In the middle of January 2015, we have prepared this trip in advance for 1 week, there will be 6 people to join in this trip. The budget for this trip is divided by 6 people, it is THB 11,000 person

At this price covers plane ticket, hotel, car renting, food and beverage.

The first day of the trip starts from Don Muang, we take the early flight. It takes about 1 hour and half then we reach Chiang Mai.

We are picked up at the airport. Then, we have breakfast at restaurant in Mae tang before heading to Doi Inthanon.

The first day trip, the early flight departs at 06.30 hrs from Don Muang to Chiang Mai, it takes about 1 hour to reach Chiang Mai.

After landing, we head to Doi Inthanon with the new route along irrigation.

We pass Jom Thong and we finally reach Inthanon. The duration is quite far from airport to Doi Intahanon about 140 Kilometers, it takes around 1 hour to reach the destination at around 10.00 hrs.

The entrance fee is free for the tourists who age up to 60 years old.

We reach Doi Inthanon in the late morning, the weather is not much cold.

We decide to have our lunch at Doi Inthanon National Park, this is made to order restaurant. The menu price is reasonable at this restaurant, we are quite full.

After finished having lunch, we visit Pra That Phanom Methi (Buddha's relic), this relic is built and donated to His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen.

Then, we visit hill tribes' market, you can find all goods here because it has been developed.

All the products here are bought from the merchant at Doi Inthanon, we better buy the goods from Waroroj market and the price is pretty much the same.

Furthermore, we also visit Wachirathan Waterfall. Nowadays, the pavement has been built to lead to the waterfall, you will feel convenient to access to this place. Refer to the past decade, the viewpoint was quite far from the waterfall for 10 kilometers and we spent around 2 hours to reach the waterfall. This waterfall becomes one of the beautiful waterfall in Chiang Mai.

We visit Chiang Mai this time, we really feel that there are many Chinese tourists.

Before going to the hotel, we visit Waroroj market.

We will stay at Mae Ping Hotel, the price is @ THB 2,800 per night. This hotel used to be the most popular hotel in the past 2 decades.

But, we arrive the hotel today, we feel that this hotel is a bit out of date now.

We take a shower to refresh our body. Then, it is time to enjoy dinner in the popular restaurant that we already reserved (someone said the view is amazing).

We respect Kru Ba Srivichai Shrine at Doi Suthep.

In the evening, we try meat ball called " Hua Nom"

We go back to the hotel and make ourselves to be ready for our trip to Pai in tomorrow morning.


We start our trip to Pai in very early morning and have breakfast at Mae Tang market.

It takes about 40 Kilometers from Huay Tung to Pai district.

Before reaching Pai, we visit historical bridg (it is the old bridge which Chiang Mai municipality has disassembled Mae Ping bridge and reassembled the new bridge here)

We will have lunch at Pai.

After getting full, we visit Nam Hu temple where we can find the water flowing from the Buddha statue head.

We continue going to our accommodation at Pai Wiman Resort (the room can accommodate 4 people, it costs THB 5000 per night.

To check in to the room and take a shower. Then, we will go to have a meal at Santi Chon Village.

The village ambience

To wander in the walking street nearby the hotel.

Good night from Pai.

To get some rest and continue our trip to Chiang Rai tomorrow morning. We will take the long tailed boat to Chiang Rai city


We wake up before the sun rises.

We depart from Pai and pass Huay Nam Tung. We then decide to get some rest and chill out with lunch boxes which hotel prepares for us.

We are very lucky to the fog sea, it is the same view which we see at Huay Nam Dung and we enjoy seeing the view by sitting the high way on the way to Chiang Rai.

We visit hot fountain at Doi Hom Pok , this is the first place where produces the electricity from hot fountain in Thailand.

To head to Tha Don village and have lunch before take the long tailed boat to Chiang Rai City.

After finishing lunch, we take the long tailed boat, it costs THB 2,000 to THB 2,500 for the whole trip.

We spend time on the boat around 2 hours along Nam Kok stream to enjoy seeing spectacular view.

Furthermore, we also visit the hill tribes' houses along the stream.

The boat has now reached Chiang Rai city and we then continue our trip by the van.

To travel in Rong Khun temple, we almost miss the chance to visit this temple because the temple will close at 16.00 hrs.

We still have time, then we visit Boon Rod of Singha Beer.

We go to the city of Chiang Rai, we have discussed each other to find the restaurant where sells porridge as per local people suggestion.

The restaurant is quite crowd today, it is very delicious.

It is time to check in at Wiag In hotel, it is located in the down town, it is close to Night Bazaar.

We are so tired, it is time to have a nice sleep ZZzzzzzzz


The last morning of this trip (4 days 3 nights)

We check out from the hotel at 08.00 hrs. and continue to Ban Dam museum of Professor Thawan Dutchanee.

This place should not be missed for those who are coming to Chiang Rai.

To visit tea plantation "Choui Fong", it is the biggest and most beautiful private tea plantation in Thailand. Please come to visit and try some tea over here. You can also buy some good tea plants as well.

The highlight of this trip is Doi Tung.

We have our lunch at Doi Tung.

We wader around and enjoy seeing the garden as well as visiting royal house till the evening.

It is time to have dinner, we get the chance to have dinner at Salong Kam restaurant of Chiang Rai.

Time flies so fast, we need to fly back to Bangkok.

For this trip, fatty uncle has complained about the camera because he desires to have some skill of using the camera like the other.

Thus, the various cameras are provided for him to try but he becomes dizzy once post the photos.

But we always use auto mode of the camera for this trip.

See you again in Luang Pra Bang and Wang Wiang Chan for the next trip.

Anusorn Tancharoen

 Wednesday, July 15, 2015 10:37 AM