After New Year for a couple of days, The senators want to go to the temple of Luangpu Kamphan at Mukdahan. (We went there last month...)

They come to tell me and let me deal with 6 people and make trip for them. Normally they pay for travel agent. But this time they don't have time. And they say to me that I can use internet very well, just booking hotels and make trip so why i can't do that.

So I use Agoda to find hotels (I did it when I went to Hong Kong)


Finding flights is also not difficult. Just click and click follow the steps. It may takes a little bit long time when enter name and ID. number of 6 people.

We fly with Air Asia and pay via credit card. We already get PayCode. It's very easy!

Make a phone call to hotel to recommend a good van with air-condition for us and can go to Laos too.

The total is 6000 Baht for 2 days with driver and petroleum.

First, I will take passport and stamps the immigration control and go across to Laos. But the driver suggest that just one day and not overnight there, using ID card is better.

Charges for about 500 baht per person (I don't know the detail because of do not ask and don't have any Pay bill)

Okay, Ready to go! We have flight in the morning.

About an hour to Sakon Nakhon Airport and the van come to take us.

Let's have a breakfast, We eat noodle and Cooking of fried eggs. The driver who is a local people take us to there.

A small restaurant but more delicious than last time.

After finish breakfast, We leave the restaurant about 9pm. and travel to Mukdahan.

When the van arrive to four-ways intersection, the lady senator see the sign of "Udon Thani 156 km."

Heeeeeeey...Let's go to Udon Thani for wai Luangta Bua's bones.

Feel so comfortable to go by ourselves. We make negotiation with the driver that he want to get increase money 2,000 Baht for petroleum but we dicker to decrease the price... (so we pay 1,500 Baht because the driver request us)

Be chilling and stop to eat and for restroom about 2 hours. The power of Faith is satisfying so we already arrive Wat Pa Ban Tad.

These are the appliances and relics of Luangta Bua.

This is the monk's house that still open for visitors.

Here is the area of Bier for cremation ceremony.

Wai Buddha and look around the temple, we done it almost 1pm. and then visit Undon Thani city.

Travel to Udon Thani, We must stop to eat at "VT Namnueng" !

We order food for whole table. It's for 6 people and very delicious. The price is just 1,500 Baht.

Finish eating arond 3pm. We joyously talk to each others and then we leave for travel to Nakhon Phanom. It takes longer time than when we come because of a lot of cars. ++edit Mukdahan to Nakhon Phanom++

About 3 hours, It's dark already and we decided to stop at Wat Mahachai Luangpu Kam Pan. If there are still open then tomorrow we will have more time.

I'm satisfied, The temple is already close but the door of Keeping Luangpu's body still has the lights. There are the monks around there so we ask to go inside for pray respect to Luangpu.

We leave the temple and arrive the hotel "The River" 990 Baht for one night with breakfast.

I think here is the best hotel in Nakhon Phanom. There are clean and beautiful bedroom. I'm pity that I forget to take a picture of the hotel because it's already dark.

We leave our backpack there and go out eat.

We chose to eat gruel and we inquire and there are just only two big restaurant of gruel. So we chose to eat here.

So delicious...

At Nakhon Phanom, While eating, Someone (maybe fanclub) inbox to me and ask me "Is the food delicious?" and send me a picture in front of the restaurant that iI'm sitting.

Hmmm, He should come to say Hi to me. I will let him to be a dealer. Hahaha

Finnish eating, We stop at the edge of Khong River and see the beautiful light of Loas land. So we take a beautiful photo there.

Ahh, While eating, We let the driver to take a rest. We go there by Three-wheeler of hotel to take us to restaurant and pick up to hotel costs 200 Baht for return.

Good Night, Tonight is very cold.

We get up in the morning to have breakfast at the hotel. It's delicious. There service for giving alm to Buddhist monk in the morning. There are 30 Baht per set.

After finish eating, Then we travel to The Third Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge at Thakhek.

Let's see the atmosphere of 2 waysides for go to market in the morning.

The morning market, The life style is so different from the district in Northeast of Thailand.

In the market, There are still have wild animals for food If you go there then you will see.

Leave the morning market, Let's go travel to Nang Aen Cave. (It's the name of the girl that come to wait the lover in this cave, It's not the name of bird)

It's a limestone cave and there are very beautiful of stalagmite and stalactite.Inside the cave also have the little stream for visitors to cruising and see how beautiful inside.

But we don't do the cruising because we don't have enough time to do (2hours)

Before go back to Thailand, We drive around Thakhek city in Khammouane Province.

First we have plan to have lunch in Loas and eat Khong River's fish.

Then we change and go back to have lunch in Nakhon Phanom at the famous restaurant because we impress from last time.

At "Sabaidee restaurant" Here is the best restaurant of Nakhon Phanom in my mind.

I like Khong river's fish. I'm not sure that i will say the correct name "Soldier river barb in salty soup" Yummy! The staff from the restaurant say It's not easy to find this menu.

After finish eating, We are so full! Then we travel to Sakon Nakhon and prepare for flight back. We go first to Phu Phan Rajaniwet Palace but there are already close. :(

So we stop at Nong Harn for a moment.

Flight to Bangkok.

++ Monday 19, January, I will go to Udon Thani and visit Bua Dang Sea again. There are the city that you CANNOT miss by the slogan of Tourism Thailand.++

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