Beach, Wave and Breeze..........Back to my old time @The Rock Hua Hin written by ลุงเสื้อเขียว

I have participated in Facebook:Thailand Boutique Awards page and won the accommodation voucher from The Rock Hua Hun, Zen Jacuzzi Pool Suite room type for 2days 1night including 2 breakfast. As for the travel expense and other transportation expense, is on me. I choose to travel by van

Beach, Wave and Breeze..........Back to my old time @The Rock Hua Hin

Beach, Wave and Breeze..........Back to my old time @The Rock Hua Hin

I have participated in Facebook:Thailand Boutique Awards page and won the accommodation voucher from The Rock Hua Hun, Zen Jacuzzi Pool Suite room type for 2days 1night including 2 breakfast. As for the travel expense and other transportation expense, is on me.

I choose to travel by van, Pranburi-Hua Hin-Cha Am route at Victory Monument. There are many van terminals going to Hua Hun, thus before you get on the van, please make sure whether the van goes into Hua Hin city or not. I get on the van at Phayathai side van terminal; it's on the corner of Phayathai BTS station (below the pedestrian). The van leaves every 30 minutes; it costs 180 baht and takes approximately 3 hours to Hua Hin.

I get off at the clock tower and walk back a bit to rent the motorcycle. Around that area I find only one rental motorcycle shop so I decide to rent it there. The rental cost is 200 baht per day (exclude oil), if you rent more than 3 days, it will cost 180 baht per day. You should have the driving license as well. The owner of the car rental shop says that the license is very strict here and you should wear the helmet all the time as well. After finish renting the motorcycle, I ride back to Plearnwan, looking for the petrol station to fill the oil before begin my journey, it costs 100 baht for the oil price and it is sufficient for riding around Hua Hin city.

My first destination is Plearnwan.

Although there are many new attractions in Hua Hin city but Plearnwan is still porpular among tourists. The highlight of Plearnwan is that there is no admission fee.

Shops in Plearnwan are decorated in retro style. Each shop has trendy idea for decoration and design to attract the tourist. The weather is very hot and the sun is quiet strong during the time I visit so I just only take a quick walk as I cannot stand the heat. It takes around half an hour here and decide to move on to other places. Luckily, during I walk out from Plearnwan, I see many tourists sit on the side walk; I know at once that there must be the motorcade passes by. I deeply hope that it will be the King's motorcade. Therefore, I wait for a while, there are the police cars lead the motorcade, and then King's car has passed in front of my side, I finally saw the King and that is the greatest honor of my life.

After Plearnwan, I head to Hua Hin market. And my next destination is Hua Hin beach. As for the direction to Hua Hin beach, you can drive beyond the clock tower, and turn left at the intersection. This route will pass Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Hua Hin.

When turning left on the corner, I find many motorcycle rental shops, however, I didn't ask the price as I afraid it will cost lower than mine. After parking a motorcycle, I continue to walk through Centara hotel, there are many souvenir shops selling clothes or various kinds of souvenir from both sides. Walking to the end, you will find horses that are bound by vendors, providing for tourist to take a ride along the beach.

There are many rocks along the path down to the beach. And the remains of the dead shells that perched on the rocks, making the rocks are quiet sharp and rough. No wonder that there is someone compose the song telling about the shells at Hua Hin, "Hua Hin is the land of sea shells, the foreigner waiting till the sea shell became one with the rock...."

On the left hand side of the path down to the beach, the area are crowded by the canvas beds with beach umbrellas, it seems not different from the slum. As for the right hand side, the atmosphere is completely different; you can see the beach stretches endlessly until Khao Takiab. There are many beach activities such as Horse Riding, Banana Boat or Paramotor. I think that the sand at Hua Hin is clear, white and soft, I take a walk on the beach for a while and move on to next destination.

Leaving Hua Hin beach, ride until the intersection, then continually ride straight to Hua Hin railway station.

The building of Hua Hin railway station is half-timbered half-concrete building with the influent of Victorian architecture style. The decorative detail is very spectacular which focusing on red and cream color tones . This railway station has been hailed as Thailand's most beautiful railway station. Everyone cannot miss out to take a photo with the Hua Hin railway station's sign, thus it makes this railway station's sign becomes the identity of Hua Hin. You can find this sign everywhere such as the alley sign along the way, many shops also draw or imitate this Hua Hin sign and place it in front of their shops.

During the time I visit, Tabaek flower at the railway station are flourishing in bright color. It looks captivating.

After taking enough photos with Hua Hin railway station's sign, I take a ride back to the same intersection once again, but this time I turn right to Suan Son Pradipat. After turning right, continue riding straight till the reinforced concrete bridge, then slightly right to cross the bridge to Pranburi district (If ride straight, not up to the bridge, it will lead to Khao Takiab). After the bridge, continue riding straight for a while, you will find the crossroad to Suan Son Pradipat on the left, you can observe PTT petrol station which located next to the entrance.

Suan Son Pradipat is the rehabilitation and recreation place of the army. Therefore, you have to pay for the entrance fee, motorcycle 10 baht and 20 baht for the car. Otherwise, you can also take the train to Suan Son Pradipat as there is the Suan Son Pradipat sub-station here. Anyway, please check the railway timetable before as the southern route of the train doesn't stop at this station regularly.

I think the sand at Hua Hin beach is whiter and finer than those on Suan Son. However, the atmosphere at Suan Son is calmer, not crowded like Hua Hin beach. For those who love peach and calm, I would recommend you should not miss out this place. There are the canvas beds for rent on the beach and the army restaurant provide on service. I sit and relax here around 15 minutes and then I travel to next destination.

I ride back to the main road again, turning left to Pranburi district then continually the ride. Please observe the sign on the left hand side for the direction to the mangrove forest ecosystem learning center. You can find Family Mart located at the junction, turn left and ride straight for a bit and you will cross the railway. After that turn right and then ride straight around 10 kilometers, you will find the left junction to Pranburi Estuary and the ecosystem learning center, turning left and continue riding for a while and finally you will find the junction to the ecosystem learning center on the left.

Sirinath Rajini Mangrove Ecosystem Learning Center is located in Pranburi district area. Formerly, the mangrove forest here was in the heavily damaged condition from shrimp farm that ruins the soil. Until 1996, the King came to Pranburi Botanical Park and concerned about the mangrove forest condition. Later, the Royal Forest Department has rescinded to extend the license for use of mangrove area. Then, Pran estuary local people have started to earnestly plant the mangrove forest and PTT company has supported to select the suitable plants for this area. There is the nature trail for learning the mangrove ecosystem inside, and the front of the center has been decorated in beautiful landscape.

These are the historic mangrove trees, the small-leaved mangroves that have been planted by the King and his daughter, Phra Thep. They are regarded as the historical invaluable trees of this center. Besides the mangrove trees, there are also many plants along the nature trails such as Large-Leaved Mangrove, Black Mangrove, Yellow Mangroves, Blind Your Eyes and others species of plants. It is a plentiful mangrove forest.

The nature trails are quiet sturdy as they were built by reinforced concrete slab. Although, it is quite sturdy but I feel that the trails which are made from the wood will be more harmonious to the nature. Anyhow, the wooden trails may last shorter so the center chose the reinforced concrete materials instead.

When start walking into the nature trails, there is the mangrove line that bend down to the walk way, seems like the tunnel, very interesting. Both sides are full with the root plants of the mangrove forest. It is pity that during that time, Chakhram Tower which is the observation tower to admire an inspiring panoramic view of the mangrove forest, is in under construction. Therefore, I could not watch the view from above angle.

The learning center has resembled the important of the mangrove forest as "Womb of the Sea". It is because of the mangrove forest here is the cradle, the habitat, the nursery and the natural food source of various creatures in food chain, it is alike mother's womb patronize the baby before they go out to face the outside world.

After Sirinath Rajini Mangrove Ecosystem Learning Center, I head to Pran estuary which is not far away from the learning center. I have learnt the process of dry squid production as well.

The worker will clean the squid, and then put them on the grate for drying. There are 2 kinds of squid; small size squid and big size squid. Small size squid will whole dry and usually have them fry for eat. Big size squid, before getting them dry, worker will have to slice it to a thin piece, then usually grilled and eat. The place to dry them is located just beside the beach. Most of workers are Myanmar labor, as they powder their face with thanaka powder.

There are Myanmar labors who are with their children nearby, I ask to take photos of them and they are very happy.

After that, I ride back on the same way, pass the entrance of the ecosystem mangrove learning center again, continue riding till the railway that I crossed since the beginning, but I won't cross the railway for now, I will ride straight to Pranburi Botanical Park.

This place is suitable for sightseeing and nature learning about the mangrove forest. There are the wooden nature trails in circle shape to take a walk in the mangrove forest. The nature trails are convenience and harmonious with the nature. During the route you can see way of life of many aquatic animals that live in the mangrove forest such as Queen crab, Fiddler crab, Snapping shrimp. Besides there are various species of mangrove forest plants such as Black Mangrove, Decandra, Tagal, Red Mangrove, Mangrove Cannonball. I would recommend that you guys should not miss out watching the view of the mangrove forest on the above angle at the 3-stories observation tower. When you observe the view from the tower, you can see the field of mangrove forest which full of fresh green color.

After indulge in the atmosphere of the mangrove forest, I will change the atmosphere to floating market. Heading back on the same route, pass the entrance of Suan Son Pradipat and then continually ride straight, before crossing the reinforced concrete bridge to Hua Hin city, you will find the junction on the left and there is the direction sign to Sam Phan Nam Floating Market, turn left and ride straight, it will take approximately 15 kilometers to floating market from the junction.

The floating market is located on the left hand side of the sideway, then I park the motorcycle to take a walk. It was Hua Hin floating market sign, not name as Hua Hin Sam Phan Nam floating market. Anyway since I already parked the motorcycle, I will take a walk inside for a while then. It is free of charge for visiting.

The ambience inside is very spacious and quiet. I am not sure how long has this place been launched as there are only a few shops here. I think this floating market might be built to drag the tourist from Hua Hin Sam Phan Nam floating market, but it seems not successful as there is not much tourist visiting here.

Behind the floating market, there is the coffee shop with adorable decoration. It has the selling point for tourist to take some photos as they are a small sheep farm and a small livestock to raise the animals like rabbit. Anyhow, during the noon time, I really cannot bear the heat, even the sheep are sleeping lifelessly as well.

From Hua Hin floating market, continually ride a bit, you will find the junction to the left side and there is a big direction sign to Hua Hin Sam Phan Nam floating market.

The atmosphere of Hua Hin Sam Phan Nam Floating Market is quiet bustling. It very different from those in Hua Hin Floating Market. There is the small train service to sightseeing around the floating market and besides there is the boat service provide as well. The tourist can choose which one they would like to ride on to feel the essence of this floating market. Anyway, if you have the energy, you can take a walk around the floating market, but I would say that the area inside is quiet vast. Inside the floating market, there are many shops such as food shops that sell unique souvenirs of Hua Hin or other snack foods, and so many other souvenir shops as well.

It's been a long day for me, and I would like to have some rest, lay back and enjoying the sea breeze at The Rock Hotel.

The Rock Hua Hin is the boutique resort located next to Hua Hin beach near Khao Takiab. The resort is designed and decorated in the harmonious combination of contemporary Thai style and the tranquility by Thai designer who has an excellent skill and has been awarded prize in the international stage. Recently, the resort just has been renovated so it is permeated with the utmost luxurious atmosphere and fully equipped with the facilities, making your stay here perfectly comfortable.

The direction to The Rock, I use the same route to Khao Takiab. When reaching Cicada Market, you can slow down as The Rock is approximately 1 kilometer away from Cicada market. The resort is located on the left side. Although the resort sign is quiet small that you cannot even notice and sometimes the car parked blocking the resort sign. However, there is also big vinyl sign at the sideway so you surely don't miss the way. There is a little space in front of the resort for parking and the main parking spot is provided just in a little indentation on the opposite side of the resort.

In front of the resort, there is the set of colorful rattan chair for sit back.

When coming inside, you will find the Lobby and the area for tourist to sit and relax.

Welcome Drink with refreshing towel, they are a great help to reduce the body heat temperature.

Next to the Lobby is the dining room. it has a simple decoration with average space. I roughly estimate the space; it may service approximately 50 guests at a time.

When walking passes the dining room, there is a small garden before the walk way to the guest rooms.

(The) Rock means rock which is derived from the word "Hua Hin" (Hin means rock in Thai). Therefore, the overall decoration inside the resort is combined with rock materials such as the rock wall or sprinkle small pebbles for the decoration, adding the shady with the trees all the resort area.

Let's see my room tonight, Zen Jacuzzi Pool Suite; the room has the design and decorative idea on the basic concept of philosophy which can create the truly tranquil atmosphere.

The room sign is designed with stone tiles. Below the room name, there are the texts "Do not disturb" and "Make up", guest just put the small peddle inside to convey their needs to the staff. The idea is quite cool actually.

Inside the room, you will find the restroom; it is the sliding door restroom with the big mirror attached to the door. When I slide the door close, I feel stupefied as the restroom has a clear mirror and can see inside thoroughly.

Beside the restroom, you will see the sliding door with rattan component, when sliding the door, there is the clothes rack, the flip-flop and slipper on the left side, as for the right side is located a safe box.

Let's see the bedroom area. There are two beds placed side-by-side, each bed is quiet big indeed, making the big space for rolling. At the end of the bed, there is a space for leisure sitting and can also use as the writing table. Next to it, is the set of rattan sofa which seems like the swing. And the room is covered with the teak floor.

The restroom is quite spacious. When coming inside, on the left is the tub which can see through the bed area and close to the tub is the Rain Shower area. There is a big wash basin on the right hand side with two faucets provided for two guests using at the same time and next to the basin is a bidet with the rinsing spray. During shower, if you don't want the person outside see through, you can pull down the venetian blind to close the clear mirror.

There are various amenities provided in the room and also has Minibar service.

When opening the door next to the bed, it will be the area of the balcony for sit back and just a little step from the balcony, you can take a rest in the private Jacuzzi.

Let's go and look around the resort area atmosphere. The Rock has a big pool in infinite-edge pool style located next to the beach, making the guest enjoy the swim and feel the see breeze with the panorama view of the spectacular Hua Hin beach atmosphere.

The resort has arranged the daybed, white rattan furniture with blue color cushions and pillows which harmonious with the sea atmosphere.

Looking back to the room, there is the area to sit and watch the sea view in the high angle. The area beside is the washing area before going up and down the pool.

During the sunset time, the area beside the pool will shift to be Sea-Through Pool Bar; there are cocktails and snack serving at this bar as well.

You can walk down to the beach through the stairs beside the pool.

During the time I stay there, the tide is down in the evening so it is suitable for doing beach activities as you like.

When facing the sea, Hua Hin beach will be on the left side.

Khao Takiab is on the right side.

I choose to sit beside the pool and look out to the sea. I can see the local people who have to work for their life; some people are finding shellfish or selling grilled squid. Moreover, I also can see tourists both Thai and foreigner are doing the beach activities such as riding the horse or biking. I feel that their way of life is completely different and suddenly think that I am lucky that I can have good opportunities over many people. Sitting and releasing emotion beside the beach like this, it was great actually, it is like you can stop the world and forget the chaos of life for a while, it really can make your mind calm and peaceful.

It is the sunset time now, so I will go to Khao Takiab to take photos of Hua Hin atmosphere at the high angle view.

Khao Takiab is not far from the resort. During the way up to the mountain is quiet steep, so need to ride carefully. There are a lot of monkeys on the mountain. I would recommend you guys to walk up on the stairs way to the top of mountain where the pavilion is located. It is the viewpoint to watch the beautiful view of Hua Hin in the high angle. Moreover, you can watch sunset and sunrise at this viewpoint as well. I assured that it is worth climbing up here.

After sun set, I head back to the resort for taking some photos of the dawn atmosphere.

The area in front of the resort and the Lobby area.

On the second floor, there is the small coffee corner for ordering coffee and bakery while having a seat and chatting. There is a Free internet and area to sit back as well.

These are the walk way to the guest room and the pool beside the beach.

The pool atmosphere during the dawn is magnificent.

Let's look at the room area once again.

When the last light of the day is over, the Jacuzzi area will light up by the pool light. Looking at the light hitting the water and tiles surface, make me have a feeling of soaking myself into the water.

After taking some rest, I would like to hang out to the night life of Hua Hin city.

Only 1 kilometer from the resort, I reach my first destination "Cicada market". Every time I visit Hua Hin, I won't miss out to take a walk here. The atmosphere at night is great. There are many shops selling cool idea handmade things and many other things. Besides, there are also the food shop, musical performance, staging and many activities. For those who visit Hua Hin, I would recommend that you should not miss out this place, Cicada market. The market opens only Friday - Sunday, Friday and Saturday open hour 04.00pm - 11.00pm, and Sunday open hour 04.00pm - 10.00pm.

My next destination is Hua Hin railway station. During the night time, the charm of the station is different from the day atmosphere.

I ride along the railway just a little bit, and reach at Hua Hin night market. I have to park the car near the railway and take a walk to the market. There are many seafood restaurants, food shops and souvenir shops both sides at the night market. During the holidays, it will be crowded by the tourists that you can just flow along the way. There are many food shops that have been broadcasted on TV such as ice-cream shop, Coconut Milk Sticky Rice with Mangoes shop or Mango with Sweet and Spicy Fish Sauce shop. From the railway, I continually walk straight to Chatsila night market.

Chatsila night market is decorated in retro classic style. The highlight of this market is the ancient wooden house. Inside the wooden house is decorated with many antiques to get along with the retro atmosphere. One thing that can add the old style to the market is the colorful triangular flags; they can add more charm to this place.

Finally, I will end today program at Raruk Hua Hin, it is the food center which sells food, snack and drink. This place has a trendy decoration style; there are many corner where you can enjoy taking photos. However, even this is in the holiday's period, this place is quiet silent. I think that most of the tourist might flock at Hua Hin night market and Cicada market.

I feel very tired from today's trip; therefore, I will head back to have some rest for now.

Next morning I wake up with the drowsy feeling, I intend to take photos of the first light of the day but I really could not wake up that early. Anyhow, I can take some photos of the beautiful light in the morning.

There is the high tide during the morning time so I cannot take a walk on the beach. After taking photos, my stomach starts to ramble. I am quite hungry so I will have breakfast before I head back.

I have breakfast at Seashell dining room. The dinning room area is quiet small, if guests come together at one time, it might be uncomfortable as it should be. However, I come early so I don't have this space problem.

There are various dishes serve such as Thai food and Western food; you can also order the various egg menus here. The staff will take the order at your desk and send the order to Chef for cooking in the kitchen. Juice is packaged in the glass bottles.

After breakfast, I have to get ready to head back home. This trip is considered as the impressed trip for me as in the trip, there are many attractions that I visit for the first time and many that every time I travel to Hua Hin, I will not miss to visit. I hope that I can get back to travel in Hua Hin in the near future.

I would say for The Rock resort, I am impressed with the luxurious decoration and the spacious design of each room, moreover, the outstanding service of the staff here fascinates me. I once have some Wifi signal problem, as I call to report this issue, they bring on the new router for me to change immediately. They install free Wifi throughout the resort even you are at the swimming pool you could still use it. The location is the best, not far from those attractions and the back of the resort is connect to the beach. And even the resort is next to the main street, it does not affect the peaceful atmosphere hear even a bit. It is very suitable for relaxing.

Even the resort is close to the sea, not every room could see the sea view; you have to stand out at the balcony to watch the view. Anyway, it does not matter as you can walk just not more than 100 meters distance to the beach area. The dining room's space here is quiet small; it is not convenience, if guests come together in the same time. Therefore I suggest that you guys should come early for the breakfast to avoid space problem. One more problem that I have faced is that the mosquito here is a lot, and it is not just only this resort that has the mosquitoes problem, but it is overall in Hua Hin area, I would say. For those who will come to Hua Hin, you should prepare the mosquito-repellent lotion as well.