Doi Angkhang ...I see many people Check-In here. I don't know what are they doing on there and why many people like to go there. Here I have a chance to arrange the travelling program so I plan to go visit it during a Wild Himalayan Cherry is blooming so that I can have a beautiful picture like other do.

Wild Himalayan Cherry in many areas is blooming closely during the end of December to January for the whole year but we cannot specify the period of blooming, almost 90%-100% we can know it but it depends on the luckiness only.

And luckily Plum blossom is nearly bloom at the same period, so planning to visit the place during that period is a suitable day to take a picture and keep those things as good memory at the same time.

Traveling : Doi Angkhang is not hard to visit but it also not that easy. There is a bend way around 3-4 bends. You may have to use the expert driving for this route which is more cruel when comparing to the route to Khun Chang Kien. You can go up by using Chai Prakarn and Arunothai road. But when I go there on 17/1/2017, Chai Prakarn is paved a road along the way so the traffic jam a bit but after that the road will get better and more convenient to pass through.

When entering Doi Angkang alley area, there is Wat Prafang located on the corner of the road. It is not waste any of my time to visit, so we spend time worship the Buddha.

We stay at " Baan Luang Resort", it is located in the middle of the mountain which is surrounded by numerous of trees. The room is middle size. There is a food selling there, it tastes good. If you go to eat at Angkhang club and find out that too many people there, I guarantee that the food taste good because I have dinner there and it is good to your heart and soul.

The weather during the middle of January is around 16 degree Celsius. The tiled floor is cold that you cannot walk with your bear feet. You have to wear a sock or a rubber slipper which the resort has provided. So don't imagine the weather at night. If I don't have water heater, I definitely say that I will not take a bath then hahaha.

After we finish packed the stuff, we drive a car out from the resort to chase a pink flower and plum blossom in Kaset Luang Angkhang station. It takes around 15 minutes, 5 kilometers away from the accommodation.

This area is located on the opposite side of Kaset Luang Angkhang station, local people on the mountain are selling their goods along the way.

Continue walking for not so long, you will see a school which some of a Wild Himalayan Cherry trees is planted, not so many of it there.

Beside, there is a picture of Majesty the queen enshrined there.

To enter Kaset Luang Angkhang station, you have to pay 50 Baht/person and the car fee is 50 Baht/ car. We recommend that it is good to drive a car inside and stop at each viewpoint easily because each viewpoint is far enough but if anyone want to exercise, it is okay then ^^

After paying the entrance fee, you will see the car park on the right and on the opposite site is a souvenir shop and coffee shop are available on the left hand.

This area is surrounded by a colorful scenery of cabbage. Its color is contrast with the bright color of the sky. Really beautiful.

Apart from the cabbage plant, there are various type of flowers to see and take a picture together.

This area is an area of collecting various type of Bonsai.

There are a Plum blossom in white and pink blooming as a fence along the line but taking a whole picture is not quite beautiful because it is a thin stalk.

P.S.You would need a professional photographer to take a picture for you again.

Drive a little more then you will see a highlight point. It is a sign name "Angkhang, a land of miracle". A donkey is there to take a picture with you, including the amazing scene. It is very beautiful but I don't know how to propagate that beautiful view as seeing with my own eyes.

Here are Wild Himalayan Cherry during the last week before it wilt because of a heavy rain fall for 3 days. Some of the flowers are left but I only have this much skill to take a picture hahaha.

and another highlight is a big point which collect a variety of plums. The real one is very beautiful.

After visiting Kasetluang Angkhang, we go back to eat food at the resort. I recommend you to have these menu; Herbs with fried chicken. A big piece of none bone chicken. I can sense of the spices, very delicious. For other menu, it is also delicious too. Not disappointed.

Menu in the picture are Herbs with fried chicken, pickled garlic omelet, stir-fried gourd, chicken in a spicy coconut soup.

Another highlighted part is to see the mist on the top of the viewpoint but since the resort we stay is around 5 kilometers away from the viewpoint and I tend to wake up to take a picture of the mist but we actually can't go there because the whole mirror of the car is fogged up. We wait for more than 1 hour but still can't go on further, can not see the way and the way is steep. I try to drive but just less than 200 meters only and I have to drive back because the air pressure is high. The mirror is more fogged up. I am so sad and drive back to sleep, Blah! ! really feel disappointed.

We stay at Angkhang for only one night. The water is cold, I don't want to take a bath so I decide to pack up my stuffs and go out early to the next destination.

It is 7.00 am in the morning. The fog on the car mirror is gone. I can see the way, it is better so I try to go up to see the atmosphere above. I meet with another tourist. They say van cannot go up there if not a red minibus that expert and we charter it up there. So we have to wait for the time only. I can see many people setting the tent up there.

They also say that there still a mist up there. Try to walk to the viewpoint (around Kob Dong viewpoint). I run so quickly but I can only see so little because the sun rises exactly.

After I feel disappointed, then I find something to eat there. The restaurant provides a rice gruel, porridge, Yunnan noodle, deep-fried dough stick, coffee, Ovatine, top dew tea and cooked to order. So, people who set tent here will never feel starve.

PS. the foods taste good, both porridge and noodle. These are the precious food on the mountain. After this we go down to travel in Chiang Mai for 2 days

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 Sunday, May 28, 2017 8:00 PM