I normally travel alone, my travel style is very easy going and emphasizing on a relaxation. This trip is for 3 days and 2 nights at Koh Chang. I don't rent a motorcycle, I don't go anywhere, I don't do anything, I just relax and chill hahaha. I guess if you like a total relaxation, you



I normally travel alone, my travel style is very easy going

and emphasizing on a relaxation.

This trip is for 3 days and 2 nights at Koh Chang. I don't rent a motorcycle, I don't go anywhere, I don't do anything, I just relax and chill hahaha. I guess if you like a total relaxation, you might want to try this my way.

Actually, I haven't plan this trip in advance. I woke up and feel like I need a place to getaway for a while in order to recharge my energy and reset my mind. I have ended up packing my stuffs and left right away to go to Koh Chang. I get a minivan to go there around 10 AM.

It is 320 THB for the minivan including the minibus to get to the pier to take the ferry to Koh Chang.

The minivan stop at the gas station before getting to Trat Province. Then it drops me at the minibus station where I am able to buy a round trip ferry ticket which costs 150 THB, this is very convenient. Not long after, the minibus takes me to the pier.

The ferry departs from Ao Thammachat pier. I stay on the upper deck of the ferry sitting, reading a book, and listening to the music. It is pretty easy to do things when traveling alone.

I read this book while I am on the ferry. I like this kind of book that helps me to look at life in an easy and positive way. We were born to live our lives on our own way. For example, this page states that sometimes we are too stressful on how to live to be successful in life but sometimes happiness can be gained along the way to success which I couldn't agree more.

I look for an accommodation for tonight online while on board and have found this KLKL Hostel or Kalokkala in Thai. KLKL Hostel is located at Lonely Beach. Once I have arrived at Koh Chang then I get the minibus to get to the hotel straight away. It is only 100 THB.

I don't mind traveling during high or low season. Right now, it is a low season, therefore; there are not too many people around and it is pretty calm and quiet. Actually, this is perfect for a total relaxation. The minibus drop me at the main street and I have got to walk about 50 meters further in. There are locals asking where am I going, where I will be staying along the way to the hotel. They are very friendly and I think this is very nice. I have arrived to the hotel finally and even though it is not located right by the beach, it is not far at all to go there.

This is how the hotel looks like. It is a blue building with blue color roof. I am pretty tired since it has been quite a long journey and I am so happy that I am here.

The front desk counter warm welcomes everyone.

One of the advantages while traveling in low season is that the room rate is cheaper.

Room with an electric fan is at 300 THB and with an air conditioner is at 700 THB

This is the rate for a single room not a dormitory so this is totally cheap.

The hotel is designed in hipster style. What I like would be that there is a lot of coconut trees in the hotels, it gives me the feeling of the sea, sand, and sun with the real wave sounds.

What more would you ask for if you already have an incredible cheap room with beautiful and relaxing surroundings.

This is what I see after stepping out of the front desk, this is amazing. The swimming pool is surrounded by the coconut trees among blue houses. I stop and smile thinking that this is such a great value for money.

And now let's go to my room!

I will be staying in Room number 035 and I am actually ready to lay myself down and rest for a bit.

The room is totally fine and it comes with 3 of 3-foot bed putting together. The bed is pretty comfortable but the height of the pillows are low. Anyway, let's open the window and see the view!

My room has got a view of the swimming pool and I have found out that there is quite a lot of mosquitoes after opening the window. Thanks god that the mosquito net is provided so I should be fine. Well, I guess I will take a nap for a while before going out to a Cafe nearby.

This cafe belongs to Warapura Hotel but it also welcomes guests from outside.

The table inside the cafe is right by the beach. After I have settled well ordering some coffee then I start to set up my camera to be ready to take photos right away.

Coffee is not expensive, the price is lower than 100 THB but the quality of the coffee with the ambiance and everything is 100++. Even though it is not a good idea to swim here because there are many rocks, sitting and chilling here at this moment before the sunset is not bad after all.

I have set my camera well at the spot that I like and now I just need to capture the moment right from my mobile phone control. And with a stunning view like this, I need to take a lot of them.

Another spot with the light sunlight while the sun starts to go down.

I would say my mind feel so relaxing whenever I am by the sea. Whatever that make me feel sad or feel bad, I just throw them into the wave and let it wash away. However, with the high tide like this you have to be careful as well.

I think I can be simply happy with just being here, watching the sunset alone while dipping my legs into the sea a bit, and feeling the wave running through. This has taught me well how to feel relaxing completely.

The evening has come and I think I should just walk to the main street. There are many restaurants all around and one dish cost from 45 THB to 60 THB. After the dinner, I am on my way to Siam Hut where they always throw a party every Friday night.

There are some people working on their fire performance. The prices of the drinks here are acceptable, Leo Beer small bottle costs 60 THB and big bottle costs 80 THB. You can even have a long drink such a bucket of beer that costs 250 THB as an example. The party get started right after the fire performance is done.

This looks just like a Full Moon Party, I like that I am able to play with choices of colors which they will shine bright in the dark.

Let's write my name in front of the bar as the evidence that I have been here! And I have got to tell you that the party was not that big at the beginning but it has gone wild and fun. There are so many people from different countries and we are all having fun together with a great dancing playlist.

I am enjoyed my time here very much and I guess I have had enough. I rest for a bit and drink a lot of water before going back to the hotel. The way to get back is totally dark but I don't feel scared at all because people here are so nice. If you come, you may want to rent a motorcycle which costs only 150 THB but it is just not for me.

I have arrived well back to my room. I guess it is the end of today and let's see what tomorrow holds!

The second day has come and I plan to spend most of my time today in the hotel just relax and chill. I plan to sleep a lot, read my favorite books, listen to my favorite playlist, chill by the pool, and go out for lunch. Moreover, it seems like it is going to be a perfect day for relaxing because it is not too hot today.

There is no one around so the whole pool belongs to me and I can enjoy my snack, books, music playlist, and sleeping quietly.

I have such a total relaxing chill day. I feel like I have recharged my body and reset my mind 100% and I am ready to encounter with anything back at work.

There is no party tonight so I stay in and rest more. I plan to go to Ban Bang Bao tomorrow before going back home.

Another refreshing morning on a beautiful day.

I have done packing and I am waiting to check out from the hotel. I will go to Ban Bang Bao to take some nice photos and will head back to the pier.

I use the tripod to take photos of me since I travel alone so it might not be that beautiful.

This is another good spot to take a photo, what a stunning view!

This trip ends here and to sum up, this trip has been amazing. I have had such a total relaxation time here with a crazy party that I had so much fun plus another full day of recharging myself. You might find this review not that informative because I intend to just come and relax, I don't go out to may tourist attraction on the island.

Then I take a minibus to the pier to take the ferry.

I would like to thanks to myself that decide to getaway and come here, take myself to get such a good rest. Moreover, I would like to thanks to the sun that light up the darkness and color the world. Every single journey has taught me one thing or another and it only bring out the better me. Last but not least, this is not my last journey definitely so please stay tuned on my upcoming trip.

Let's go back home and I will see you all again soon. I think I will be back here to Koh Chang because there are so many places that I haven't been to. Koh Change offers a very relaxing atmosphere and the locals are all kind and friendly including the tourists. Some people might like to travel around and make new friends and then travel together but I prefer to spend most of my time alone because I think it is more relaxing.

All in all, you are able to travel to Koh Chang alone, you can just go there and relax without doing anything, and the food on the island is totally at reasonable price.

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