This trip I prepare myself for travelling in advance for 1 week which I decide to travel in Laos by vehicle.

I book the Nok Air flight to Udorn Province via call center which is paid by credit card.

Book the hotel from Agoda ( I choose the hotel by looking at the review score)

Book a van from Thailand ( Last time I go to Nakhon Phanom and appreciate the driver's manner and his driving skill so I keep record his contact)

Renting a van including gasoline fee, driver, Lao local tour guide(it's necessary) and other charges in Laos.

The van costs 34,2000.-Baht.

--- All together we have 7 people ( 4 rooms for the hotel) and the estimate cost is 17,000.-Baht/person.

Include all meals throughout the journey---

A morning flight from Don Mueng at 8 o'clock to Udon airport at 9 o'clock.

The van is going to pick up us here so we can have some breakfast first.

After that we are heading to Nong Kai, cross the Thai–Lao Friendship Bridge and heading to Vientiane.

Visit and worship Pha That Luang and Patuxai in Vientiane.

Buying "Khao Jee" a french bread, putting a white pork sausage, roasted red pork, cucumber pickle and grind liver on it. It's so yummyyyy!

And now I am leading you to Sabaidee@Laos Hotel which is belong to Thai business people.

"Tum Mour", the 2rd branch of Thai restaurant is also located next to the hotel.

We go out in a nightfall to have dinner at MIX restaurant and see a jolly atmosphere of Vientiane which develops so fast and strolling at the walking street which is filled with travelers and Laos people walking around.

Atmosphere inside the restaurant

The first night at Vientiane.

This Hotel's breakfast in the morning is very delicious.

I am heading to Luang Prabang (it take 10 hours of traveling)

Visiting local market at a sidewalk. Many of dried buffalo skin and dried fish selling there.

Getting to the old route, a steep hill, narrow street and having lunch at Meeting point.

It's a restaurant on top of a mountain with a panorama scenery and very good atmosphere.

Even a pooping area is also chill out here.


After we stuffed then we have a long ride to Luang Prabang city and heading to " Villa MuangLao" which is located at the center of Luang Prabang.

After putting all stuffs at the hotel, we walk out about half hour to a buffet market.

With a price of 60 baht/person, you can unlimited fill up one bowl. Our group reject to eat it because we afraid that we can't eat it but seems like other travelers are enjoying eating it.

Restaurants in Luang Prabang are crowded with people but we have a simple single dish instead.

Then we go back to the hotel and take a rest for the first day at Luang Prabang (2 nights in Laos).


Waking up around 5 o'clock and walking through a morning market so that we would not miss a very good activity of Luang Prabang which is offering a sticky rice to monk.

and again walking through the morning market to go back for breakfast; egg, bread and coffee at the hotel.

We are going to start exploring around the city after finish breakfast.

Our first place to visit is Luang Prabang National Museum.

Originally is an old palace of King Sisavang Vong.

It's using to display his personal tools which is gold bar so it's not allow to take a photo.

Next we're going outside the city to "Kuangsi", national waterfall park.

We have Khao Piek and Khao Soi for lunch ( it looks like a rice noodles with spicy pork sauce in north of Thailand).

Next we go to Ban Xang Hai in Tom Lao village to get on the boat and go to Tam Ting Cave in Mekong River course.

and visit Xang Hai village when going back from the course.

Now, it's time for having a local meal at Luang Prabang.

and going to taste a delicious coffee and cake from famous JOMA coffee shop.

Then again it's time to go to bed at Luang Prabang (3rd night at Laos)


This morning we skip the breakfast that provided by the hotel and check out right away to travel to Vang Vieng (cruising back).

We have breakfast at "Pracha Niyom" restaurant, eating porridge, Khao Piek, Khao Jee, coffee and deep-fried doughstick.

Heading to "Vang Vieng", we ride for about 4 hours passing through a new route.

Visit a small village to use a toilet. There are wild animals selling here too.

A wide road with a beautiful view but more steeper than the old route (inbound trip), a public transportation is not using this route because the power of car engine is inadequate and quite deserted, not many community are settling down here like the old route.

We are accessing to "Vang Vieng" area and are having lunch at a healthy food restaurant, the cooperate restaurant of a tour company. They bring travelers to the river for cruising back to the city.

A joyful atmosphere at Vang Vieng.

We visit "Pukham", a golden crab cave that I see only a a green clear basin that travelers like to play there.

We check-in at " Silver Naga" A beautiful view, next to the river with good atmosphere.

The shady and cool evening atmosphere, we get down to a long-tail boat for sightseeing.

Together with a joyful travelers on inflatable boat and Canoe rafting.

We go out for dinner beside the hotel in the evening, the meal include Vang Vieng Pizza and Vang Vieng Roti.

The very well-known restaurant that whoever has been to Vang Vieng has to visit is " Nang Non" restaurant.

Going back to rest after the exhausted 4th day ( the last night at Laos)

The hotel's breakfast with a beautiful view, seeing from the hotel.

The atmosphere of the new route while returning trip to Vientiane.

We take a long ride to Vientiane(4 hours) and eating at the best selling restaurant in Vientiane "Naem Nueng".

A spicy hot pot here is using the real coconut water as a soup in the pot.

and then we going to buy the best selling Khao Jee in Vientiane. We buy 5-10 pieces/person back home because it's very delicious.

and going to an immigration office and visit a duty free of Laos before going back to Thailand.

Visit Nong Khai and pray worship to "Prasai Monk" .

and going to Udorn to pray worship to "Pu Ya" which is a venerable person of Laos people.

You should not miss this restaurant when visit Udorn " VT"

After the meal, we are going to the airport and back to Bangkok (Don Mueng)

This trip I am beating of taking a long ride but simultaneously seeing a beautiful view and different atmosphere.

If we take a direct flight, we would not have a chance to see a beautiful roadside view like this.

Thank you for following me till the end. If you would like to know where would I go for the next trip then please follow me.

Anusorn Tancharoen

 Wednesday, July 15, 2015 10:36 AM