & Resort but it has been recently merged with Marriott International. There are two W hotels in Thailand which are W Hotel Bangkok and W Retreat Koh Samui. W Hotel is very unique and decorated in modern style which is perfect for those party and fashion lovers.

W Retreat Koh Samui is located in Maenam beach, about 20-25 minutes from Samui Airport and about 15 minutes from The Wharf & Fisherman's Village, a stylish cross between a shopping mall and a marketplace where there are stores and restaurants.

Lobby area of the hotel

Infinity sea view from Woo Bar

We stay in Jungle Oasis Villa. Even though it is the standard villa, it is spacious with 163 square meters. The villa is also fully-equipped as same as the most expensive villa in the property. There are private pool, Jacuzzi, TV, refrigerator, sofa, etc!

Housekeeping team will come in and provide a turn down service in the evening and change the dress for the teddy bear on the bed. ^^

The main pool of the hotel is called, "WET." It is about 1.3-meter depth and there are more than 10 sunbeds are available around the pool. However, it is not crowded here. I guess people prefer to use their private pool back at their villa.

Another highlight for those in-house guests is this lounge here. It is where you can get ice cream, water/ iced coffee/ and soft drink called, "SWEET SPOT." You can come and refresh yourself anytime. And if we talk about the ice cream, the brand is not those regular ones. There are Haagen-Dazs, Movenpick, Magnum, and many more.

Once you decide to travel to the sea, your first choice definitely would be staying in the hotel located right by the beach. Staying at W Retreat Koh Samui is just perfect as it offers such a great view and it is right by the beach. The beach provides high level of privacy because the hotel is right at the tip of the island. So you can rest assure that the hotel has the so-called private beach!

Those who love to take photos would definitely love it here because there are so many charming corners. You might not even want to go out of the hotel.

Kayak is also available for free and life vest is provided in both adult size and child size! ^^

The panoramic view from The Kitchen Table Restaurant, this is where you will have breakfast with a view!

We would give NAMU, Japanese restaurant a try since we are here already and it doesn't let us down. Although the restaurant is on the island, the ingredients are very fresh. Its foods are as good as what it has been known for. Prices are pretty much the same as those served in famous restaurants in Bangkok. And if you are interested, you can click HERE for the menu and prices.

If you love to watch the sunset, you don't need to go anywhere but the hotel beach. You can clearly see the sun saying goodbye to the day. I am telling you that it is so pretty and romantic!

Remarks: This trip is not sponsored. I take care of expenses by myself ... Hence, you can rest assure that this place is truly amazing and I would love all of you to come and experience it by yourself at least for once!

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